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Midnight Snack

by vampyrinia


Froggyfine the Quiggle loved getting up at midnight and sneaking a snack. One night he fixed a huge sandwich but only ate half of it. He put the rest of the sandwich in the refrigerator on a plate wrapped in cellophane. The next night he looked at the sandwich and grabbed an apple instead. Every night he would get up at midnight and eat a snack and push the sandwich farther down the back of the refrigerator shelf. Later that day he heard an eerie scraping sound. SCCCCRAAAPE! He ignored it and went back to bed. The next night he heard it again. SCRRAAPPE! He got up and looked for the sound but could not find it. He looked in the bedroom, under the bed but could not find it. He went and looked in the living room under the couch but still could not find out where the sound was coming from so he continued searching through the bathroom. He looked in the cabinets and on the shelves but could not find the source of the noise that was haunting him. He even went outside to look on the porch and in the yard but could not find out where the sound was coming from.

      He asked his friend Blazzinggazer if he heard the sound at night. Blazzinggazer just looked at him and laughed and said he might need to quit eating so late at night. Froggyfine shrugged and continued on with his day.

      He awoke at midnight again and went for his snack this time hearing a BUMPPP. He opened up the refrigerator and BOOM all the food from in the refrigerator tumbled out, and splattered onto the floor. His leftover turkey and his pies now covered the kitchen floor. His caramel coated brussel sprouts which he dearly loved were now ruined and lying on the floor along with his strawberry jelly. He scratched his head, What could have possibly gone wrong with the refrigerator to make it destroy all the food on the shelf?

      He decided that he needed to clean up his mess before anyone else got up and discovered his midnight snacking secret. Gathering up his cleaning supplies he carefully cleaned the mess that covered the floor.

      He noticed that all the food had been knocked off was from the same shelf. He glanced over the mess and could not figure out what had possibly gone wrong. He kneeled down to pick up some ruined food, as started bending down he glanced over at the refrigerator and saw an eerie, mysterious, green glow. He put down his broom to investigate what it could possibly be. He looked into the refrigerator, and saw it, an old sandwich. The sandwich had been forgotten and was now a spoiled, rotting mess. It had somehow pulled itself up onto the shelf from the back of the refrigerator. It was a living snack, pushing all the food that was in front of it out of the refrigerator. Froggyfine looked at the mess and then at the sandwich.

      He wondered, "How can a sandwich drag itself and push all the other food off of the shelf?" He reached out to grab the sandwich plate to investigate the mystery further. Just as he extended his arm the sandwich started to move towards him. It fell off the shelf and shattered the plate. It started creeping toward him, inch by inch, slowly dragging its rotten, spoiled self towards his feet. Pieces of the bread were falling off and were being dragged across the floor. The sandwich hauled itself closer and closer to Froggyfine. Horrified, he watched the sandwich slide along the kitchen floor.

      "AHHH!!!" He let out a yell as he tried to hit the sandwich with his broom. But no matter how many times he whacked the sandwich with the broom it would not stop coming towards him. He tried to shove it out the door with his broom but it just climbed up the broom's handle. He managed to shake the sandwich off and push a chair in front of it. But it slithered around the chair, still getting nearer and nearer to Froggyfine. He ran outside onto the front porch and the sandwich followed, sliding along the floor. Just as the sandwich was about to touch his foot, a hungry Skeith happened to be walking by looking for food. He snatched the sandwich and it gulped the whole thing down in one bite. The Skeith smiled, burped, wiped his mouth and continued walking on down the road, waving and thanking Froggyfine for the snack. Froggyfine went back into the house and sighed. He walked back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up the mess. It's a good thing that Skeiths eat just about anything. He stared at all the food scattered about the floor. Froggyfine started to pick up the mess as his friend Blazzinggazer the Scorchio walked into the room.

      "What's all the commotion," he asked tiredly. "You're making so much noise, I just came down to make you quiet and to see what is going on." Blazzinggazer opened his eyes and stared wide eyed with horror at the mess that Froggyfine had made. He exclaimed, "Now what are we going to eat!? There is no more pie, turkey, omelette, or even caramel covered brussel sprouts!" He stomped his foot. "What made you throw all this food in the floor? Did you see a mouse or something? Vampyrinia isn't going to be happy when she sees this mess; she specifically told you not to eat late at night!"

      The ashamed Froggyfine grumbled and glanced down at his feet. He finished cleaning up the mess while Blazzinggazer sighed, shook his head, and went back to bed. Froggyfine was almost finished cleaning the mess up, just needed to sweep and mop the floor.

      "Whew!" he exclaimed. He decided to swear off his midnight snacking. And if he did come down in the middle of the night he would remember the night food had come to haunt him. He wouldn't tell anyone because nobody would believe him if he did. Blazzinggazer thought he had seen a mouse and the Skeith was far, far away from his home by now. Froggyfine shrugged and put back the cleaning supplies. He then slowly trudged back up to his bed. How am I going to explain to Vampyrinia that a sandwich in our fridge had come to life? She won't believe me, or will she? He sadly went to bed and waited until morning to tell his owner where the food went.

      The next day he awoke to whispers downstairs in the kitchen. He was afraid to go downstairs to admit to what he had done. He slowly walked into the kitchen to see SexyJosh, Grondo, and Blazzinggazer eating fresh omelettes. He was bewildered as to where the food had come from. Froggyfine looked up to see his owner smiling at him. He gathered up his courage and began his story about the sandwich coming to life, somehow pushing all the food off the shelf, and how that hungry Skeith happened to be walking by.

      The other pets laughed and shook their heads. Froggyfine felt so embarrassed and glanced up to see that his owner was still smiling at him. "Well," she explained, "this is all my fault; you see I was running late and the only food shop that was open was Spooky Foods. I was hungry so I stopped in there to pick up a snack. The sandwich looked good so I bought it. But after I did I wasn't hungry anymore so I put it in the fridge."

      Froggyfine let out a laugh and felt much better. He could have never imagined the whole incident was his owner's flaw. But still, he still jumped up and hugged his owner.

      "I'm sorry for getting up and going on my midnight snacking binges and I will never do it again," Froggyfine said with a smile. "I learned my lesson and I hope to never encounter spooky food again. I'm just glad that Skeiths eat just about anything."

The End

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