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Confused with Colors?

by techo345149


Choosing a new color for your pet? Make sure to go over it very carefully. The color of your pet could determine what kind of style, sense of humor or attitude it has.

Now, to choose the color of your pet (and this goes for petpets too) make sure you know what kind of attitude, sense of humor, style and kindness you want your pet to have. Once you know, have a look below.

Here are some of the things you might happen if you paint your pet.

Faerie Paintbrush: You will probably get a very kind and caring pet. Your pet will love reading and will go to the Faerie Library a lot. Your pet will also need a good education, so make sure you choose your property wisely, because some of the best schools can be found in Faerieland.

Fire Paintbrush: With this paint, you may end up with a very ferocious pet. However, some of the fire painted pets are very kind and sweet, ferocious is usually the answer. Boy or girl, your new fire painted pet will love to battle in the battledome. In addition, make sure you take your pet to Cap’n Three Legs a lot or your house could become a disaster.

Baby Paintbrush: Be careful! If you choose this paint and you are not aware of what could happen, you could lose a precious painting by not wanting to listen to screaming all day long. Now a baby pet is a very cute and cuddly when it’s in a good mood, but in a bad mood, you may feel like changing its color once and for all. Since it will cry a lot, make sure you have some earplugs. Cuddle with it and it will love you forever.

Rainbow Paintbrush: By using this paintbrush, your results could be great or they could be just awful. In most cases, you will have good results and you will have a great singer of a pet. Your pet will need to take singing lessons so make sure you’re ready for this. Your pet should also go, and only a few times a year, to the Training School on Mystery Island. In other cases, where you end up with not-so-good results, you could get a very nosy and rude pet who won’t like to do anything. This is the risk you take with the rainbow paintbrush.

Checkered Paintbrush: The checkered paintbrush will not only make your pet’s eyes go cross-eyed all day, but you will get an excellent checkers player out of this! Make sure that your new checkered pet has a checkers set or it will get very bored and scream a lot. Also, make sure it gets a good education from one of Mystery Island’s very good schools. And play checkers with it a lot too!

Plushie Paintbrush: Make sure you have big collection of plushies so that your plushie pet won’t get bored! These pets will love you so much if you buy them a new plushie. They will be very grateful and will respect you very well. And for a school, send them to one in Faerieland where there are all of those kind faerie pets, otherwise, your lovable plushie pet will get pushed around because everybody will make fun of it.

Cloud Paintbrush: This paintbrush isn’t always the best because it will make your pet daydream about floating around in the clouds. And if you want your pet getting good marks at his or her school, you should think twice about it! Your pet will have a positive outlook on things though. Your pet will be kind-hearted when not daydreaming, but don’t interrupt a dream or you’ll get a lot of complaining from your pet.

Strawberry Paintbrush: Do you LOVE strawberries? If so, this paintbrush is GREAT for you. The strawberry paintbrush will make your pet look so yummy that you will want to eat it. But you shouldn’t eat your pets, now should you? Everyone knows the answer to that question. NO! So maybe you shouldn’t get this color, but still your pet will be a very silly, funny pet, and it will usually have a positive attitude. Pretty good color, HUH?

Shadow Paintbrush: This is a VERY risky chance you take if you paint your pet shadow. Compared to a lovely cloud pet, your shadow pet will have negative attitude towards schoolwork and would rather play in the battledome all day instead of going to school. Push your pet to the limit and make it do its homework. Usually a shadow pet won’t do it for the first while. But don’t get discouraged, just keep trying, and eventually your pet will understand and do the right thing. But make sure you do some interviews at schools before choosing one!

Electric Paintbrush: Want an athletic pet? Well this is probably the paintbrush for you! An active, smart, brightly colored pet, want more to want? Nothing. This color will help your pet concentrate in school, at home and in athletics. Surprising right? Such a bright color, but helps your pet concentrate? Amazing. This kind of pet will also help you take care of younger siblings if you need help. This really is a truly fascinating color!

Grey Paintbrush: Having a high blood sugar problem with your pet? Are they TOO active? If so, you may want to change your pet’s color to grey. They will be gloomy most of the time and they’ll like to cuddle with you. Once in a while, you should drop it off at the neolodge for a couple of days and give it around 1000 neopoints for them to spend. When they come home, they’ll be delighted. Also, you should get them to take a class a week at the Training School for them to learn.

There are lots more colors to choose from if you don’t like these.

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