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Faerie Cloud Racers, the New Trend or Bend?

by unis_lover200


FAERIELAND - Faerie Cloud Racers, a beloved game, has been changed! *waits until shocked silence is broken, or gasping has stopped*

I know that many of you miss the old one, being petpets, being able to trap your opponent with a snap of the fingers. (with the hand NOT working the arrow keys, of course.)

And remember how easy it was to beat?

I'm sure we all do. It's like Meerca Chase 1. When it traveled to the Game Graveyard, we all were devastated! (And don't say you weren't, I see that "I heart Meerca Chase 1" T-shirt under your coat.) But have you been to the Game Graveyard lately and checked that game out? *shudders* And Meerca Chase 2 turned out to be even better, and if you still missed the first, classic's on it! But, we're getting off the subject of Faerie Cloud Racers.

Now, in FCR classic, we had a choice of a butterfly thingy, a Fire Faerie and the Space Faerie, and not to forget Air.

We also had a choice of four petpets.

But if you look at this new game, we still have our old Faeries! (And a couple of new.)

The new list of Faeries, (updated of course) are listed below:

1. Fire Faerie

2. Taelia (Ka-wow!)

3. Illusen (If you dislike her in this, BACK TO THE EASY QUESTS FOR YOU!)

4. The Fountain Faerie! (No, sadly by being her you can't have your pets painted for free. Yes, I've tried.)

5. The Tooth Faerie (Did she steal a tooth you liked? Crash her into a wall a few times.)

6. A Dark Faerie (Second best to Jhudora!)

7. The Space Faerie (I think I've seen her before.)

8. A Light Faerie (Extremely bright, she is!)

-Now, that seems like a better list of choices, doesn't it? Now you don't have to try and figure out who the heck that Butterfly was.

You can still play two players, too! That must make most of us feel much better, doesn't it?

(Especially the users with friends who like Faerie Cloud Racers.)

Instead of a streak of blue and or pink behind you, you get a colorful assortment of magical surprises!

Listed below are them:

Fire Faerie: Flames.

Taelia: Snowflakes.

Illusen: Shrubs.

Fountain Faerie: Bubbles.

Tooth Faerie: Teeth, after looking at it closely. It may look like cobblestones at first.

Dark Faerie: Dark Clouds.

Space Faerie: Stars.

Light Faerie: Very bright little yellow circles. (DISCLAIMER: Must wear sunglasses while navigating Light Faerie).

See, isn't the new FCR starting to look fun? *cricket chirps* I SAID, ISN'T IT?!

*crowd cheers*



Wow, we can change the options! Tired of using the arrow keys? Need a bit of surprise in your life? Change player one's controls to anything you want! Up, down, Y, Q Z! Anything, even player two's! (For fun, just change it around when a sibling's going to play, and watch the confusion!)

And of course, there's sound off/on. Perfect for those who hate music! *shakes fist at non-music-lovers*

The instructions are very clear, and will help those who haven't played this yet!

The controls for the game are:

Player One: Up, down, left right arrow keys.

Player Two: W, S, A, D.

To remember Player Two's controls, just repeat the following:

West South And Dorth.

Still can't remember? You're on your own.

You need to beat the first Faerie of each round three times, then again for the others. My high score? Uh..heheheh...*Mumbles something*.....OK! 85! I'm lazy, ok?!

And ye-es. You can only play three times a day, but afterwards as long as you want! Unless you have had your able-to-send-scores-more-than-three-times random event.

Here's a trick with the first two Faeries; the Fire Faerie and the other will always go up the first time, then down, then up again!

I've even gone out and asked real life Neopians why they like/dislike the new game!

Is the new game a trend, or a bend?

Q: Is there a reason why you miss it?

A: The reason why I miss it is because it was more challenging and fun; this one isn't that challenging and is too easy.

Q: This game needed a big change, bad! Do you agree?

A: Yeah, I do agree, because it was fine the way it was.

Q: Would you say this game is easy, or harder then the first?

A: Easier.

Q: Do you think that the older version should go into the game graveyard?

A: Yup, even though they say it's just a new skin, I think it's an entirely new game by itself.

Q: Do you like the new skin of FCR?

A: Yes I love the new skin for faerie racers because I'm better at it than in the old skin, the new one is definitely easier to move around in.

Q: Do you think there should be an new avatar to match the new game?

A: I think if one did come out, I'd try to get it ASAP. But I don't think that's going happen for a while.

There you have it! A few words for the Neopians you know! (Or don't. 0_o)

Now, I have heard that many people say that the new game is a bit easier then the first. *points at one of the questions above*

I find it very challenging.

I can never make it past stage two. Maybe I'm just lazy?

I have gone out and asked people what they think.

People have told me that 50% easy, 50% hard. So, it's very weird.

I also think there should be an avatar released soon for the new game, that would make it even more challenging and easier to play. Wouldn't that be cool? It can have the Water Faerie in it, beating the Fire Faerie! *Boom, shing bing bling!* And, and the Fire Faerie's racer EXPLODING! That would be sweet! I mean, *ahem.* Uh, ok. Let's get back to the article.

You've heard it from the mouth, (or rather the WORDS) of the Neopets users out there! (Not to mention me, no one ever mentions me. *sniff*)


Hope you enjoyed the article; if you liked this one, I might make more!


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