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The Diary of a Meepit

by catpower4ever


Day 273 of my captivity...

      My escape plans are not going as well as I captors are obviously thick-skulled minions working for someone in higher power. Today I attempted to strike fear into the heart of a blue Kacheek after he embraced me, no doubt in an attempt to strangle me. To show him what I was capable of I allowed my eyes to glow momentarily red. No avail. He placed me on the ground observing me quizzically before patting my head telling me how cute I was, then skipping off. Disgusting.

      At the moment escape is near to impossible, seeing as the only time I'm allowed outdoors is when one captor is willing to loop a rope around my neck and drag me down the block of their miserable settlement. I believe the rope is looped around my neck in such a fashion in their hopes of me attempting to make a run for it, therefore strangling myself, ridding them of a dangerous enemy. Not likely to happen. I'm light years ahead of them in the process of evolution and I figured out that little plot ages ago. But that doesn't stop them, no. They expect me to sleep in a cardboard box, with walls too high for me to scale. While they gorge themselves on exotic goods from around the globe, I must be satisfied with 'Meepit Num Nums', and they think I enjoy their company and playing with the silliest objects such as wadded up newspaper and "dingle balls". The dingle balls I dispose of when no one is watching, but I smooth out the newspaper and take accurate notes; it's always good to know what the enemy is saying…

      How I long for the day when my people- the Meepits -will rise and stand as one unconquerable army! Since I was a mere child in the prison more commonly referred to as the Petpet Shop, I listened to my dear mother tell us stories of brave Meepit generals, who for centuries now have carefully observed these "Neopians" and drawn plans based on their everyday lives. We know their strengths and weaknesses, what they fear, and why they fear it. How can they even imagine trembling in fear from scum like Sloth when the Meepits are planning to stage a takeover which is rapidly approaching every day? When we conquer this miserable planet and its inhabitants, endless power will be ours! The Neopians will toil as slaves for us, while we rule! Other petpets who have suffered under the Neopians' iron fists will live upper class lives alongside us as our slaves work away, making life luxurious and easy for all!

      Like the blue Kacheek I mentioned earlier, many of these weak fools I'm surrounded by don't seem to recognize what a threat I am. Infuriating as it is, perhaps it may have some positive outcome. If they suspect nothing then they will be surprised when we launch our attack. But I still long for freedom, to join my fellow Meepits and help them draw their plans…

      It's no use trying to communicate with the other petpets in this house. They're both weak, spineless, fools who were brainwashed by my captors long ago. A small blue Ona who trembles and faints at loud noises and a dull Pfish who does nothing but float in his bowl and stare blankly at passersby. I checked them off my list of allies long ago.

      It seems that I have no allies except for Meepit #2791 who lives in the dwelling across the road. I often come across her during my morning "drag" around the block. While our captives chat about their latest methods of torturing us, (bubble baths, scratching posts etc.) 2791 and I communicate telekinetically sending each other updates on our latest triumphs against our captives and new information we have learned.

      While at the moment 2791 is my only ally, my luck may change shortly. On our most recent walk I overheard talk between the two captives that they were considering sending 2791 and myself to Petpet Playhouse during daytime hours. You can imagine how I first felt about this. PetPet Playhouse? Me? I think not. As I was unleashing my anger upon the chaise lounge, a thought suddenly occurred to me. At last I would be surrounded by other petpets! If they had an ounce of sense in their minds, I could convince them to join me! Perhaps there may be-dare I dream-Meepits! I was then filled with hope and excitement at the prospect of forming a small army. Unfortunately at that moment the blue Kacheek happened to walk into the room and see the damage I'd done to the chaise lounge. Now he and his owner are discussing whether I'm 'stable' enough to attend PetPet Playhouse. Now I must remember to be on my best behavior for a while to ensure I am allowed to go. For to be with other Meepits… I could converse with them, find how our plans have developed in the past few years and when are next attack is… Yes diary, we have launched many an attack before now; just because we're laying low doesn't mean we always have. Let me tell you about our most recent…

      Several years before, I was born, the Meepits staged their first attack in 100 years. Our target was a small undersea kingdom more widely known as Maraqua. We'd had our eyes on Maraqua for a while. It was small, isolated from other kingdoms, and their army force was weak. We of course did not storm the city ourselves; if we did others would become suspicious far too quickly. Instead we possessed a band of pirates to do our bidding. While we controlled them from afar they ambushed and attacked the city, leaving a massive whirlpool in their wake. Unfortunately, someone linked the pirates' glowing red eyes with ours that we turn on and off at will and we were forced to flee into hiding. Only a few years ago did we dare to venture out of our native home, the Haunted Woods and mingle with the Neopian community once more…

      But all was not forgotten dear diary… I remember the day my "owner," the repulsive blue Kacheek spotted me in the Petpet Shop window. How he begged to have me, diary! Alas his owner had not forgotten the previous events, and she regarded me shrewdly. The young Kacheek wasn't a quitter for certain. He insisted that there was nothing wrong with me and I was quite harmless. He said that if I would just say 'meep' for her, I would melt her heart. Let me tell you diary, 'meep' isn't exactly a dignified word for someone of my profession. I flat out refused. Then Meepit #500 sidled up to me. 500 is very old for a Meepit. That's why he has such a low number; anyway he has lived in the Petpet Shop for as long as I can remember and I think the world of him. Whispering softly in my ear, he urged me to convince these people to take me home as to spy on them as much as I possibly could. I reluctantly gave in. Looking up the owner, making my eyes as possibly large as I could, I let out a heart melting, "meep!" That did it. She caved in almost immediately after that. I was purchased, brought to their dwelling, and christened with the name, Meepsie. I've resided here since, alone and miserable, with only you, my diary, for companionship.

      So in conclusion, dear diary, my situation is temporarily bleak. It seems that my captors have every intention to keep me here and torture me as long as I live. But I will NEVER reveal my people's plans to these fiends, I will stay strong and keep a cool composure, and one-day after countless centuries of planning and waiting- my people will come. And when they do, these monsters will live to regret the day they tangled with Meepits.


      Meepit #2789, 5th rank and 9th class of the Meepit population.

Author's Note: I'm telling you those Meepits are up to something! One look into their beady little eyes and you can see that they're pure evil! EVIL!!! Oh… sorry… *Cough* anyway…*Gasps* I actually got into the Neopian Times! 1st time!!! *Does an uber happy dance*, I must be dreaming… *Pinches self*, ow… Anyway thanks very much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it!

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