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Quest Board Etiquette

by zolphia


NEOBOARDS - You walk around Neopia, wondering what to do, when all of a sudden a faerie tells you that she can’t find her precious item. Do you know where it is?

Naturally you want to help the faerie, because as we all know faeries can be very grateful. The question is, however, where to find the item? You can’t use the shop wizard and maybe you don’t have a friend online who can look it up for you. Luckily there is a place where friendly people are there to help you out: the quest board. It is a board made specifically for these dilemmas and can be found at Boards.

This article will explain how the quest board works: when shouldn’t you use it, in what way you should ask for help and how you may receive it. So after reading this article, helping a faerie should be easy.

When not to use it

The quest board is there for faerie quests and not the so-called ‘timed quest’. A timed quest has a time limit, hence the name. Examples are the kitchen quest at Mystery Island, the Esophagor and Edna’s quest in the Haunted Woods and Taelia’s quest at the top of Terror Mountain. You can use the shopwizard yourself for looking up the needed items, so there is no need that others should do it for you. If you need help, because you can’t afford the needed items, then you shouldn’t go to the quest board either. The board isn’t meant for begging. Also, if you can’t afford the items, then the quest probably isn’t worth it. Failing the quest is your best option then and it won’t have any consequences.

You may also have a problem with a Brain Tree quest. He wants to know when and where someone has died. Know that no one else but you can find the answer to that, because the answers are generated randomly. In order to find the answers, you must do two Esophagor’s quests. Asking for the answers on the board is probably the most pointless thing that you can do.

If you are on a timed quest and still ask for help on the board, the helpers there will know that you’re not a faerie quest. This is because a faerie quest requires different kinds of items than a timed quest. The exceptions here are the quests from the faerie queen and the fountain faerie. They can ask for any item. So if you have one of their quests (lucky you), mention that it is from them.

How to ask for help

There are two ways to ask for help on the board: you create a new topic with the name of the required item as its subject, or a helper has its own topic and you can post your needed item there. It really doesn’t matter which way you choose; you’ll get help either way. There are two important things to keep in mind: be clear about what the item name is. Helpers are very busy with looking items up all the time, so don’t let them search through your entire post to find the name of the needed item. Also make sure that you spelled it correctly.

The second thing to keep in mind is to be polite. Ask friendly if someone can look the item up for you and give thanks. Helpers don’t get anything out of helping someone, they simply like helping people. But if you are very rude to them, then they may not want to help you.

Also help is a gift, not a right. Don’t act as if you have the right to receive help and to get it right now. People will be offended by such a tone. It may spoil the atmosphere on the board and helpers may no longer want to help at all when people are being ungrateful.

Patience is a virtue

You have asked for help and now all you can do is wait until you get it. At busy moments it may take several minutes before you’re helped. If you have to wait more than ten minutes, then it’s okay to repost your request for help. But not after ten seconds.

A special case is when you have created your own topic. Some people will ‘bump’ their topic, meaning that they will keep posting something in their topic, so that it will be on top of the list. This however doesn’t work because helpers can see how many replies a topic has. If you keep bumping your topic, you’ll have many replies, so a helper may think that someone else has already replied to help you. If you don’t have any replies, a helper knows for sure that you haven’t received help yet and will help you. Having zero replies is much better than standing on top of the list.

What does it mean?

When you receive help, it may look a bit odd. Helpers will have directly copied the shopwizard’s result and pasted it in the board. A result for example may look like this:

trpadd Aurora the Healer 4 995 NP

tweetle_39 Aurora the Healer 1 1,179 NP

So now you’ve gotten help, but you don’t know what to do with it! You need to know how to decipher it. The first part is the username of the shop (trpadd), the second part is the name of the item (Aurora the Healer), the third part is how many items the shop has (4) and finally at what price does the shop sell it (1,179 NP). An easy way to go to the shop is to insert the username into the search bar and press go. This way you should be able to go to the user lookup of that person. In the user lookup there is a link to his or her shop. Press it and you’re in the shop and can buy the item. You can now complete your quest!

To wrap things up

When asking for help, I said that you should be polite. After all someone else is doing you a favour for free. So the correct thing to do is to thank the person, who helped you. Comment an extra thanks on the board or neomail it to your helper.

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