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Virtu Agents

by agentsaepenon

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The Evilest Neopian
Those listed are evil, don’t get me wrong, they deserve to be on this list, but in this impressive list of evil, the evilest, vilest, and personally most hated Neopian by me is not shown on this list...

by haladay78


Reign of the Shadows: Part One
It was all very confusing. But dreams and nightmares rarely made sense, so he pushed it out of his mind and made his way to the throne room.

by feriku


A Peace that Would Last One Thousand Years?: Part Five
"Do you remember what the price of failure was, Skarl?"

by ikkin_with_attitude


Neopets Vitae
Are you wearing my Bowla?

by ash_voice_gal2003

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