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Higher Score on Hungry Skeith!

by w1ng_r3ssur3ct3d


GAMES ROOM - Hungry Skeith is an extremely fun, blood-rushing game that will keep you on the tip of your chair! You could never get bored of this game, as it is super fun. I wrote a game guide for all new players who wish to be successful at this game and try to obtain that high score that you’ve wanted! On a scale from nine to ten, I would definitely rate it a nine! If you are ready for a good challenge and extreme game play, this is the guide for you!

The game Hungry Skeith is a newer version of the old game which used to be called Jelly Processing Plant. It has the same concept as Jelly Processing Plant; the only difference is that you don't only collect jellies. There is more variety in Hungry Skeith, which makes it more fun. There are three items you want to collect, such as green glowing cakes, red parsnips, and blue jellies.

As you start the game, you will notice that there are three vats. The number of these vats will stay the same throughout the whole game, so you will never have more or less, you will always have three. There are three different colored vats. There is a red one for the parsnips, a blue one for the jellies, and a green one for the glowing cakes.

The red vat is the first one on the left, then next to the red vat is the blue vat, and the last vat on the right is the green vat.

The items come in different colors; for the red items you need to pick them up and drop them off in the red vat and same with the green and blue vats with their corresponding colors. Dropping off an item in the wrong vat will result in you losing a life, and you want to keep as many lives as you can!

There are different items are on a conveyor belt which then fall down onto the moving tray, where you then pick them up and put them in the correct vat. Green items are worth the most and are worth eight points. Blue items are worth the second most and give you five points. Lastly there is the red, which only give you a measly three points.

There are also other items that come from the belt, which try to confuse you. It also makes the game harder. Some items that fall in this category are brown ice cream, brown cakes, ice cream cones, and pink cakes. When you see these items on the belt, simply just ignore them. There are no vats for these items. So you just leave them going, until they get devoured by the Hungry Skeith. You could also lose a life if you let him eat one of the items that are supposed to be picked up, and dropped in a vat.

You may think the game is very easy at first, but after each level the conveyer belt speed becomes a little faster than what it was in the level before. Therefore, to ensure that you do not waste any time, you will need to memorize the correct vat position to place in their items. After grabbing the desired item with the press of the space bar key on your keyboard; pressing up will position the buzz automatically above the red vat. Pressing up then right will position the buzz over the blue vat and pressing up right, right will position the buzz over the green vat.

After dropping in the item in the correct vat, press down then left a few times so you are up closest against the wall. This is so you could grab the items you need the fastest.

As a general rule, any food which does not fit into the three color coded vats such as cakes and ice creams will need to be fed to the Skeith. As I said before, there isn’t any need for these items, so just leave them until they fall into the Skeith's mouth.

There is also another way to delay items such as the red parsnips, which are only worth three points. I do this so I could strictly get green cakes, and sometimes blue jellies, because they reward you with the most points. I would strongly recommend you do this in the first THREE levels only! Doing this in levels beyond the third gets to be too hectic, and by then the belt is moving pretty fast.

To do this little trick I do, you have to pick them up off the bottom conveyer belt and then you have to place them back at the top. (The top as in where you first see the items coming out, but can’t pick them up yet) I would only suggest this to the more mediocre player; if you are newer at this game, practice as much as you can! I say do not do this after the third level because it clogs up the belt, which makes it difficult to pick up the item you want. And you will most likely miss an item, and lose a life if the Skeith eats it.

Here is something that took me a while to learn. If you lose just one life, do not get all worked up about it! Mistakes happen, and when most people lose a life, they get really angry. By staying angry, this will result in poor game play, and you won’t get as high of a score. Just pretend nothing ever happened, and go on.

Each game allows the player five mistakes before you would get a game over. Five lives may seem like many lives to you in the beginning levels. But be warned, they add up very quickly as you approach the fifth level when the belts speed is super fast!

Well I hope this guide has helped you achieve your goal of getting the high score that you wanted and maybe even the trophy! Good luck on your game playing.

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