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A Guide to Protecting Your Petpet from Petpet Eaters

by jeminite


Since there are so many creatures in Neopia that would enjoy making a meal out of a poor innocent petpet, I have complied a list of all the potential petpet eaters, and ways to keep your petpet safe from them. These are the most prominent predators, and there are of course many others. Also, keep in mind this guide only covers those that eat or occasionally snack on petpets, but there are many others that would do them harm without necessarily eating them.


Originally just a little Turmac with a big appetite, this creature eventually grew to be called to Turmaculus, King of Petpets. He resides in Meridell, where he spends most of his time sleeping, unable to move. If you are able to wake him up, he may reward you with items or something else. Unfortunately, due to his colossal appetite, if you catch him in a bad mood, he just might gobble up your petpet instead! To protect your petpet from Turmaculus, simply do not try to wake him up at all. And if you do, be very careful. Further warning: Do not overfeed your Turmac.

Florg the Devourer

Florg is the result of another of Dr Sloth’s experiments. He too has a big appetite… but only for petpets. His personal favorites are Hasees and Kadoaties. Florg inhabits the Space Station, searching for petpets to consume. You can also see him featured in his own game, Feed Florg. In order to keep your little Hasee or Kadoatie from Florg, you can avoid the Space Station (although you’ll miss out on Gormball, oh well), or if you’d rather, you can only keep Slorgs as petpets. (Florg thinks Slorgs are disgusting and does not eat them.) And with all those Slorgs, you’re well on your way to having your own army and overthrowing Sloth. But if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can always have a Lupe to protect your petpets. Hey, Florg may be a huge mutated monster, but he’s still a Chia!

Balthazar the Bounty Hunter

Though Balthazar the Lupe’s main occupation is capturing and selling faeries, sometimes after a long day of faerie hunting, he’s in the mood for a little snack. His favorite snacks are Dogelfoxes, Angelpusses, Babaas, and Noils. When he decides to attack your petpet (unless you are able to freeze him or you have super speed) it is a good idea to call Samrin the Kacheek to protect your petpet. If he is nowhere to be found, throw your petpet in the nearest paddock. As a last resort, distract him with a faerie or passing Chia. Balthazar can also be seen in his own game, Extreme Herder, in which it is your job to save petpets from him. Another warning: Balthazar will not pass up the opportunity to snack on you as well!


Grarrls, although with training and care can be wonderful Neopets, also enjoy eating petpets. With teeth like that, a wild Grarrl can devour a petpet in two seconds flat. However, you may also need to protect petpets from your own Grarrl (if you own one) as well. Make sure you keep petpets in your Safety Deposit Box when they are not given to one of your pets. Keep your Grarrl well fed, and when you given him a petpet to take care of, make sure he understands that it is not food. Grarrls will obviously eat anything, but they seem to prefer Tyrannian petpets for some reason.

In the game Petpet Rescue, you can see more Grarrl cruelty towards petpets, as Gargrall the Grarrl has trapped petpets and forced them to work in mines. Who knows, he may even have a taste for Puppyblew!


Skeiths are the largest of the Neopets. Most of them are very greedy, and love to eat. Skeiths are lazy Neopets, who are happiest when sitting around and eating all day. And if they find a cute little petpet to devour, they’re even happier. Since Skeiths don’t like doing work, and their favorite hobby is eating, if you own a Skeith it is a hard task indeed to keep them preoccupied and keep their mind off of eating petpets. It is a good idea to suggest that they play a game, such as Hungry Skeith, to keep them busy. However, keep them away from games like Hasee Bounce, in case they get any ideas.

Skeiths like to get smaller Neopets such as Moehogs to do their work for them. Although Moehogs can be cowardly, you probably don’t have to worry about them stealing your petpet to feed to a Skeith. Like with Florg, Kadoaties are a favorite of Skeiths. Oh, and never buy your Skeith the book Cooking with Petpets.


Jetsams are powerful and vicious fish Neopets. Unlike Skeiths, they are very quick, but only in the water. On land your petpet is fairly safe from a Jetsam attack. However, if you have a petpet that enjoys swimming, especially in the ocean, be very careful. Jetsams have very sharp teeth and may attack you as well as your petpet. Maraquan petpets (such as the Walein) are the ones that most frequently devoured by a hungry Jetsam. The best way to keep your petpet safe from one is to keep your Jetsam well fed. And don’t leave your petpet in your inventory unattended. As with Grarrls and Skeiths, they can be faithful and kind companions, and most of them certainly wouldn’t eat their own petpets, but there are always a few them that could be a danger, so be wary.


These seemingly cute, harmless little critters also love to munch on their petpet hosts. In particular, the Lady Blurg and the Zytch are known for their unpleasant habit of making petpets into a meal. The huge Lady Blurg can go undetected for a while, but in that time it can take quite a large bite out of your petpet. The Zytch, however, prefers to suck your petpet’s blood. Other petpetpets can give your petpet rashes, itchy feet, unsightly red lumps, and general discomfort. If your petpet always has a petpetpet, it should be removed as soon as possible. Flea collars can prevent one from ever appearing. However, if you are thinking of getting one as a pet for your petpet, as the name would suggest, it is imperative to make sure they are well trained and do not have an appetite for petpet.

Finally, the best way to protect your petpet is to give it to a Neopet to look after. After all, Neopets are the best at protecting the petpets they care for.

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