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Ultimate Neggsweeper Guide

by sil3nt_cha0s


GAMES ROOM - Have you ever wandered around in the Games Room wondering about which game to play to earn some neopoints? Tired of those flash games or just want to spare some time to make use of your brain thinking skills before it goes rusty? Well, why not try playing Neggsweeper and maybe you can try after reading my complete guide to Neggsweeper. It only costs 30 neopoints per play, so start playing! :)

Background Information

Neggsweeper is a non-flash puzzle game with a rating of Medium and as the game says it is all about negg here. In this game there are two high score tables, one for a single game and one for cumulative games! There are 3 levels for you to choose which are "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard". The motive of this game is to click on all the good neggs and avoid clicking on the bad neggs which are RED in color for it means Game Over! This game will surely challenge even the toughest players! Yes it is!

Basic Tips

I normally start in the corners because I find it easier. Start with the "Easy" level first if you are not sure how the game works. Play slowly and take your time to think as there is no time limit for this game and mark your bad neggs as you go along - you can do this by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the bad negg. Once you have done that you shall notice the negg is marked with a red cross. To unmark simply hold down the Shift key and click on the cross again.

Advance Tips

If you click on a negg and it shows a number "1" means that there is ONE bad negg around it.

For example,

x x x

x 1 x

x x x

*Means that one of the "x" is the bad negg*

Yes that is how the neggsweeper works, they only cover a nine square area of every number you see.

For example,

x x + x x

x 3 + 2 x

x + x x x

The "+" are the bad neggs and the "x" are the safe neggs.

So what happen if you click on a negg that has no bad negg around it? It will clear all of the surrounding neggs as well up until it reaches a negg that does have a bad negg next to it.

For example,

* * * 1 x

* - * 1 +

* * * 1 x

Note: "-" is the negg I click on it initially and "*" is the neggs that got clear up until they stop at *1* as there’s a mark "+" bad negg around it.

Things You Need To Know

1. Every time you click on a safe negg it adds "1" neopoint to your jackpot.

2. If you click on a negg that has no bad negg around it, it will clear up certain of areas up until it reaches a negg that does have a bad negg next to it.

3. If you clear up a large area you will get something like this,

     You cleared 22 spaces on one turn!

     22 additional Neopoints were added to the jackpot!

4. Also affected by the game difficulty is the number of bonus points you get for clearing large areas; you get more points the harder the level.

5. If you click on a bad negg, your game is over and you lose all the points you had earned in your jackpot including the 30 neopoints you paid to play.

6. There are secret hidden neggs in the game. You get them by luck when you click on any neggs but not the bad neggs.

7. You can earn up to 3000 neopoints per day.

8. Even if you have score up to 3000 neopoints in a day, you may continue to play to add to your total cumulative score.

9. Mark your bad neggs as you go along - you can do this by holding down the Shift key and clicking on the bad negg.

10. There is no time limit in this game.

11. There are 2 high score table for this game :) "Single Game Score" and "Total Game Score".

12. Sometime luck counts in this game as you have to choose between 2 neggs and one of which is the bad negg.

13. Yes it is possible to get more then 1 Fish Negg in a single game.

14. Last of all you might be interested to read the useful information below :)

*Hope my 14 points of guidance may help you lots :)*

Secret Negg Value

Blue negg - - 50 Neopoints

Purple negg - - 100 Neopoints

Rainbow negg - - 150 Neopoints

Crystal negg - - 300 Neopoints

Fish negg - - 500 Neopoints

Total Of Neggs In Each Level

Easy - - 81 Neggs

Medium - - 144 Neggs

Hard - - 196 Neggs

Total Of Bad Neggs In Each Level

Easy - - 10 Bad Neggs

Medium - - 25 Bad Neggs

Hard - - 40 Bad Neggs

Neggsweeper ranking

Amateur - - At 100 points

Novice - - At 200 points

Expert - - At 400 points

Master - - At 600 points

Grand master - - At 800 points


I got my Neggsweeper Champion trophy by playing on "Hard" level and I was lucky to get two fish negg and manage to complete the game :) I got both Neggsweeper and Neggsweeper Cumulative "Grand Master". For the Cumulative grand master your goal is to keep playing and rack the total scores up to 50,000points. I had spend hours to confirm the information listed above and this is my first guide I write for the Neopian Times. :)

And lastly I hope my guide will help you to getting the "Grand Master" and a trophy for you. Good luck and never give up.

If you have anything which you don’t understand, feel free to neomail me; I will be glad to help you. :)

*Note* It is easier to get a Neggsweeper trophy on every first of a new month as the high score tables are reset. :)

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