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Becoming a HTS Dealer, and Pushing Your Patience

by kronosaurus


When asked, "How do you make Neopoints nowadays?" most of the people I ask reply, "Simple, I restock." Others say, "I play games," and even a few people reply, "I trade." However, not many people mentioned that they gain Neopoints by trading HTS, which is an abbreviation for Hard-to-Sell. I myself have gain plenty of profit by dealing in this category of items. As its name implies, HTS items are, well... Hard to Sell. Most Neopians struggle to barely make their Neopoints back when dealing with this item. However, I have mastered the fine arts of selling these items, and am generous enough to help even the worst traders become good (if not the great) HTS dealers.

So what exactly is an HTS item? How would one identify an item as an HTS item? It isn't a specific category like toys or clothing, but rather an opinion. An item is HTS depending on the owner's patience with the item. However, most HTS items fall underneath a similar list of characteristics. Most HTS items are within the r95-r101 range and are most likely unbuyable (which means that you can't buy it via the Shop Wizard). Most HTS items do not have an actual use (which means that most people don't buy it to use it). One last characteristic is that nearly all HTS items are collectable, in some sense. HTS items aren't like stamps (which have been a hot craze lately), but they are intriguing and is most likely to catch someone's fancy.

After you've familiarized yourself with HTS characteristics, it is now time to spot and find some good HTS items. One way of finding good HTS items is by looking in the Battledome or Trading/Auctions boards. Most boards selling HTS will say "Selling r99 discounted items" or "Selling discounted HTS items". In these boards, you can usually find a desperate seller that would sell you their HTS for a rather cheap and profitable price. Another method of finding good HTS items is to look randomly at the trading post. Occasionally, an HTS item will pop up with a decent price. Offer a bit lower than that, or Neomail the owner and haggle from there. And finally, the most popular method of buying HTS items is to make a board yourself. Usually make one in the Battledome/Trading & Auction boards as there are many people there wanting to relieve themselves of a HTS item. Make boards entitled "Buying discounted HTS unbuyables" and you'll have many people pouring into your board, trying to sell you their HTS items.

Now that you know how to identify an HTS item and have found an HTS item you want, how exactly does one deal in HTS items? I will tell you right now that if you're the the kind of person who is impatient and cannot hold onto an item for more than a week, then you should stop reading this article and go eat some flapjacks. Selling HTS takes a while. It may take even weeks or months to sell. However, if you buy an HTS at the right price, it will be very profitable when you do sell it. I usually have a HTS item for 2 weeks on average. The fastest I've ever sold an HTS item was 4 days, and the longest has been even 5 months! You HAVE to have patience to buy HTS items. My 2 main pieces of advice are: 1) You must have patience and never get desperate and 2) Always buy HTS at a good price to profit on.

But what is a right price to buy HTS at? This is the part where most amateur HTS dealers make a mistake. Most amateur HTS dealers buy too high and make little profit, or none at all. There have even been cases where an amateur HTS dealers actually LOST Neopoints after they sold the item! When someone sells you an item that's intriguing, usually offer about 30% of the trading price. This may seem low, but it's the starting price to haggle with. And also, after you post your offer, you should usually write "Flexible to Haggle", unless you're firm on your price and will not change your mind. About 40% of the time however, the person will reject and find another buyer, but it's the 60% that are willing to haggle who have the more valuable HTS item. Just remember, don't fluctuate on your prices or else the seller will think you're desperate to buy the item. Stay cool, and only haggle within 10% of your asking price.

Congratulations! You've now purchased your first HTS item. Now to sell it. One of the golden rules is DON'T ADVERTISE IT TOO MUCH!!! People will think you're desperate and try to rip you off. There's 3 ways of selling your new item. One method is to sell it to another HTS dealer for a price that's above the price you pay. That would guarantee a profit, no matter how low it is. This method is for people who want Neopoints ASAP. Second method is to wait until someone needs it for an Illusen/Jhudora Quest (usually, your HTS should be r99) and they will buy it off you for a MUCH higher price than you bought it for. The last method is to just simply stick it in the trading post with the current TP price, and advertise occasionally. An interested collector will Neomail you and hopefully buy it. Remember, DON'T get desperate. Just because one person won't buy it doesn't mean that another person won't buy it. Patience is a virtue - If you have it, you're sure to profit.

That's all the advice for this section of my HTS guide. If this guide is published, it will do you good. If my next article is also published, then I will give you a step-by-step guide of good HTS items and bad HTS items. I hope this guide will help you to start taking an interest in the fine arts of selling HTS items.

Until then, happy HTS-ing!

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