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Neopia - Journal by Alkiore A. Aisha

by devilneko


This is an article of exploration made by a brave explorer, Alkiore. The following is based on true events, which happened to our brave explorer when he was sent to the planet we know only as “Neopia.” His discoveries are of great importance to us and we thank him for taking on this adventure and keeping account of his experiences on the planet. We hope that he will return safely from his next adventure on a more known planet to us, Kreludor.

Neopia- Journal by Alkiore A. Aisha.

Neopia, a strange world that not much is known about... it is my job to explore this unknown land and return home with the information I have gathered. My name is Alkiore. I am an alien Aisha from the planet Nerkmid. I shall be observing this strange world and keeping my notes here for a further report to the council to follow.

Day One.

My ship lands on the planet in a strange uncharted area. Our maps show nothing of this place; though the land is unfamiliar to me I’m sure it is well known to the inhabitants of the planet. The surroundings are that of a forest. I’m guessing that this place isn’t the friendliest or best place to live, which I suppose is for the best so my ship and I are not discovered. There seems to be some sort of fairgrounds near by as I can hear the music from here.

Day Two.

After setting up base in the woods yesterday I began to explore. I found the location of the fairgrounds and decided I would explore it in the morning. When nighttime fell I became aware that I was not alone. One of the natives to the planet, a funny looking fellow with a cape, had appeared at my base without warning. I soon found I would have to defend myself from this creature that seemed to be a vampire of some sort. After a night of defending myself I was rather happy to see the sunrise and the villainous creature retreat. After recovering from the battle that night I ventured out to find the source of the music. I found a rather spooky looking place full of horrible characters including a clown like fellow who took amusement in hitting me with pies.

Day Three.

Today I decided to venture out even further into this world and discovered there are many more lands, much friendlier then the woods I had landed in. I ended up stumbling upon a desert, which was much more crowded then the fairrounds, not that I blame them. I observed a few of the Neopians going towards a shrine, which I can only assume is important to them in some matter. Upon further investigation I noted the natives talking to the shrine; before I could come to any conclusions though their hands glowed blue and they took off screaming. I found it a wise decision to leave before anything else might happen.

Day Four.

Today while running some routine checkups on my ship I discovered another land, a city floating high in the sky on top of a cloud. As I grew closer I saw a wondrous city. I tried to enter the main gates of the city but as I left my ship a strange feeling came over me. I heard a voice coming from one of the darker areas on the cloud and retreated before anything else could happen, as I looked over the dark area of the cloud while far above in my ship I noticed a scary looking female who seemed to be what the Neopians call “a Dark Faerie.”

Day Five.

After my many experiences I am starting to believe there is nothing else this strange place can throw at me. I am traveling to a place called “Neopian Central” today, as I overheard a family talking about it this morning. It seems to be the main place for the natives to live and trade. I also observed what seemed to be another alien today but it seems they, though they are our species, are not from our planet, which leads to further things to look into in the future. Seeing as they look like our kind I have decided to try and mingle with the natives today, a test to see if they will suspect anything or welcome us with open arms.

Day Five. - Noon.

I entered the city mere hours ago and already there is much more then I expected. It seems that the natives are more advanced then we first thought. They have technology similar to ours, though they seem to rely on magic some. I was extremely surprised to see that some of the Aishas here are from our planet! An important discovery; their ship must have crash-landed or they had fled during a war. No matter the cause. I didn’t have the chance to find out since I didn’t want to blow my cover. Now it is apparent that whoever they are they had introduced our technology to the natives.

Day Six.

Today I went out to find how their currency system works. It seems that there are very few of them who actually go out to find jobs. The majority find that playing games is a faster way of earning what they need. There is a small employment agency located on the cloud, which I have come to learn is called “Faerieland.” Not many go there seeing as the place was almost empty until there was a sudden rush, which ended in mere seconds leaving me dumbfounded. There is a games area on this planet where most people go to earn their money, which they call “Neopoints.” On our world we work and sell goods to earn our money; the system they have seems random and not very stable. I have never heard of a kingdom built on games. Speaking of kingdoms though, I overheard a rather well dressed Acara and her family talking about a kingdom to the west of Neopia Central which I have decided to investigate tomorrow before I return home.

Day Seven.

A week has now passed and I am scheduled to leave this planet sometime today, but first I have decided as I stated in yesterday's notes to explore a land called “Meridell.” As I got closer to the area I noticed the advanced Neopia Central slowly changing to a wasteland of ancient technology such as Uni and wagon traveling. This land is interesting; however, in fact I believe that this is the area that the previous explorer landed. Deciding to have fun before my departure I began to walk around and noticed this area might not be as bad as I had first thought. They have many strange games such as rolling cheese down a hill. Simple in design, yes, but the game itself is more interesting then one might think. At the bottom of the hill there is also some sort of large animal, possibly some sort of petpet. As I approached the animal wanting to pet it, I observed the beast eating a smaller animal! Frightened by this I decided to retreat and return home; I hope my discoveries help the council in better understanding this strange land.

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