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Petpets - the Victims of the Gameroom

by fairiecloudracer


GAMES ROOM - Every since the beginning of Neopia, Neopians have ventured to the gameroom to earn some quick NP. The beginning of the gameroom offered you such games as Meerca Chase and Whack-a-Beast. As time progressed however, more games appeared on the scene, some games that have been proven to be cruel to petpets. No wonder my beloved slorg will no longer accompany our family into the jungle that we now refer to as the action section. Instead we find her curled under the bed, never wanting to ever go near the gameroom again. Even as I write this she is cowering under the bed, scared of even the topic that is so horrifying to petpets everywhere. Check to see if your petpet is affected by the craze with the following symptoms. If your petpet is showing any of the following symptoms, alert your doctor immediately!

-they refuse to come near the gameroom

-they have ever been a character in a game and are not reading their fan mail

-they hide under the bed all the time

-they hide under the bed some of the time

-they don’t hide under the bed at all

If your petpet is showing any of the above symptoms, alert your doctor immediately! Or you could merely ask them what is wrong. That would save time and NP. Listen to what they have to say. Learn the truth!!!

After some careful examination and long sleepless nights, I have found a willing petpet, who shall remain nameless, who identified 12 games that are clearly unsafe for petpets. “Just thinking about them gives me the shivers,” they proclaimed. Also, after a random poll of 100 petpets, 99% agree with this nameless petpet. What about the other petpet you ask? They picked a special write in candidate Splat-A-Sloth. Hmmm. Anyway, here are the petpets' pick for the 12 most dangerous games in Neopia.

Game 1: Petpet Cannonball- The newest addition to the gameroom, but still has all the horror as an older game. For those of you that don’t know, in this game you must shoot a poor petpet from a cannon into a basket.

Game 2: Meepit vs. Feepit- In this game you (the Feepit) are attacking the Meepits. The only option for them is to fight back, so in this game 2 petpets fall victim to the craze!

Game 3: Extreme Herder- You must hurry to keep the petpets from being eaten by Balthazar who is very hungry. However, if you aren’t quick enough, well, I wouldn’t want to be that petpet.

Game 4: Feed Florg- This would have to be the scariest game identified. As opposed to the game above, in this game the player must actually contain the petpet on the plate until Florg is hungry.

Game 5: Petpet Rescue- The poor petpets are stuck in a gross cave! Their only hope is to be rescued by the brave scorchio that runs back and forth through the caves 24/7. Not only is this game cruel to your petpets, but also your poor scorchio!

Game 6: Meepit Juice Break- This game isn’t so bad if you are a Meepit. Neopians come along and feed you endlessly. But oh… the bloating!!!

Game 7: Hasee Bounce- Again, this game isn’t so bad for Jimmi and Woogy. They are fed endless amounts of doughnutfruit, but also occasionally the pile of dung or other gross things that fly by. Ewww!

Game 8: 200m Peanut Dash- In this game, the puppyblew runs after a peanut, jumping over logs continuously. After a long day of flipping over logs, he must be dizzy!

Game 9: Attack of the Slorgs-The poor slorgs are hungry and in search of food-- in your garden! To control this you must fire Slorg-B-Gone at them until they disappear. I know if I were a slorg I wouldn’t be too happy about this either.

Game 10: Deckball- After hours and hours of chasing after a wooden ball any petpet would want to jump ship. Wouldn’t you?

Game 11: Mootix Drop- Okay, so the real victims in this game are the petpetpets, but if it weren’t for them, the petpets wouldn’t have been so itchy. In this case it is bad for both the petpet and the petpetpet.

Game 12: Warf Rescue Team- Once again, a game that has 2 petpets that fall victim to the endless craze of cruel games. First, the warfs. They stack themselves in a neat and orderly stack at the risk of tipping over or not reaching the top. Also this has to be incredibly uncomfortable the poor bottom warf. He is holding so much weight on his shoulders. Second, the Kadoaties are stuck up in the tree. No one likes to be stuck in a tree!

After many rebellions, disappearing acts, and angry letters from the petpets, the Neopets staff has finally added a game to the collection that satisfies the petpets. That game is:

Game 13: Petpetsitter: Of course! Who wouldn’t like being waited on hand and foot that would be like their servant? This must be why as the game progresses more and more petpets appear! It must be petpets from all around Neopia!

There you have it. From the eyes of petpets themselves, 12 of the most scary games in all Neopia. What to do now is up to you. You could join many other owners and boycott these hurtful games, you could send the Neopets staff a letter of complaint, or you could continue on, and forget that you ever stumbled upon this article and play these games solely for that elusive Neopoint prize. However, pay close attention to your petpets if you chose the last option. You wouldn’t want them wandering off now, would you…?

Disclaimer: Do not actually send the Neopets Staff an angry letter about this article. Any information used is made up for the sake of this article and that doesn’t mean that you can never play these games again. It was merely for entertainment purposes. You were entertained, right? Right?

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