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Mootix Drop Made Easy

by duke_of_earl


NEOPIA CENTRAL - Of all the games in Neopia, perhaps none other is more dependent on gravity than Mootix Drop. Harry the Mootix (our star of the game) couldn’t be dropping without it! It’s also one of the few games that takes place in a Neohome. I’ll prove that to you later. But there are other things that your success in this game is dependent on. There’s practice, patience, wind, barrel rolling, landing, practice and patience (and practice, and patience). This article is here to tell you about all of those, and what it takes to get great scores and some easy Neopoints.

Because Neopets has already done a great job outlining the controls for this game, that’s something I won’t be covering here. Just in case you’re unsure what you’ll need to know before you can apply the rest of this article to your gaming needs, I’ll list what I believe to be relevant:

-Mootix Drop is an action game (that’s where you can find it).

-You need to know the controls.

-If you go through the center of a ring, you get double points.

To get further than the first couple levels of the game, you must to be able to effectively control Barrel Rolls. The ability to do this is partly dependent on certain aspects of your computer, especially the keyboard’s speed. Other than that, I don’t know much more for sure. My keyboard really is just your standard keyboard!

General Strategy & Facts:

Mootix Drop can make you 3000 NP a day with some practice and skill.

The fastest way to achieve your 3000 NP is by beating medium difficulty. If you get all of the rings on each level, you'll have close to a sufficient score. Get some perfect rings and you'll have the 1000 points necessary to get 1000 NP. Practice should eventually result in always getting over 1000 points.

It can take a LOT of patience to learn where to do a barrel roll and where not to, and I actually do think there is a best way to play each level. However, it is humanly impossible to play through the whole game the same way, twice in a row. Yes, I am human, so I do need to get lucky to get a really high score.

Each level has what I will call wind (Yes, wind inside a Neohome. Weird, I know) that only affects Harry the Mootix after the parachute opens. The wind isn’t blowing from just one direction, either. It blows you towards the center of the level. If you’re on the right, you’ll be blown left, and vice versa. The best way to use the wind is to roughly position Harry after the parachute opens, then note the approximate direction that Harry is moving in, and then make final adjustments to his landing path. I will warn you that it is easy to lose control of the Mootix as you get closer to landing, so be wary of any last minute changes in your path.

There are 3 difficulties (Easy, Medium, and Hard) which have 3, 4, or 5 missions, respectively.

Order of the petpet missions:

* Babaa (all difficulties)

* Warf (all difficulties)

* Kadoatie (all difficulties)

* White Gruslen (medium and hard only)

* Doglefox (hard only)

The Doglefox Mission on hard is quite a challenge to complete. You have to land on the smallest target, of course. However, that's not easy: a super small blue x10 target that moves very fast on a fixed path from side to side. OK, I lied. Sort of. That’s what the game says. A friend informed me a while ago that you can land on the larger target of this level and you won’t fail the mission. I’ve tested this and it works! You’ll still need score of 1360 beforehand and a perfect score on this level to break the 2000 point barrier. I guess Harry doesn’t follow the rules ALL the time...


You get two points per ring that you go through. Each individual ring can have its score doubled if you go through that ring "perfectly." It’s not always easy to tell with your eyes whether you’re lined up for a perfect ring.

When you land on a target, the final score for the mission is calculated. Your score is multiplied by the target's number, and that product is added to your score.

The equation for your points for a completed level is:

Ring Score x (1 + Target Score) = Points for the level

There are the following numbers of rings on each mission, and it’s the same for all difficulties:

* Babaa : 5 rings

* Warf : 10 rings

* Kadoatie : 15 rings

* White Gruslen : 20 rings

* Doglefox : 20 rings

Maximum points per difficulty:

Here I’ve listed how many rings on each mission you must get, and the maximum amount of points for each mission and difficulty.

Easy: Must get 3, 5 and 10 rings, and land on any target.

* 1: 5 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=160

* 2: 10 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=320

* 3: 15 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=480

Max Total: 960 points

Medium: Must get 4, 8, 13 and 16 rings, and land on any target.

* 1: 5 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=160

* 2. 10 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=320

* 3. 15 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=480

* 4. 20 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=640

Max Total: 1600 points

Hard: Must get all but one ring, and land on smallest target.

* 1: 5 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=160

* 2: 10 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=320

* 3: 15 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 7 (for x6 target multiplier)=420

* 4: 20 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 8 (for x7 target multiplier)=640

* 5: 20 rings x 2 per ring x 2 all rings perfect x 11 (for x10 target multiplier)=880

Max Total: 2420 points

Single Drop Mode:

This game type is good for practicing an individual mission over and over. However, there's a catch: you have to beat the level in a mission first before you can play it here. Practicing the later levels can be a pain since you have to beat them first.

You can earn Neopoints in this mode, but you will only get the points for one level. Therefore, I recommend playing the full game if you’re after the Neopoints.

The game promises a prize if you manage to land on every single target. As far as I can tell, this accomplishment is impossible. There’s a missing target on the Kadoatie mission of hard difficulty that I can’t find... (Silly programmers!) I haven’t been rewarded for landing on each target in Medium and Easy difficulties.

Cookies, Goodies, & Other Stuff Bad for the Teeth:

If you click the restart level button until you're out of lives (but don't press restart game or send score) and then just let Harry go, he will drop down until the parachute opens, and then he goes back up, defying gravity. This way you can see that the level is actually a single Neoroom. (I did say that I’d prove that.)

I once planned to build five rooms in my Neohome to mimic each level, but I realized just how expensive the furniture would be. I’m a real cheapskate, I must admit.

While on the select single drop screen, you can activate a few "codes" for the game using the arrow keys. I can’t tell you any more about them, though! They won’t really help you get a good score, anyway. I do however admit to using one code regularly, for a measly 8 more points per game.

There is an Insane difficulty, with two new petpets featured, the Puppyblew and the Snorkle! Unfortunately, Insane difficulty is not really playable. Even if it were playable, it would be... INSANELY DIFFICULT! Heh heh...

Mootix Drop is not currently featured in the recently released World Challenges. However, when you search for it, you get a message implying that Mootix Drop will be added as a challenge eventually. When it is, you’ll see me defending my love of the game there.


Mootix Drop is still my favorite game, even after so much testing, and putting this article off for months. I’ve gotten the 1st Place Trophy for Mootix Drop, and I’ve grandmastered the game (scored over 2000 points). My all time high score is 2316. Hope you enjoyed the article!

Oh, and Harry looks forward to seeing you soon.

About the Author: Duke_of_earl has played Neopets for almost four years, though he somewhat recently had to restart on a new account. He is considered a Grandmaster at the Neopets games by the Games Strategies Guild and invites you to join if you love games!

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