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Night of the Living Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie: Part Three

by shadih_temporary


"Emergency!" Ani screamed, banging on the door.

      The Chia walked slowly to his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled out a ring of keys. Charlie, Ani, and Iri turned around to find the now soaking wet Poogle plushie walking slowly towards them. The trio turned around and began banging on the door furiously while screaming.

      The Chia moved slowly towards the door and tried to find the correct key out of the many attached to the ring. The Poogle plushie winked at Iri, who had turned to see what it was doing, and then began running as fast as it could.

      "OPEN THE DOOR!" Ani screamed at the top of her lungs.

      The Chia smiled when he found the correct key and jammed it into the keyhole. Charlie suddenly kicked the door open. He, along with Ani and Iri, bolted inside the store. Ani and Iri let themselves fall to the ground while Charlie slammed the door shut.

      He grabbed the key and jerked it to the side, locking the door. The Poogle plushie jumped into the air and slammed into the glass door.

      The Chia became wide-eyed, "The Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie!"

      Lightning cracked, and the power in the store went out.

      "You can't bring that thing back here!" the Chia shouted, wildly.

      "Whoa, what's wrong?" Ani said, getting up off the floor. "We're safe in here,"

      "You don't understand," the Chia said, shaking.

      Iri cocked an eyebrow at the Chia, and then turned to look at the front door, "Hey, the plushie's gone,"

      The Chia stared at the front door in disbelief, and then smashed his head against the glass and looked around outside. He merely saw rain. Suddenly, a window in the back of the store shattered. Charlie and the others spun around and stare at the different aisles.

      "What was that?" Ani said.

      "I'll give you three guesses," Charlie replied.

      "Maybe… someone should go check?" the Chia stammered.

      Charlie looked at his friends, then at the Chia, and then at the back of the store. "Eh, why not?"

      Charlie slowly made his way down Aisle 7, where the baby dolls were kept. Baby Wocky dolls, Baby Chia dolls, Baby Skeith dolls, and much more lined the shelves. As Charlie walked down the aisles, the dolls' eyes literally followed him. Charlie turned to look at all the dolls, and they all shifted their eyes.

      "Okay, freaky," Charlie said.

      He soon arrived at the back of the store. Glass was scattered all across the tiled floor. Charlie looked up to shockingly find that it was merely a tree branch that smashed the window.

      "Oh no," Charlie whispered.

      At the front of the store, Ani, Iri, and the Chia were all waiting patiently for Charlie's return.

      "Maybe someone should go check on him," Ani suggested.

      "Well, why don't you?" Iri smiled.

      Ani sighed and began to walk to the back of the store. And at that, the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie emerged from behind the desk and hopped onto a pile of papers. "Surprise!"

      Ani, Iri, and the Chia screamed in terror as they made their way to the back of the store. They bumped into Charlie ands landed on the floor.

      "What happened?!" Charlie demanded.

      "The MSPP is in here," Iri said, nervously.

      Charlie gasped, and then looked at Ani. He gasped again, "Ani! Your leg!"

      Ani looked down at her leg to find stuffing exiting the spot where the MSPP had bit her.

      "Oh my gosh!" Ani exclaimed.

      Iri and the Chia stared wide-eyed at Ani's leg.

      "Ani, that's where that-that THING bit you, isn't it?" Charlie questioned Ani.

      Tears formed in Ani's eyes, "Yes, it is,"

      Charlie looked up from Ani's leg and said, "I think we're dealing with a sort of vampire, here. A simple bite from this MSPP thing can turn you into that same type of creature!"

      "Wow, thanks, Genius," said a raspy voice from behind the four.

      Charlie and the others turned around to find the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie grinning at them. "Don't even think about running this time!" it snapped.

      The MSPP closed its eyes for just a second, and then opened them all of a sudden. The colour of the eyes went from red to black. They glowed eerily, and soon enough, four plushies guarded the exits in Aisle 7.

      "Hmm, a Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Poogle Plushie. Typical," Charlie observed.

      The MSPP smiled, and then glanced at Ani's leg, its smile widening. Charlie, noticing the MSPP was preoccupied, bolted down the aisle. He kicked the Yellow and Green Poogle Plushies out of the way and ran. Iri and Ani fled. The Chia tried to escape, but the MSPP hopped on top of the Chia and bit him on the arm.

      "Yipe!" the Chia cried.

      Charlie, Ani, and Iri soon arrived at the front desk.

      "Ani," Charlie said, "send a Neomail to the Chia Police and tell them to get down her immediately,"

      Ani nodded and hopped behind the desk. She tossed a couple chain letters and guild invites in a nearby trash bin and began to write the Neomail.

      "Iri," Charlie said, "come with me. We'll go outside and see if anyone out there can help us,"

      "Right," Iri said.

      Charlie walked swiftly to the front door, but only to find the key had been snapped in half and jammed inside the keyhole.

      Iri sighed, "We're trapped inside this building,"

      "Guys! I just sent the Neomail off!" Ani yelled.

      "Great!" Charlie replied, happily.

      There was a sudden crash at the front desk, and Ani was nowhere to be seen.

      "Ani?!" Iri called, running to the desk.

      Charlie followed her. What they found was terrible. A small, Green Gelert Plushie lay in the rolling chair Ani had sat in to write the Neomail. A few strands of long, brown hair covered the top of its head.

      "ANI!" Iri cried.

      She snatched the plushie out of the chair and stared at it.

      "Muahaha!" the MSPP's diabolical laughter could be heard throughout the entire store.

      Iri tucked the Ani Plushie under her arm and sniffled, "I'm gonna find that beast, and I'm gonna destroy it,"

      "Oh, now is that so?" came that same raspy voice that the trio simply hated.

      "It's behind us, isn't it?" Iri asked, not turning around to look at the desk.

      "Yup," Charlie replied.

      "Now, how does it DO that?!"

      The two suddenly ducked as the MSPP flew overhead and landed on the tiled floor in front of them.

      "Grr…" the MSPP scowled, "I'll turn you both into plushies and feed you to the Werelupes!"

      The MSPP lunged at Charlie and Iri. Iri reacted without thinking; she held the Ani plushie in front of her face and shut her eyes tightly. The MSPP slammed into the plushie, sinking its teeth into the fabric and stuffing that made it up.

      Iri dropped the plushie. The MSPP hopped backwards and growled. Suddenly, the Ani plushie began to shake. It hopped around the room and an odd light began to emerge from it. There was a puff of smoke, and the plushie turned back into Ani.

      "Ani! You're back!" Iri exclaimed, hugging her sister.

      The MSPP stared at Ani, flabbergasted. Even though he was the owner of his poisonous teeth, the MSPP had no clue there was an antidote to the gloomy fate of those who were bitten.

      Charlie suddenly got an excellent idea. He lunged forward and grabbed the MSPP by the right arm.

      "Hey! Let go of me!" the MSPP kicked and struggled.

      "I don't think so," Charlie smiled.

      He grabbed the MSPP's right leg and shoved it into its mouth. Charlie then pushed down on the MSPP's head, causing its teeth to sink into its leg.

      "Nooo!" the MSPP cried as it, too, began to shake and rumble.

      There was a puff of smoke, and the MSPP turned into a regular Yellow Poogle.


      The Chia Police arrived soon after that. It had stopped raining by then, and the Yellow Poogle had been sentence to life in the cells of the Darigan Citadel. Their work was pretty much done at this point, but they decided to stay at the store and continue to investigate.

      "That Poogle we arrested was crazy," said a Chia Cop to another, "he kept on blabbing about how he was some evil plushie or something like that,"

      "Well, it's a good thing we sent him off to the cells, eh?" said another Chia Cop.

      "Yup," replied Cop #1, "and this place wasn't too busted up, either. Except for the broken window,"

      Suddenly, Cop #2 tripped over a small, soft object. "Yeah, and there's darn toys scattered everywhere," said Cop #2.

      "Hmm, this thing is a bit odd," Cop #1 scratched his chin and picked up the item the other Chia Cop tripped on. It was a Purple Chia Plushie. But it was a bit different than most Chia plushies; it had the official Neopian Toy Store uniform placed on it.

The End

      Author's note: Hi! Char speaking. :3

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this story! Ani and Iri are real pets, and they belong to moi. This isn't their first time appearing in one of my stories, however. They have made cameos in several others. But this is their first time playing a big role, so let's give them a round of applause!


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