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A Battledomer's Guide to Common Courtesy

by horsegirl_68


THE BATTLEDOME - Many of the pets in Neopia, no matter what species (I do, however, find it hard to see how a Kiko or Koi fights a Moehog on land…) are Battledomers. Unis, Peophins, Yurbles, Krawks, Lupes, the lot! Some simply compete every so often for a nifty and shiny trophy for their cabinet or just as a random match against a friend. Others, however, spend much of their day training, chugging down various healing potions, warming up and strengthening muscles. Overall, they are generally preparing for war against Neopia’s finest fighters, seven days a week. The pets mentioned above often lack courteous behaviour in social outings, as they do not know how to act otherwise. In the knowledge of good behaviour, many pets find themselves a little lost. Outlined in the following article are tips and guidelines to keep the peace among Battledomers when out in public and how all pets should act. Just putting four golden rules into act in everyday life are all it takes to become a gentleman or kind lady outside in Neopia Central.

Rule one: Learn the difference between fighter and friend.

When shopping in the Neopia central markets, at the bazaar or otherwise, it is a sure thing to come across other pets spending their hard earned dough. Some of these pets may acknowledge your presence with a greeting, smile or wave. THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE. It is strictly friendly, and is not an excuse for you to practise your skills by leaping upon them in frenzy and drawing a Lost Desert Dagger out from behind your back. Keep the peace between you and others. A criminal record will not look good if you apply for a job at the Faerieland employment agency.

Key points to remember:

Learn the difference between fighter and friend.

A friend will smile, wave, nod etc.

A fighter will challenge you with perhaps a snarl, growl, and sneer or outright shout. (Take note that for key point two, if a pet does happen to challenge you in Neopia Central, they obviously have not read this article on courtesy. Either turn your head and walk away or arrange to settle the matter in the dome later. A public place such as the markets is not the place designed for an undignified scuffle).

Rule two: Weapons

Take careful note of this one, Battledomers. Imagine a situation such as this: you are walking calmly through Neopia’s many shops, only to find that other frightened pets are shying away from you rapidly and retreating to the Soup Kitchen to ask the Faerie for protection against the hideous beast lurking around outside . Maybe it’s your bad breath? The fact that you ran out of soap this morning? A few teeth from a comb became stuck in your wild and tangled fur? No. It’s the fact that one of your swords of varying sorts has been tucked into your belt for safekeeping.

What’s wrong with that?! I hear you exclaim. It is all well and good to keep a simple weapon with you at all times for emergency usage, but please, for everyone’s sanity, keep it hidden. Pets do not want to have a look of complete and utter shock and/or horror plastered over their face for school photos later that day. And you wandering around with a large weapon at easy access won’t calm anyone’s head.

Key points to remember:

Feel free to carry a weapon or two around with you for urgent situations, but keep them discreet and tucked away.

Rule three: A continuation from rule two

Continuing on from rule two, yes, it is okay to carry weapons around. However. (Yes, there are always strings attached, nothing is free in this world). Weapons should be kept for emergency purposes only! This cannot be stressed enough. DO NOT offer to demonstrate your skills on another pet, or whip out your weapon at random, use it to poke around on the toy shelf to find something you like, etc. Emergency. Purposes. Only. For example, it would be acceptable use if the infamous General Kass suddenly appears on the path and threatens you, challenges you to a fight or the like. It is acceptable use if another pet is in trouble for some reason or another and a weapon is needed to defend yourself and the helpless pet. It is NOT acceptable for any of the reasons that were listed earlier in this rule section. Check back if you are not certain.

Key points to remember:

Weapons are strictly prohibited to be used only in urgent situations. No exceptions.

Rule three: Control of arrogance levels

Nobody likes a gloater. Going by this, it can be safely said that pets generally don’t want to hear of your heroic battles against fearless opponents whilst you noisily slurp a strong java over a table in the coffee shop. Quite frankly, it sounds only slightly conceited, bigheaded, or whatever else you would want to call it. Don’t retell the tale of how you condemned that nasty Mootix warrior to a life of defeat every time you see your non-battle obsessed mates. Keep it to yourself. However, in certain situations, recounts of your battles can be acceptable. If, for example, a pet is looking for advice, by all means, help them out – just without great gusto, exaggeration and banging the table with a well muscled fist, that’s all.

Remember your four golden rules:

-Fight only those who are up for it.

-Keep weapons at hand discreet.

-Use weapons in everyday Neopian life in emergency uses only.

-And keep arrogance levels to an absolute minimum.

Four simple rules that many frequent Battledoming pets may, at first, find just a little bit hard to grasp at their concept. However, with a little dedication and some thought before action in public situations, these will eventually come naturally to you in everyday life, from a warrior in the Battledome to a regular good guy outside! =) Yes, you can be both! Now get out there and fight the good fight!

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