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The Evilest Neopian

by haladay78


TERROR MOUNTAIN - In Neopets, there is a book called The Gallery of Evil. Inside this Gallery Evil is a collection of some of Neopia’s greatest villains is displayed. Allow me the time to list these dark few. Doctor Sloth, Balthazar, Lord Darigan, Lord Kass, Court Dancer, Morguss, Tax Beast, Vira, Hubrid Nox, Count Von Roo, Commander Garoo, Meuka, Jelly Chia, Spider Grundo, Shadow Usul, Malkus Vile, Ghost Lupe, and of course the Pant Devil. Those listed are evil, don’t get me wrong, they deserve to be on this list, but in this impressive list of evil, the evilest, vilest, and personally most hated Neopian by me is not shown on this list. Many know this evil being and have dealt with her. Her name is Carassa. You know her from the Igloo Garage Sale game. She is evil, pure evil.

There is none alive or dead who can ever hold a flame to her burning evil ways. Everything she does is evil. Every way that she does them is evil as well. She holds this classification of evil from me because of how she acts and what she does in the Igloo Garage Sale game. If you have never experienced her, I suggested going over to Terror Mountain and playing the game and you too will know the aggravation that she creates.

Carassa takes a certain kind of joy from throwing down all of those items to poor Mika as he races about trying to catch the mad tosses of this benevolent, yellow Chia. This joy is obviously very great by the look of the smile on her face. Mika on the other hand has a smile as well but why? This poor guy has to do all of the real work. He is at the crazy whim of this Chia. Maybe he is under a dark spell of hers that makes him think he is making snowmen instead of having every in creation drop down on his head. EVIL!

The items that are needed to be caught is not the only things that she drops. How many of us have ever had to deal with her throwing down those little black balls that can be nothing other than bombs in hope that when they knock Mika in the head it will stun him. It may be said that she wants them out of where she is which could be understood but this is not so since the act of throwing these bombs in itself is not evil enough to satisfy her joy, she has the insane joy of lighting the bombs so that they would explode if they do not hit him on the head. EVIL!

If these bombs were not enough to make her evil, she finds that pianos are as fun to drop down as well. A little heads up would be nice. A little yell, “Hey look out Mika, I’m sending down a big, heavy, game-ending-if-it-hits-you-on-the-head piano.” This would be helpful and nice, but no, that would be too far on the good side of the good/evil scale for her. It would also be nice if she got ride of all of the pianos at once. I know when I clean I will try to remove all of the big items first then I can take my time with the smaller items but her method requires the random selection of stuff that lays up there. EVIL!

If these traits do not spell out evil to you then you do have to admit her incredible ability to drop these items at different speeds is an annoying matter. Now if I was trying to help the poor guy down below, I’d say to myself, “Hey Alex, I best be dropping these items at a nice slow speed so that my friend downstairs has enough time to position himself to catch these highly valuable and highly fragile items.” I would also have the items come down in roughly the same place so that the poor soul below me would not have to run around on the slippery ice to grab those fragile bottles and bags of pies. But alas, she does not do this, she runs around to create as much chaos on poor Mika as possible, and why? EVIL!

Through all of these obnoxious acts she carries herself with that happy smile on her face. It is a smile that never breaks and never wanes. She just dropped a piano on Mika’s head? That gets a smile. She throws a slow moving item on the right side and then a fast moving item on the left so that he has to be in two different spots at once? That gets a smile too. What’s this? She drops a piano then a nice shiny coin a second right after it, a little tease for Mika? Your correct in guessing that she has that same smile on her face. EVIL!

If I were a paranoid type, which I kind of am, I would have to say that she wants the stuff broken. ‘Why would she want that?’ You ask? Well perhaps each of those rattles are filled with an ‘evil gas’ or some other crazy invention of her so that when they break, the world becomes a little more contaminated to her odd intentions. It could also be that maybe Mika owns all of the items and Carassa loves the look on his face when he sees his favorite umbrella come crashing to the ground. EVIL!

Dr. Sloth has nothing on this item-dropping monster. Perhaps these other villains were not villains until they made the mistake of helping her clean out her garage. This is possible because she has the power to easily teach others to become more evil. She is after all the most evilest Neopian ever and as the ice may never melt away to uncover the broken remains of so many dropped items, so to may she never decide to take the piano down the staircase so that she does not bop some poor Chia on the head.

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