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A Royal Quest: Part Two

by poopdoo134


"Hey, look," said Fighter. "I see the faeries landing. They are early; we won't be under Faerieland for about twenty more minutes.... Those aren't faeries there; oh my, I don't know what they are." Fighter suddenly stood up, rocking the boat rapidly. He fought and tried his best to ward off the weird snake-flying beasts but couldn't. They only got a minor scratch on the wing. There were five, a beautiful forest green, two blues, a red, and an orange one who seemed to be the leader. They swooped down and picked up Cam and Fighter.

     "Where in Neopia are you taking us?" Cam yelled.

     "SHUT UP, you filthy human!" replied the orange reptile.

     "Hey, you watch your mouth when you talk to him!" Fighter shouted.

     Cam said, "Well, hey, Fighter, at least we will make it to Faerieland. Look, the cloud is right up there above us."

     Cam looked at Fighter with a sign of relief. Fighter looked back with a sign of mischief.

     "Where are we going?" shouted Fighter.

     "To the queen of evil," replied the orange reptile. "She is the wicked witch of Faerieland and goes by the name of Jhudora."

     The orange reptile seemed to be very proud to say that. It was as if she was the mother of him and the rest of the gang. The flight took several minutes. The snake-like creatures had a little difficulty getting Fighter up there, so he was taken up a little slower and stayed far behind the rest of the group. They approached the castle. It looked really nice and had stone walls and purple tiles on the roof of the towers. There was a big lime green door in the center and it seemed as if the castle lightly hovered on a green and purple cloud. The castle was simple looking in structure but seemed very big in size. It looked at least one hundred years old. Some bricks were chipped and worn, and even a brick was missing from its spot as if someone removed it. The door began to fall down slowly as it made a loud humming sound. The door opened and right in the front stood Jhudora.

     "Welcome all you little servants, ooh and I see we have some guests. Well, bring them inside," she said and walked away into the castle.

     "Come on, get a move on, you walkers," said the green snake-like thing.

     "What on Neopia are you?" shouted Fighter.

     "We are Hissies; we come from the unknown forests of Neopia," said all of them together in unison.

     "Why are we here?" Fighter shouted.

     "You have little Chippy to thank for that. He tipped the queen off that you were looking for the queen to buy a very valuable item. We just couldn't let that happen, now could we?"

     "Why couldn't you let that happen?" Fighter shouted to Jhudora.

     "I somehow knew you would become too powerful and would throw me out of power," she replied. The orange Hissi flew and lay next to Jhudora on a little tiny purple cushion in a woven basket. It reminded Cam of a cat bed.

     "How did you know what we were going there for?"

     "I followed you down to the beach. I was hiding and listened to this little human child talk and I heard some clues about this item," hissed the Hissi. "To me it seemed as if he was going to change your look a bit, maybe even turn you royal. So we found a human and sent her to the castle and she came back and told us the items. There was one item I caught a hold of, the royal paintbrush. I told Jhudora and we just could not have another king. So we had to stop you and, ha, it seems we did," said the menacing hissi.

     "But we won't be stopped for long," said Fighter as he broke away from the guard's hold and attacked the Hissi, stomping it to the floor and sending Jhudora into a panic.

     "STOP IT NOW! " shouted Jhudora with all her might. She pointed out at Cam. "Stop or he will suffer! I'll put a curse on him that will put him forever in a body lock and he will be glued to the ground."

     She sat back down. Fighter ceased his movement and sighed. What could he do to help his new owner and friend and also save himself? How was he going to get out of this?


     A bright pinkish purple glittery light smacked Jhudora right out of her chair. All the Hissies were shocked. Who was that? They looked out the window and saw nothing. They looked at the door and still nothing. They looked up at the wooden roof of the castle, and there, hovering about 75 feet above them, was little old Fyora and her mighty staff.

     "Stop right there Jhudora. You're cornered. Call off your hideous pets; I have something for these two right here," said Fyora in all her beauty.

     At that moment she swooped down and grabbed Cam in one hand and Fighter in the other. It was amazing how such a skinny and small faerie could lift the two of them; it was like magic. She shot a blast of magic and the door flew open and out she, Cam, and Fighter went up, and up, and up until Fighter swore he saw the space faerie in the sky with a little gold envelope.

     He chuckled.

     "Hey don't you want one of those, Cam?" he said with a little snicker.

     "Nope, already got one," Cam replied.

     They all of a sudden landed in midair.

     How is this possible? Fighter thought. He looked over to Cam, who had his jaw dropped down to the bottom of the Lost Desert.

     "We… we...we're at the Hidden Tower. Wow, it's awesome up here," he said with amazement.

     "Should we go inside?" said the queen.

     They both shook their heads yes. They walked in and tons and tons of items where sitting on little tables with tags reading 4mill and 6mill and 1,560,000 neopoints. It was breath-taking. Cam walked through and looked at all the stuff for a good fifteen minutes.

     "Well, I guess we should leave. Are you ready to go, Fighter?" Cam said with a sigh.

     "Yeah I am," Fighter replied in the same tone of voice.

     "Wait, don't you want to buy something?" asked queen Fyora.

     "We can't afford any of this," Cam replied.

     "Oh yes you can. A friend of yours stopped by and put in the rest of the points for you. He said you couldn't wait and wanted so badly to get it he just had to help. He said his name was John," she said in a calm tone.

     "But what about the other points that I have been saving up for months?" Cam asked with a smile on his face.

     "They're right here in my hand, all you need to do is tell me the item you want and you got it."

     At that moment Cam ran off and pointed to the royal paintbrush. It had its own pillow and table. There were only about five or six. He picked one up and brought it over to Fyora.

     "It's yours then. Now paint him and let's go already," she said in an eager voice.

     Cam splattered the brush all over Fighter. He began to sparkle and shine. His old raggy blue fur started to turn tan and clothes appeared. A long, beautiful mane appeared around his face and a crown popped out of the sky and landed on his head. After about thirty seconds he was done and the brush just poofed away, gone after its job was complete.

     Six weeks later Fighter had gotten much stronger and even got to give his aid in the war for Maraqua. He created the royal court, a group of other royal pets; each person gave help to the needy and poor in their own way. Some gave paintbrushes; others gave toys, food, furniture and other things. He had much fun and got to know about his new owner and soon he had a little tiny brother a baby Ruki called Tiny. Then he got another brother later on in the month who was a king of the Werelupes. His owner wound up adopting a Hissi. It was blue and turned out to be really sweet. David, his second owner, got a new pet it was a pink Kougra. Everyone lived happily ever after.

     Or did they?

     "Why won't this stupid bed work?" said Sotoe the pink Kougra as he kicked it.

     "There seems to be a broken toy jammed under it," said David.

     David pulled the toy out and SWOOSH the bed spun in circles at a very high speed. Sotoe hit the wall and slid down on to the floor.

     "I am going to get who ever did this if it is the last thing I ever do!"

The End

Author's Note: Thanks to everyone who supported me but I really want to thank sois_sage who is the best editor ever. Thanks so much sage.

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