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Faerie Bubbles Guide

by simsam24


Since Faerie Bubbles is one of my favorite games, and I play it every day, 3 times a day (sometimes 4-5!), I decided to write a helpful guide that will aid Neopians in all of their Faerie Bubbles ventures.

The key thing to remember in Faerie Bubbles is that almost every bubble can be used to your advantage in different situations. In the following description, I will show you which situations call for which bubble combos. There are 6 bubbles-Light, Water, Fire, Dark, and Air. There are two special bubbles-Nova and Rainbow. Nova looks like a little star in a bubble, and Rainbow looks like, well, it looks like a rainbow in a bubble.

Light Bubbles: These bubbles can be either good or bad. Here is an example of a good time to use a light combo: If there is a line of different colored bubbles, and an opportunity to use a light bubble combo, USE IT! It will make the bubbles that it is touching the same, thus making it much easier to clear the screen. A bad time to use a light bubble combo would be if you had good bubbles on the left or right, such as water bubbles or fire bubbles. There is a high probability that the light bubble combo will change the water/fire bubbles into a dark, earth, or air combo. If there are dark, earth, or air combos already next to the light combo, don’t use the light combo either! There is almost a 100% guarantee that they will change into a dark, earth, or air combo.

Water Bubbles: I consider water bubble combos one of the two most efficient combos in the entire game. There is not much to say for this combo, except for use it whenever possible! Since it clears all water bubbles on screen, it is highly productive. If it costs you two more shots and some rearranging of bubbles, DO IT! It is highly worth your time. However, if you have two water bubbles in a row, shoot the first one somewhere on the board, and shoot the second one into the combo. If you don’t, then you’ll be left with a single water bubble, which you have to get rid of with 2 more water bubbles. This just clogs up your board.

Fire Bubbles: This is my other choice for most efficient combo in the game. As before with the water bubbles, use a fire bubbles combo whenever you can. It gets rid of all bubbles except water, so it is highly useful when getting rid of those pesky air, earth, dark, and sometimes light combos. If you already have at least one fire bubble on the board, then go ahead and make a combo. It will get rid of all those surrounding non-water bubbles and make your life much easier. Whenever possible, I make a fire combo.

Dark Bubbles: This is mostly a bad combo, but there is one situation that I can think of where it is highly useful. If you have an entire row of dark bubbles BELOW a row of air bubbles, then use the combo. There is a high chance that one of the dark bubbles will turn into an air bubble. Then, when you get an air bubble, shoot it at the current air bubble on the screen and it will make the whole air bubble and dark bubble row disappear! Other than this situation, dark bubbles aren’t helpful at all. However, they aren’t as destructive as air combos and earth combos.

Air Bubbles: This combo is similar to the light bubble combo. It can be both good and bad. When it is above a row of bubbles, use it! It will make both rows disappear. If the air combo extends much below the line of the other bubbles, don’t use it if you can! Since it fills up all of the space down to the lowest bubble, it can cause you to get game over. However, if it is equal with the line of other bubbles, go ahead and use it. It won’t do much damage.

Earth Bubbles: This is undoubtedly my least favorite combo to use. In all of the levels, I can’t find one reason to use this combo. Any way you look at it, it adds a line of bubbles. Thus, if you don’t have to use it, don’t. Whenever I see an earth combo, I try to get rid of it with a fire combo. That is what I recommend you do.

Nova Bubbles: These are my favorite bubbles in the entire game! However, there is a strategy to shoot them. Always shoot at the uppermost bubble because it will cause the whole chain to fall down. If you have 6 bubbles diagonally extending downwards, shoot the nova at the topmost bubble if possible. It will make all 6 bubbles disappear, which is an extremely good thing! Also, try to shoot in the gaps between bubbles because it’ll make more bubbles disappear. Never shoot straight in the middle.

Rainbow Bubbles: Whenever this bubble comes up in your view, look at the next bubble behind it. Say it’s a dark bubble, and you already have 2 dark bubbles on your board. Don’t shoot the rainbow bubble towards the 2 other dark ones! Then you’ll have to start a new 3 bubble chain with the dark one. Shoot the rainbow towards a bubble that is by itself, or a set of 2 bubbles. This is much more efficient.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to use the bubble combos to your advantage. Earth combos are bad, and all the other ones can be very good if used to your gain! So, I hope this guide has been useful and hasn’t bored all of you guys to death. If you have any questions, feel free to neomail me. I will reply as soon as possible. Now, I’m off to play Faerie Bubbles for the 5th time today…or is it the 6th…maybe the 7th?

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