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Space Flight: Part Three

by plutoplus1


Kade sighed. "Keep an eye on the blue Grundo, Jeran, and-" She stopped when she turned around and saw he wasn't anywhere near her. "Now where did he go?" she wondered out loud.


      It was Jeran, sitting in the cockpit of the blue scout ship, and motioned for her to join them. Sighing again, she crept over and entered the ship.

      "What is it with you and your need to show off? And where did you stash that blue fellow?"

      Jeran motioned outside. The blue Grundo sat wide eyed and was propped up, his mouth gagged. "And, now I have the departure codes. Bet you guys didn't think of that in the big scheme of escape, did you? Boy, I sure do deserve better pay…"

      Kade shook her head and laughed. "You've out done yourself, this time, Jeran. Don't worry. I'll right in the report how brave and heroic you were, and about how you rescued Peter and I, and saved us from our certain and eminent doom."

      Jeran smiled. "Why thank you, I do think I deserve it. Speaking of Peter, shouldn't he be back by now?"

      "It's been a few minutes, at least long enough for Peter to get accomplished what he had in mind," Arcadia agreed.

      She turned the ship on, and it purred quietly to life. Turning on the landing thrusters, she pointed the ship towards the exit door, and ever so slowly, inched in that direction. None of the Grundo's shifting cargo around them even noticed the blue ship moving. Jeran was sitting in the Co pilot chair, and had the screen showing the back outside view of the landing dock. He entered the lift off codes into the computer system of the ship, and received the green light go for lift off.

      "Ah-Oh..." he muttered. Whipping off his seat belt, he was about to jump up when he paused, staring at the screen again.

      "What?" Arcadia demanded, stopping their creeping progress.

      "Oh, nothing now. That little blue Grundo was starting to head after us, and was going to cause problems."

      "And?" she prompted, when he didn't continue.

      "And Peter put a stop to that. Whacked him on the head real good, looks like. Keep going, he'll be here soon."

      Arcadia continued their forward motion, and with perfect timing, reached the departure gate just as Peter entered the ship. Coming into the cockpit, he motioned for Jeran to move. "What'd I miss?" he asked jokingly.

      Arcadia glared at him for a moment, but then slowly smiled. "Nothing, oh fearless one. Ready for departure?"

      "Aye, aye, captain. Take us up."

      Arcadia smiled, and pressed the departure gate toggle. What they didn't count on was the siren that went off, warning of airlock release.

      "What? This stupid port doesn't have an pre-flight chamber?" Peter cursed under his breath. "Keep going, the area is evacuated, anyhow."

      Arcadia nodded, and throwing all thrusters on, took off.

      Soaring out into space at a high speed was always exhilarating for Arcadia, and it obviously had the same affect on Peter, for he had a smile on his face.

      "Fasten your seatbelts, ladies n' gents, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!" Peter boomed.

      "Are the shield defenses on?" Kade queried.

     "Aye, up and running. We have approximately...3 minutes and 27 seconds until we clear the Pirates Space Cove," Peter said.

      "Too long, if you ask me. They haven't spotted us yet-"

      A bright red light flashed past them.

      "Spoke too soon," Jeran said as the stations laser ray flashed by. "I don't suppose they have defense unit on here?"

      Peter motioned to the back. "They have one unit back there for repelling those fast ships to follow. The David is pretty fast, so I wouldn't worry about having to use it. Still, better hang back there, just in case they send some Jetsam Aces after us."

      "How much longer?" Kade asked, as Jeran left.

      Peter looked at the running board again. "2 minutes and 12 seconds. Just a little longer, and that ray is useless against us. Just don't let us get hit more than 3-"

      He was cut off as the ship was jolted around. "Make that 2 times."

      Kade looked exasperatedly at Peter. "Sorry," he said. "Here, like me to take a turn?"

      "No thanks. In...1 minute and 43 seconds, you can have your turn, all the way back to the First Base Space Platform."

      Peter shrugged and nodded. "Don't say I didn't offer."

      "How do you stay so calm? My hands are sweating more than all the planet's oceans combined!"

      "Because, I have faith in your good skills. And, I've read your records, and I know you excel in Space Evading Missile Techniques." And he was proved right 1 minute and 37 seconds later.

48 Hours Later

      "Captain Arcadia Tirla Raven, Captain Peter Sascha, and D Unit Jeran Mikel Aeries, please report to Admiral Tolik immediately."

      As the loud speaker called their names, the three friends stood up, and started proceeding down the corridor to the Admirals office.

      "So, what do you reckon he'll do to us?" Peter casually asked. After a 24 hour rest, they all looked and felt better.

      "Well, I will be promoted to... to... top gunner, and you two we be demoted to some obscure lower rank for hauling me through that journey," Jeran joked.

      Arcadia laughed. "Yeah, right. If anything, I will get a promotion to Supreme Ruler of All Things That Fly, and Peter will get to mop floors in my office."

      "There is no such office as that, Kade." Peter looked at her questioningly. "And why do I have to mop floors? I did a pretty good escape planning job…"

      "You get to mop floors because you made me fly through that laser practice session back at Pirate Cove, that's why. And, the position of Supreme Ruler of All Things That Fly will be made available after they establish it for me, the greatest pilot in the galaxy." She smiled smugly.

      "You're very modest, huh, Kade?" Jeran lifted an eyebrow.

      "It's what I strive for." Arcadia put on an arrogant walk, which the other two copied, and soon, they arrived at Admiral Tolik's door. "Well, now or never," Peter remarked, the jaunty air leaving them, and knocked on the door.

      "Enter!" the command was barked.

      Peter and Arcadia each marched in and saluted sharply, while Jeran stood at attention.

      "At ease, at ease." Admiral Tolik waved their salutes aside. "It is me who should be saluting you. After that stunning landing on Kreludor's surface, which I still don't know how you managed, you kept the passengers hidden and safe, and returned Xarthab to the outer satellite prison." He cleared his throat and stood up. "On behalf of the Neopian Navy, I commend you on a job well done, and present you with the Neopian Medal of Valor. Which, by the way, will be presented to you in a ceremony this Saturday." He stood, and shook their hands.

      All three were stunned. This was not what either had expected.

      "Oh, in your report it says you left a 'present' for the space station. What, may I ask, is that?"

      Jeran, Peter and Arcadia looked at each other and laughed.

      "Trust me, admiral, you don't want to know."

The Pirates Space Cove

      "Shoor is quiet round here with X gone," Rantor commented to his buddy, Groy.

      "Yeah, that it is. And with him outta the way, we can run this station and keep all the profit for ourselves. Well, I guess we can give sum to dem little Grundos who move boxes and stuff. Maybe 15 percent."

      "Naw, 10% nuff for them."

      As they were discussing the amount of profit for the Grundo loaders and transporters, they moved towards a crate in the middle of the loading dock by itself.

      "How long do you reckon a'fore them space squadrons come out'n try ta take our here operation?" Rantor asked Groy.

      "Oh, I'd guess we gots at least a month or so till someone figures out that ol' X wasn't running this base with only 50 extras." The two head Grundos stopped at the crate. "Ya hear that?" Groy asked, holding up a hand to silence Rantor.

      Rantor nodded in agreement, and turned around to find something to pry open the crate with.

      "Ya sure that's a good idea? I mean, it sounds alive... and... and mean in there." Groy started backing away.

      "Aw, come on now, don't be a baby. Probably nothing." And with that, he pried the last of the crate lid off.

      At first, they could see nothing, figuring it was because the crate was so large that whatever was in it was in the back. Suddenly, a gray spyder with red eyes shot out at them, and latched onto Rantor with its protruding fangs.

      "Ahh! Help me, Groy, get this off me!" Rantor screamed, as more spyders ran out from the box.

      "Forget this, I'm outta here! Ain't no station worth anything run over by rabid spyders."

      5 hours later, robot spyders scurried around an empty loading dock.

The End

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