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Advanced Guide to Magma Blaster

by 666daerik666


GAMES ROOM - Action; Magma Blaster : Oh no! A volcano is erupting, and some Tyrannian Neopets need your help in order to escape the lava and rocks that are raining down on them. Use your laser to blast the rocks, but be sure to match your laser to the rock type first. If a boulder should crash too near one of the Tyrannians, you'll both be in trouble!

I've studied this game in an attempt to win a trophy and realized a tactic that I have told several people Neomailing me as a result of my 1000+ high-score. (September 2005) It turns out that this game uses both mouse-eye coordination, speed, and a little bit of help from your own user-friendly CPU.

You will notice on Magma Blaster that the high-scores typically range from 700 to 1200. Scores ranging over 1000 are extraordinarily hard and difficult to achieve. However, with the guidance of this guide and a little bit of luck: I am sure that you will be able to score this ultimate high-score

The Levels (Min: 700Pts ; Max 1200Pts)



Possible Points: 100 - 200 Points

Rocks: 10 - 20

Bonus: @40 Points

BONUS 1: 15 Seconds 15 - 30 Rocks



Possible Points: 120 - 220 Points

Rocks: 15 - 25

Bonus: @60 Points

BONUS 2: 15 Seconds 15 - 30 Rocks



Possible Points: 140 - 240 Points

Rocks: 20 - 30

Bonus: @80 Points

BONUS 3: 15 Seconds 15 - 30 Rocks



Possible Points: 160 - 260 Points

Rocks: 25 - 35

Bonus: @100 Points

BONUS 4: 15 Seconds 15 - 30 Rocks



Possible Points: 180 - 280 Points

Rocks: 30 - 40

Bonus @120 Points

BONUS 5: 15 Seconds 15 - 30 Rocks

The Guns

( Key 1 ) Gun 1 : The Boulder - Blaster ( Given )

little round brown rocks

( Key 2 ) Gun 2 : The Rune - Blaster ( Given )

little rectangular blue stones with red writing

( Key 3 ) Gun 3 : The Fireball - Blaster ( Level 2 )

little round orange/red balls of fire

( Key 4 ) Gun 4 : The Plateau - Blaster ( Level 3 )

bulky thick layered mound of rock

( Key 5 ) Gun 5 : The Asteroid - Blaster ( Level 4 )

metallic granular bits of asteroids together

( Key 6 ) Gun 6 : The Nut - Blaster ( Level 5 )

small round rock-like nut with the center missing


During the game you will get two sets of points: +2 and +4. These scores mostly depend on your accuracy in destroying your magma rocks. Don't be hesitant! Destroy rocks like you have never destroyed rocks before! Your gold trophy depends on it!

Level 1 is naturally the easiest level, but it is the best level to practice my tactic on until you perfect it. You will notice on level 1, once you reach your "10 rock" quota, that the volcano fails to spit-out any more rocks for you to destroy. There are two methods you can now use to heighten your score and win a trophy: the first tactical method is to destroy ALL rocks right before they hit the bottom (instead of from the tip of the volcano) and typically you will have a chance to destroy 1 - 6 extra rocks -- the second method would be to count your destroyed rocks and pause a second on your last rock (which would be 9 on level 1) so that more rocks can be sent out of the volcano (if this involve losing a life, let your life slip; it has no affect on your score) and every time you will get your extra 4 - 10 rocks for destruction. These methods will allow you to get an extra 1 - 10 rocks per level (5 - 50 per game) and give you the additional 40 points per level (200 per game). The higher levels require more practice and accuracy if you want your +4 bonus instead of +2. Also, the number of required cannons could be a challenge to many people who have not memorized the keyboard (I suggest you do because it helps in all games relating to a CPU).


The bonus levels do not have a cut-off number on the number of destroyed rocks. They are timed the same every time. 15 seconds is the time limit you get to destroy as many rocks as possible. If you wait until a lot of rocks start to come-out before you go trigger-happy, you will notice that more rocks come out with the more rocks in play. This will enable you to get your ultimate bonus score (highest I have achieved was 120Pts) which will aid your score completely. Be careful in the higher levels, however, it sometime is difficult to switch through your guns quickly. Try destroying them in groups -- it will extraordinarily help you!

Game Tips

This program uses random notes to decide when to send out rocks to blast using your 1 - 6 keys. Based on your computer speed, the game can send out multiple rocks -- or just a few. It depends on the time and randomization luck factor that is in most of the games played on. Increasingly, randomization is being used to obtain algorithms that are fast in the average case and only perform poorly under highly improbable situations. Randomization is also used for approximation algorithms. This little tip should help you in most online gaming -- it sure helps me!

Game Simulation

This may be a whole lot to take in all at once. So, I have decided to do a few game trials just so people will know my accuracy in these games. Every time I play, I do not necessarily get the ultimate high score -- it was just once! My games will vary between 800 and 1000 (typically) and returns a lot of Neopoints to me. Let us look at some game experiences.

First game

In level 1, I played using the initial two rock cannons: the boulder-blaster and the rune-blaster. I destroyed nine rocks and lost one life waiting for a lot of rocks to sprout out and got a total of seventeen. In the bonus level, I destroyed sixteen rocks before my time gave out. Giving me a total of thirty-three rocks destroyed and a point accumulation of 132Pts.

In level 2, I played with an addition rock cannon: the fireball-blaster. I destroyed a bunch of rocks as soon as they hit the bottom to see the resulting number. I destroyed a total of twenty-one rocks and was able to play the bonus round. While in the bonus, I was able to destroy eighteen rocks before my time limit gave out. This game I was given a total of thirty-nine rocks destroy, with 156Pts, aiding my accumulation to 288Pts.

In level 3, I was able to play with another rock cannon: the plateau-blaster. After destroying a bunch of rocks again, I was able to achieve my total destruction of twenty-nine rocks. After playing the bonus for fifteen seconds, I was able to destroy twenty-five rocks quickly before my time ran out. After this level, I was able to execute fifty-four magma rocks! Now giving me an additional 216Pts. Now my score is up to 504Pts and I have two levels to go. Hopefully, I will make a high score.

In level 4, the game gave me another rock cannon to aid me in my battle: the asteroid-blaster. This time I decided to count until I get to my key number. After spending some concentration counting, I soon spotted my number twenty-five and stopped. I waited until it was almost to the ground and I started blasting it. This time I was able to pulverize thirty-four rocks. In my bonus, I was able to get twenty-four rocks as my time ran out. Now I can add fifty-eight magma rock destruction to my score: resulting in 232Pts. My score accumulation is now 736Pts. With this score, I had just beaten a recent "Better Than You" competition. The highest score hasn't been reached yet, hopefully I will have better luck in level 5!

In level 5, I was given my final rock cannon to aid me in my never-ending battle of winning a gold trophy: the nut-blaster. Because the number of rocks is quite high, I have decided to just destroy and destroy again as they approached my bottom. I had a pretty good turn, too, I resulted with the destruction of thirty-seven rocks. However, my bonus was not as good as suspected. I ended-up only getting seventeen rocks in my bonus and knew it would not help me in my huge score. I got the same amount of destroyed rocks as level 3 but the score was still impressive. I resulted in having 216Pts added on to my final score. In the end I had 952Pts and still was able to get a trophy. Lucky me!

Summmary : A decent game with moderate sets of rocks. Total Score : 952.

Second game

Trying this game again, I played level 1 scoring nine rocks. I was unable to play the bonus round because I did not reach my forty-point quota. This giving my point accumulation a score of 36Pts. Impressive, no? Haha!

In level 2, I decided to count the number of rocks and ended-up losing one life. However, I was able to destroy twenty-two rocks and was able to play the bonus round. The bonus gave me a total of fourteen rocks. This time, still better than level 1, I was able to get 144Pts -- adding even further to 180Pts.

In level 3, after destroying a bunch of rocks again, I was able to achieve twenty-nine rocks. Playing the bonus for fifteen seconds, I was able to destroy twenty-two rocks quickly before my time ran out. After this level, I was able to exterminate fifty-one magma rocks! Now additionally giving me 204Pts. Now my score is up to 384Pts.

In level 4, I decided to count until I got to my special number. While concentrating, I soon found my number twenty-five and stopped. I blasted them as soon as that number approached the ground. This time I was able to eliminate thirty-five rocks. While in my bonus, I was able to destroy up to twenty-two rocks. Now I added fifty-seven magma rocks to my score: resulting in 228Pts. The accumulated score is now 612Pts.

In level 5, I had decided to quickly get this level over with so I could submit my half-done score. Because of the number of rocks, I decided to repeatedly destroy all existing rocks until I got my score. I had a good turn. I ended-up with thirty-one rocks destroyed. My bonus ended-up being only sixteen rocks. My score this level added up to be four times the number of rocks: 4 x 47 = 188Pts making my total score 800, still winning a bronze trophy.

Summary : An above average game. Total Score : 800.

Final Words

The “objectives” of this game is to practice your keyboarding and mouse-alike skills. Consider yourself a champion when you realize that you had it in you all along to beat this game! Many people Neomail because their average score ranges between 700 and 800. This game is not typically won by new computer users, but anything is possible in this crazy world of ours! Neopian scholars learn the similarities of games and practice to maintain the highest of scores. I enjoy earning high scores and helping fellow Neopians in an attempt to aid this game in its popularity. Neopets is a popular game all in itself. However, if people learn to give a little knowledge we can all make a better lifestyle here on Neopets. When a Neopian player aids players through a guide using two-thousand words on a simple Neopian action game: you know there are some hard dedicated players out there. This is one of my favorite games and I enjoy helping everyone! I wish everyone a happy gamming session! And I wish them luck! Although, after reading this guide there is no such thing as luck -- only perfection! Until my next guide, happy hunting!

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