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What Neopets Do Behind Your Back

by precious_katuch14


Also by chia625_2001

YOUR NEOHOME - It's the home of the furniture you spent millions of NP on, the place made of materials you spent thousands of NP on, the house located on some street you shelled out cash on just to have a good location, the hideout of yours which you studded security systems, lights and heating systems on for extra fees, the domain of your plans for Neopia domination...

...And the home of your sweet, well-behaved, good-natured, angelic pets. Yes, that's right. I mean, what kind of owner would leave their pets behind on the streets instead of taking them into a nice Neohome?

I bet you think we're talking about Neohomes now. Well, guess what. YOU'RE WRONG! *scares the reader half to death*

Nope, we will be talking about what your pets do when they're alone in the Neohome and you aren't around to watch them like Eyries.

Firstly, according to a Blumaroo scientist known to us as Alicia, 60% of all pets, when left at home with no supervision, has a first instinct to raid any places where you may store food, in search of a tasty snack. Which might explain why your stash of Orange Sweeties continues dwindling when you haven't touched them.

Meanwhile, the other 40% decide to not touch the food stash, but they DO touch your bank account and treat themselves to a formal restaurant. They think that you won't notice if they pulled out a couple of hundred thousand NP for a night at the Golden Dubloon...and spend it on dubloons, which they spend on Krawk Island, or more specifically, the GD.

And you think the food is the only problem? Nuh-uh. Neopets tend to get rather rowdy without supervision, and have a tendency of chasing each other throughout your Neohome, destroying various items in their wrath. Which might also explain that shattered Golden Patterned Vase that you found under your carpet... which your Neopets blamed on their Petpets.

Yes, "rowdy" is an understatement. Sometimes, not only do they run around causing utter chaos and leaving a nice mess for you to clean up as a gift, they sometimes invite tons of friends over for an uncontrolled party. At first you say, "Well, so what if they throw a party?" but mind you, you'll see when you find out that one of your pets has thrown your most prized lamp out the window just because their friends said it was tacky and went out of style two seconds ago.

Is the backyard safe? Nope. While playing Neopets don't usually look where they're going, so you might come home to see them trampling over your prized Rowzez and Perfume Mallows, or knocking over your carefully assembled collection of garden gnomes.

So, stopping this 'rowdiness' is not easy, but otherwise you wil never be able to leave the Neohome again without coming home to see a re-enactment of the Merdiell vs. Darigan war using crude kitchen utensils.

And don't let me get started on non-food expenses. Not only do they raid your bank account for extra cash for gourmet foodstuff, they can get this rare opportunity to make off with your hard-earned 1 million or so NP and make a trip someone's overpriced shop just to get their hands on a plushie you refused to give them some time ago.

Or even worse, they buy something you hate which they like...for example, if you hate Slorgs, you might just find one of your pets cuddling one when you get home.

Or you might find your commerative one-of-a-kind White Weewoo Plushie sold to get them the latest clothes that go 'out of style' a few days later.

Of course, there's the occasional GOOD Neopet... sits quietly and does their homework or reads a book till you get back... but those are far and few in between. So how do you change your little troublemaker into one of these perfect angels? We're here to help; after all, we have the same dilemma.

Well, first of all, one method that *almost* never fails any owner is the bribe method. All you do is promise your pet something nice or cool when you get back, on the condition that they stay well-behaved the whole time. Now, any pet on instinct would stay still if they know that a great skateboard is at stake...

Another good way is a threat. If worst comes to worst, you could have them do extra chores, or if that's not enough, ground them from one of their favourite activities. Or, if you wanted extra security, you could actually call in a fellow owner or a more responsible Neopet to babysit them while you are out. Hopefully, they are firm, as sometimes a Neopet needs a bit of *extra* convinvcing to not break anything.

Some owners who still have their sanity claim that threats are better than bribes, although tougher and slightly more disciplinarian.

If you have quite a big Neohome, you can also get yourself a good security system. That way, instead of having to cancel a really important appointment to keep an extra watchful eye over your pets, you can let technology do the work for you. But the downside is that you'll end up spending a lot of NP for it if you want the best.

Sometimes the best way to deal with leaving your pets behind for some time is to drop 'em off at some friend's Neohome for some period of time. Well, at least there, the masters and mistresses of that said house will be able to keep your pets from wreaking havoc in your precious domain.

However, keep in mind that Neopets can learn how to avoid the system in time, so, still keep a watchful eye on your little...erm..."angels".

But is it worth it? Think about it - if your pets are so conniving and cunning, then they can surely wreak havoc instead on that pitiful friend of yours. Isn't it so terrible, so horrible, to imagine your comrades saddled with the extra burden of restraining YOUR responsibilities? Now, that isn't a good thing to do...

...Of course, you can always bribe those neighbors of yours to endure those problems called "Your Neopets".

If all four methods fail to work, you've got a real problem on your hands here. What to do in times like this? Either stash everything valuable in your SDB, give in and stay home all the time, or learn how to stay in a tent.

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