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Mastering Hasee Bounce

by nut862


GAMES ROOM – Hasee Bounce was first released over a year ago. Since then, it has gone through major changes and new things have been added to the game. However, the basic idea is still the same, and Hasee Bounce is still the greatest game ever to grace the Game Room floor as far as I’m concerned!

Hasee Bounce is a very fun and easy game to play. All it takes is practice and some experience with the timing to start rolling in the Neopoints. This is my all-time favorite game. I personally get 3,000 NP per day from it, and would often get more if not for the 1,000 per play limit. You can do the same! It only takes a few minutes to play one game of Hasee Bounce, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Game Basics

For those of you who have never set foot on the Hasee Bounce playing field and don’t feel like taking the time away from reading my article to go to the Games Room and read the instructions for Hasee Bounce, I have prepared what I hope is a brief description of the game basics here:

You control the Hasees. At the start of the game, the orange one, Woogy, stands on top of a tree branch at the top left of the screen. There are two tree branches, one at each top corner of the screen. Below the branches is a seesaw. The purple Hasee, Jimmi, stands on the right end of the seesaw. Between them is empty space; this is where the Doughnutfruit will fly through.

Clicking anywhere on the screen will make Woogy jump off the tree branch. As he falls through the air, he will eat any Doughnutfruit or letters he touches on his way down, as well as any other nasty things that are flying around (namely, dung). When he finally touches down on the seesaw, Jimmi will launch upward, also eating whatever he touches on his way, and land on the tree branch on the right side of the screen. You can maneuver the Hasees while they are bouncing through the air by moving the mouse.

Oh, one last thing: You’ve got a time limit! You didn’t think you could just keep those Hasees bouncing forever, did you? The time limit lasts for approximately two minutes, and then it’s game over, so every second counts!

The Goal Of The Game

Your goal is to catch as many Doughnutfruit or letters as you can to maximize your final score. Also, you must try to avoid dung. It won’t reduce your score, but it will make the poor grossed-out Hasee sick, which prevents you from collecting more Doughnutfruit with the Hasee for up to five seconds. This is bad.

NP Rewards Ratio

300 NP to every 100 points scored.

Game Scoring

Yellow Doughnutfruit – 1 point

Blue Doughnutfruit – 3 points

Green Doughnutfruit – 4 points

Silver Doughnutfruit – 5 points

Gold Doughnutfruit – 10 points

Checkered Doughnutfruit – 12 points

Sponge Doughnutfruit – 15 points

Flaming Doughnutfruit – 18 points

Icy Doughnutfruit – 20 points

Rainbow Doughnutfruit – 40 points

Fish Doughnutfruit – 50 points

Letters (H, A, S, E) – 2 points each and 2 extra seconds to the timer

These are all the base scores for the 11 kinds of Doughnutfruit that are possible to be encountered (plus the letters), but the amount of points that you can score from each Doughnutfruit is virtually unlimited, due to clustering. This will be explained in the next section.

Each Doughnutfruit has a lower chance of appearing onscreen than the last. Yellow Doughnutfruit are the most common, Blue is slightly less, but still very common, and so on all the way up to the EXTREMELY RARE Fish Doughnutfruit that will probably only appear once every several games.

-- Before I go on, let me explain clustering. Clustering is the MOST IMPORTANT function that anyone can take advantage of, and is a key part to mastering the game. The concept is simply this: Every successive Doughnutfruit that you catch on a single click is multiplied by the total number of fruits that you got on that click. The first Doughnutfruit you catch is always worth its base amount, but the second is worth twice its normal amount, and so on until both Hasees have stopped bouncing. Confused? Here are a few examples:

Suppose your first fruit on one bounce is a Blue Doughnutfruit. It’s worth 3 points. Then suppose you get a Yellow Doughnutfruit after the Blue Doughnutfruit. It is multiplied by two, so it’s worth 2 points. Then the third Doughnutfruit would be multiplied by three, so if it’s a Green Doughnutfruit, it would be worth 12 points. The fourth is multiplied by four, and so on. Simple, eh?

BUT, suppose you don’t get the Blue Doughnutfruit first? If you get the Yellow Doughnutfruit first, and then the Blue Doughnutfruit, the blue will be worth 6 points! Clustering can really make a difference!

And if you get three yellow Doughnutfruits, and then a blue Doughnutfruit, and then another yellow one, you would get 1 point for the first yellow, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, and then the blue Doughnutfruit would be multiplied by four, so you would get 12 points for it, and then the final yellow fruit would be multiplied by five. So your score for that click would be 1 + 2 + 3 + 12 + 5, or 23. Wow! You can see why clustering is essential to earning a high score!

Anyway, the point is that you seriously need to take advantage of clustering, since this is how most of your points will be scored. Usually, you can snag at least three Doughnutfruit per bounce, and I have gotten a maximum of nine Doughnutfruit on a single bounce! Even if all nine of those Doughnutfruit are yellow, that’s still 45 points, all for just one click of the mouse! Granted, you won’t get nine Doughnutfruit on one bounce very often, but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind.

-- Letters are very important. Sure, 2 seconds might not seem like much, but if you spell HASEE, you’ll get a bonus 20 seconds, and if all the letters are one color, you get an amazing 40 extra seconds on the timer! Given that the timer lasts about two minutes with no bonuses, you can see how this can be worthwhile.

-- You should try to keep the Hasees moving at all times. Don’t let them just sit on a branch doing nothing, unless you’re waiting for a high-value Doughnutfruit to pass under the branch. Still, in many cases, it’s best to always click as soon as the Hasee lands.

-- Lumps of dung are show-spoilers, and can appear at just the moment that Jimmi is about to snag a Fish Doughnutfruit for a bonus 400 points, driving you to frustration. Watch out for the dung and learn to maneuver around it. It is often possible to avoid the dung and still get the fruit you want with some fancy mouse movements.

-- It is often worthwhile to move around a little to snag a few extra fruits before you go for the high-value Doughnutfruit in front of you, and often means the difference between getting 18 points and getting 108.

-- Timing is everything. New players who aren’t comfortable with the timing will feel safer just grabbing a high-value fruit as it passes under their branch, but after you’ve been playing for a while, it can really be worthwhile to purposely miss the Doughnutfruit and rack up some other fruits on your way down, and then snag the high-value fruit on the way up. This is split-second timing, so don’t think it’ll be too easy to master, but with practice it should become second nature. Just watch out for lumps of dung moving in at inopportune times…

-- Learning to control the Hasees while they are in the air is essential. You need to learn to maneuver the Hasees with your mouse while they are in the air so that they can really grab every fruit that is possible to get.

-- The Doughnutfruit and dung that appears are basically random. One game, it may seem like there’s as much dung as there is Yellow Doughnutfruits, and the next game you may be getting nothing but Flaming and Icy Doughnutfruits. You’re bound to have a bad game once in a while, regardless of skill. And remember, since it’s random, it’s completely likely that a game that appears to have been going terribly will all change with a single opportune high-value Doughnutfruit!

-- Do not underestimate low-value Doughnutfruits. Believe it or not, most of your score will come from Yellow Doughnutfruits. Low-scoring Doughnutfruits are also useful for adding to your multiplier before you go for a high-value Doughnutfruit. Take advantage of clusters of Yellow Doughnutfruits when you see them and try to grab as many as you can. It may not seem like much, but those points will add up!

-- Sometimes you have to touch some dung in order to get a valuable fruit. It isn’t pretty, but it happens. Don’t be so afraid of the dung that you’ll pass up a Fish Doughnutfruit to avoid it.

-- Keep an eye on the clock. Always begin collecting letters early in the game to keep the time bar nice and long while you rack up points.

-- Before I conclude this article, I’d like to share a little code that will prove invaluable in allowing you to make 3,000 NP a day from this game. Type “doughnutfruit” once per game (preferably when the timer is almost empty) and the clock will reset, effectively allowing you to play two games in one!

With this code, along with the other tips I have compiled here, you should be well on your way to the High Score Tables, with the help of a couple of Hasees and some Doughnutfruit!

Well, that’s that! My guide to this excellent game is complete! I hope that I’ve encouraged many others to take fifteen minutes out of their Neopian excursion and play a few rounds of Hasee Bounce, for some quick Neopoints and fun! Goodbye, good luck, and may your clusters be large and valuable!

Author’s Note: If you are reading this, it means that I finally got an article published in the Neopian Times! Yay! If you are not reading this... well, what can I say?

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