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Night of the Living Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie: Part Two

by shadih_temporary


"What?" Charlie said to himself, confused.

      The rain became more powerful and the window slammed shut in Charlie's face, causing him to flip backwards onto his bed. He hopped off the bed and bolted downstairs to find Ani and Iri trying to shut the front door. The two were straining as they pushed on the door with all their might, trying their best to get it to close. The power of the wind and rain didn't allow that.

      "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Charlie yelled so that his voice could be heard over the howling wind.


      "…AND THE FRONT DOOR WAS OPEN!" Iri finished Ani's sentence.

      Charlie ran towards the door to help his friend. The trio pushed on the door as hard as they could, and finally, the door slammed shut.

      There was an awkward silence. Charlie, Ani, and Iri simply stood there, trying to take in what had just happened.

      "You didn't leave the door open, did you?" Charlie continued to stare at the door.

      "No," Ani replied, also not taking her eyes off the door.

      "You're sure?" Charlie was a little worried.

      Iri was the first to look away from the door, "Positive,"

      "Maybe the rain was so hard that it opened the door…?" Ani said, toying with her long, brown hair.

      Iri and Charlie blinked twice. Suddenly, a crash came from upstairs. The trio jerked their heads to the ceiling above them.

      "What was that?!" they cried together.

      Lightning crackled, and the power suddenly went out. The three simply stood there for a moment, and then screamed all of a sudden. The front door swung open again, and an immense amount of heavy rain poured into the house. Charlie and his friends quickly scurried away from the door, as not to get caught in the blast.

      Iri backed up against the window, and it suddenly shattered. She ducked out of the way, trying to avoid the glass, wind, and rain.

      "What do we do?!" Iri yelled over the wind.

      Charlie looked around the room frantically. "The couch!" he exclaimed.

      Ani, Iri, and Charlie pushed the purple, leather couch towards the open door. Suddenly the hinges on the door completely snapped off, causing the door to fly into the house, directly over the trio's heads. The three ducked when they saw the door coming towards them, and the door slammed against another window, causing that one to shatter, as well.

      "Take care of the windows!" Charlie exclaimed, motioning to the heavy amount of rain that was pouring through the shattered windows.

      Ani and Iri let go of the couch and spun around, heading towards the windows. Charlie managed to flip the couch over and stuff it into the opening in the wall where the front door once stood. That took care of that.

      "What do we do about the windows?!" Ani cried to Charlie.

      Three more windows suddenly shattered.

      "Never mind the windows, let's get upstairs!" Charlie exclaimed, dodging the glass.

      "Are you crazy?!" Iri yelled. "It's probably just as bad up there! Didn't you hear that crash?!"

      "Yeah, I guess you're---" Charlie started. He was cut off by the sound of a tree cracking.

      He took to a window that hadn't shattered yet, and spotted an extremely large and wide oak tree that was beginning to fall over.

      "Oh… oh no…" Charlie started, backing away from the window.

      "What?! What is it?!" Ani shouted over the sound of wind and rain entering through the broken windows.

      There was a loud snap, and the tree began to fall… heading directly towards the house.

      "Timber!" Charlie yelled.

      He jumped away from the window and under a table. Ani and Iri, scared as ever, quickly did the same. The window Charlie had been looking through suddenly shattered, and then the whole roof caved in. The three screamed at the top of their lungs as the walls literally exploded as the tree landed on top of the house.

      After that, the wind and rain was louder than ever. The whole left side of the house had been knocked out. Leaves and twigs were scattered everywhere, and the rain was becoming stronger.

      "Oh… my… gosh…" Charlie said, flabbergasted.

      The three were not getting wet because of the rain, seeing as how there was a tabletop above their heads, protecting them.

      "What are we going to do?!" Iri cried. "We can't stay under this table forever!"

      Ani placed her paw on Iri's shoulder, "Oh, believe me, Girl, we can."

      "No, she's right, Ani," Charlie assured her, "we need to get to a safer place,"

      "Yeah, this table could be blown away by the rain any second now," Iri said.

      "Shut up, Iri," Ani sneered, "you're going to jinx us!"

      Charlie looked around the area frantically. The rest of the house was sure to be blown away anytime now. They had nowhere to go… or did they?

      "The basement!" he exclaimed, happily.

      "The basement? Ew, no way! There's all kinds of creepy crawlies living down there," Ani said.

      "It's our only chance," Charlie said.

      Suddenly, the couch that had stopped up the front door was blown away by the power of the wind. It flipped over a couple of times, and then bounced across the floor, heading straight for the table, which provided the trio with shelter.

      "Run!" Charlie yelled.

      The three quickly jumped from under the table. The couch did one final flip and slammed into the table, causing it to snap cleanly in half.

      "Um, okay, the basement sounds pretty good right about now," Ani said, trying her best to fix her hair.

      Charlie made his way through the destroyed room and to the basement door, which wasn't that far away at all. He quickly kicked the door opened, and motioned for Ani and Iri to enter. They did as they were told.

      A long flight of stairs led down into a very dim room.

      "Don't worry," Charlie said, "there's flashlights down there,"

      Charlie shut the door behind himself once all three of them were inside the basement. There was a loud explosion, and the door behind burst into millions of pieces, as did the wall, and some of the stairs.

      He, along with Ani and Iri, tumbled down the stairs and landed on the cold, hard ground of the basement with a loud THUMP!

      "Argh!" Charlie cried when he slammed against the concrete floor.

      "I can't see a single flippin' thing!" Ani exclaimed.

      "There's a flashlight somewhere around here," said Charlie.

      Ani turned around to begin searching for the flashlight and bumped into a table. A small object rolled off the table and hit the floor.

      "Smooth," Iri sneered.

      Ani reached down and picked up the object that had fallen off the table.

      "Hey! It's a flashlight!" she cheered. She flipped the switch on the flashlight, illuminating a section of the basement.

      "Hey, hand me the flashlight," Charlie said to Ani.

      Ani gave the flashlight to Charlie, who shined the light on various sections of the basement. Five steps on the staircase were completely destroyed. The door that the three had come through was nowhere to be seen. A rather large tree could be seen through the ceiling of the basement.

      "Another tree fell," Charlie said.

      Suddenly, an empty paint can rolled across the floor and stopped at Charlie's leg. He shined the light down at the can, and then at the corner of the basement where it had come from. Lightning cracked when Charlie found what sat in the corner. It was the red-eyed Poogle Plushie from before.

      "How'd that get down here?!" Iri exclaimed.

      Ani and Iri glared at Charlie.

      "Hey, I didn't put this plushie down here," Charlie told them, "…I threw it out the window,"

      "WHAT?!" Ani and Iri exclaimed, enraged.

      Charlie laughed nervously.

      Ani sighed and looked behind him, "Hey, where'd the plushie go?"

      Charlie turned back around to find the Poogle Plushie was gone.

      "What the…" Iri started, confused.

      She turned around quickly, only to find herself face-to-face with Poogle Plushie. It grinned evilly, a twinkle its eyes, "Hello…"

      Iri blinked twice, and then released an extremely loud, ear-shattering scream, "AAAAAAH!"

      Ani and Charlie gasped and began to back up, away from Iri. Charlie walked into a table and dropped the flashlight, causing it to shatter. Iri simply stared at the Plushie in awe.

      "Um… did that thing just talk?" Ani didn't take her eyes off of the plushie.

      The Poogle Plushie looked at Ani, its face changing from ominous to annoyed, "Did that THING just talk, you say?!"

      The Plushie, which had been standing on the table in front of Iri as to become face-to-face with her, hopped onto the floor and strode over to Ani. It looked up at her frightened face, and then promptly bit her.

      "OUCH!" Ani cried. The plushie had attacked its teeth to Ani's leg, and it sure did hurt. Ani shook her leg up and down, trying desperately to get the plushie to let go. Finally, the Poogle Plushie let go of Ani's leg and flew halfway across the basement. It slammed into a stack of boxes and was completely buried by the boxes when they tumbled to the ground.

      "Those teeth!" Ani cried, examining her leg where the plushie bit her. "Those razor sharp teeth definitely did not contain stuffing!"

      "We NEED to get out of this basement!" Iri yelled.

      "There's a couple of stairs somewhere down here that leads outside," Charlie stated, calmly, "if we're lucky, the tree didn't block that exit, as well,"

      It was pretty dark down in that basement, but it sure wasn't pitch black. This made it easier to find the stairs. After a few minutes of stumbling throughout the basement, Charlie stubbed his hoof on a stair.

      "Ow!" Charlie grabbed his hoof, "Eh, I found the stairs,"

      Charlie quickly bolted up the stairs, followed by Ani and Iri. They came across the basement door that led outside. Charlie quickly pushed the door open, and the trio made it outside. It had stopped raining, but the sky was still dark, and the thunder still rolled.

      "Wow," Ani said, flabbergasted.

      Charlie and Iri turned to find Ani was staring at what was left of Charlie's house. It was completely destroyed. The only thing that remained was the floor of the downstairs area, and the basement, which was underground. The first tree that Charlie had actually seen fall lay on top of the floor in a horizontal position. A much larger tree that had taken out the rest of the house lay on top of the first tree. Rubble and debris was scattered everywhere.

      "Ugh," Charlie sighed, "the amount of Neopoints I have to pay to repair the damages to my home will probably be twice as much as the Tax Beast's and the Pant Devil's stolen profits put together, and then multiplied by ten!"

      Suddenly, the three heard footsteps; footsteps ascending up the stairs of the basement.

      "The basement door!" Ani cried.

      Charlie reacted quite quickly. He jumped over to the door and picked up a large piece of debris. He shoved it on top of the door as swiftly as possible.

      "Your really think that will hold that plushie?" Ani asked Charlie, staring at the basement door.

      "He's a plushie," Charlie said, "he's made out of cloth and stuffing. I doubt he can even lift a balloon,"

      Suddenly, the basement doors exploded, sending wooden splinters flying everywhere. Charlie, Ani, and Iri screamed as they placed their hands over their heads and ducked. Charlie lay coughing up dust on the wet grass of his front yard. He looked up slowly to find the Poogle Plushie emerging from the basement, grinning at him evilly.

      "Run!" Charlie cried.

      Ani and Iri turned to see what had Charlie screaming, but he grabbed their arms and tugged them right alongside him. Suddenly, the rain began to pour down upon them.

      "We have to find shelter!" Ani exclaimed.

      Charlie spun around to find the Poogle Plushie on all fours, running towards them. Charlie gasped, and then looked around for a place to hide.

      "The toy store!" he said suddenly, pointing at the nearby store.

      The three bolted over to the toy store and tugged on the glass door, but only to find it was locked.

      "No!" Ani yelled, banging her paws on the door.

      The Purple Chia that had sold the plushie to them showed up at the door. He simply pointed at the 'Closed' sign handing on the door.

To be continued…

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