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Out of Ink? Your Neopian Guide to School Supplies

by dream_weaver_


It’s that time of year again. Your pets are heading back to school and the bags from your vacation are being unpacked. Your house is clean: except for one paper you’d left on your coffee table and forgotten about. It’s labeled...

“School Supplies”. The fire department arrives moments later to investigate the sound of your scream. You are fined 100 neopoints for faking danger.

Seriously, though. School supplies are nothing to scream about. You just need to know what to get. I’m here to help, along with my pets, Sparkle_Lily (just Sparkle is great), catine87032 (Catine for short) and Annaloon (Annaloon). Let’s get started, shall we?

Part A: Pencils and pens

The all important writing utensils should be comfortable to hold, easy to write with, and nice to look at.

Sparkle’s pick: The Mechanical Pencil


Sparkle says: “Well, it’s very practical, and it saves Neopoints. With it, you won’t even need a pencil sharpener!”

Catine’s pick: The Sword Pencil

“It’s super cool, and fun. It’s a little heavy, but, hey, you’ll get used to it!”

Annaloon chose: The Blue Blumaroo Pencil

“It’s a Blumaroo. I’m a Blumaroo, I rock, so this pencil rocks. Need I say more?”

I say, “Look for pencils that reflect your interests. Try out different kinds; soon you’ll find your favorite.”

Part B: Erasers

If you make a mistake, and we all do, you’ll need an eraser.

Sparkle picked: The Light Faerie Eraser

“It looks great, it works, and it’s cheap!”

Catine’s choice: The Blue Gelert Eraser

“What’s on a eraser doesn’t matter, as long as it works.”

Annaloon loves: The Pea Eraser

“It’s not a Blumaroo eraser, but it’ll do.”

I say: “Make sure they erase all kinds of pencils, and leave no ink or stains behind.”

Part C: The Sharpener

Trust me, you’ll need one.

Sparkle likes: The Babaa Pencil Sharpener.

“It’s so cute! It works, too.”

Catine picked: The Chia Pencil Sharpener

“It rocks! I know, I know, it’s weird, but…”

Annaloon picked: …Nothing?

“If there was a Blumaroo Sharpener, I’d totally pick that. But, there isn’t.”

I say: “If it works, it’s good. If it also looks nice, it’s great! There are limited choices, so finding your favorite style shouldn’t be hard.”

Part D: Scissors

Scissors are for your work. Not your ugly new sweater.

Sparkle chose: Slorg Scissors

“They're perfect for younger pets if you’re worried about them hurting themselves. These scissors couldn’t hurt a buzzer.”

Catine picked: Mutated Scissors!

“They are SO cool! Perfect for scaring Sparkle, too!”

Annaloon likes: Quiggle Scissors

“I’d like them better if they were blumaroos.”

I say: “Dull edges are better for young or irresponsible pets. Again, if they don’t work, don’t buy them.”

Part E: Rulers

Make Measuring Fun!

Sparkle chose: Blue Cybunny Ruler

“It’s so cute!”

Catine picked: Red Techo Ruler

“It’s so cool!”

Annaloon picked: Cheesy ruler.

“Measure, take a bite, measure, take a bite…”

I say: “It doesn’t really matter which ruler you pick, as long as it doesn’t leave behind unwanted slime or stink.”

Part F: Pencil Cases

To store it all!

Sparkle likes: Christmas Cybunny Pencil Tin

“It’s so pretty! I love it!”

Catine recommends: Punchbag Bob Pencil Case

“It’s really roomy, but easy to carry around.”

Annaloon picked: Purple Pencil Case

“It’s simple, and that’s cool.”

I say: “Make sure you like the style and it won’t break easily. A little extra space never hurts, either.”

Part G: Notebooks

What else will you write on, your desk?

Sparkle loves: The Cloud Notebook

“It’s pretty and has tons of space.”

Catine likes: The Electric Notebook

“It’s easy to find, and cool.”

Annaloon picked: The Green Lined Notebook

“Again, unless it’s Blumaroo, it should be simple.”

I say: “With Notebooks, go crazy! Don’t be afraid to express yourself with them.”

Part H: The Lunchbox

Food Fight!

Sparkle shouts: ILLUSEN LUNCHBOX!!!

“She’s my all time favorite faerie!”

Catine likes: The Top Security Lunchbox

“Perfect if, like me, you’re tired of having your desert stolen.”

Annaloon recommends: Packed lunches

“Pets always lose their lunchboxes. Get them one of these every day, instead!”

I say: “Lunchboxes? It’s up to you!”

Part I: The One, The Only, The Backpack

A lifesaving piece of cloth.

Sparkle recommends: The Hassee Backpack

“It’s durable, holds a ton, and works great. I love it.”

Catine grins and picks: The Utility Backpack

“The best backpack of all time. Be a Space Defender wherever you go!”

Annaloon likes: Green Backpack

“A simple, basic, backpack. If it had a picture of me on it, it would be perfect!”

I say: “If it holds everything, then it rocks. Anything goes.”

There are many more supplies in Neopia; these are just some examples. You don’t have to use them; you don’t even have to like them. They’re just what a shy, but fun loving Shoyru, an entertaining, musical Nimmo and a self obsessed Blumaroo prefer. And now, some last words from my pets and me. (Yes, I do sound like an annoying TV show host, now please stop throwing fruit.)


“School isn’t meant to torture pets, it’s meant to help them learn. I admit, it can be boring. But, it can also be fun. Meet new friends, or join a club! Opportunity’s knocking on the classroom door. Have a great time, and, hey, maybe I’ll see you there!”


“Remember, your teachers want to help. If you have a question, raise your hand! It’s better then failing the next test. Trust me, I know. You won’t like all your teachers, but, that’s the way it goes. Make the best of your situation, try and learn from them anyway. Even get to know them a little better…that can help!”


“No matter what, there will always be bullies, or kids who think that they're better then you. I wouldn’t know, I mean, I’m better then everyone! But, I’ve heard that tons of pets get teased by that type, and that it really hurts. If you do get teased, tell an adult, your teacher, your owner, it doesn’t matter. It won’t make you a tattletale, trust me. No one will even know that it was you who told someone. No matter what, never become a bully to get rid of a bully. And never EVER, hurt another pet on purpose. If by accident you do, apologize! It helps!”

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before. But, it’s true! School can be fun, teachers are Neopets too, and bullies are usually just insecure. I hope you’ve found your school supplies, have a great year.

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