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Exploring Neopia: Finding the Lost Desert Petpets

by phsycoticdancer


LOST DESERT - 'Ello there, young Neopets! My name is too-long-and-misspelled, so you can just call me Psycho. Are you all ready for an Adventure? Today, I'll be leading you through the vast sand dunes of the Lost Desert, where we'll find some of the rarest petpets in all of Neopia! How will we find them, you say? Well, that nice Faerie (who runs the Faerieland bookstore) let me borrow a guidebook about Desert Petpets, called Sakhmet Petpets. So, let's quit the chitchat, and go!

Ah, here we are. I don't know about you lot, but that boat ride from Neopia Central was a bit too long for me. Come on now, we're going to stretch our legs with a trek through... the Virtupets Space Station! Muhahaha! Oh wait, wrong script. Right - the Lost Desert! Keep your eyes peeled... Desert Petpets are hard to find and very mysterious... but don't you worry, most of them are quite harmless.

Hey, look over there! What's that? Right-o, that's a Scamander! Let's see what our book says about them: "Scamanders are shy little creatures that are occasionally seen scuttling across the desert." That's not too descriptive, now is it? You see those brownish stripes across its body? Those are there to help them blend in with the sand. That way, those nasty Horuses won't be able to catch them for dinner! You won't find too many painted Scamanders out there; as you can imagine, they'd be much easier to find... WOW! Speak of the Devilpuss! There's a Horus swooping down on that there Scamander! Quick! What does the guidebook say about Horuses? "A Horus is very wise, and can warn your Neopet of danger." Gee, I bet that Scamander wishes he were as wise as that Horus. Mmm-mm, that reminds me! It's been five minutes since we've entered the Lost Desert, and I am famished... let's eat, shall we? Mum packed me a nice treat here in my backpack - look! There's an oasis! We can go over there and have a few bites... or more.

Phew, this oasis looks closer than it really is, but we're here now, and the shade underneath these trees is just deeelightful! Wait a minute, these trees are moving closer in... I think I'm claustrophobic... Huh? These aren't trees - they're Tawerets! Ooof! Don't be scared, kids, they're just giving us hugs. After all, a Taweret is just "A cute little fellow that loves to be hugged." So, let's ask them if we can have our meal here in their shade. Yes? These Tawerets are awfully kind. Be sure to thank them on your way out, and don't leave any trash behind! Tawerets absolutely abhor litter, even though they're known for shedding old leaves all around the desert.

Egads, something's eating my lunch! Aw, what a cute little critter. Gather 'round and take a look, it's a Lyins! These petpets are extremely rare. "Living under the sand, the Lyins likes burrowing for tasty treats. Its hard shell protects it from predators." Tasty treats, eh? Nothing more tasty than my mum's homemade dung cream sandwiches! Just kidding, kids, don't be getting sick on me now. The Lyins is nicknamed "the desert fish" because of its fish-like body and fins. Neopian scientists believe that the Lyins used to live in the Lost Desert back when the Lost Desert was an ocean! Later, if we stop by Peopatra's tent, she may tell us about that.

That was a nice break, but we must be a-goin' if we're to find all the petpets in this book! Wow, the sun is awfully bright... sure wish I had brought plain black sunglasses like you kids. Oh, nevermind, I have my Usuki sunglasses right here! Hmmm, is that just me, or is the horizon wavering? No, I don't think it's just the heat - let's go check it out! I was right! Something is moving along the horizon, and it's an Apis herd! They must be on their migration route right now. I wonder how they last so long in this scorching heat? Well, according to Sakhmet Petpets, "Apis store water in their hump." Did you know, Apis travel in one looong line? Every now and then, Apis up front will switch places with Apis in the back, taking turns to bring up the rear. However, the first Apis in line is always the leader of the herd... why? He's the only one who knows where they're going!

The sun is setting now, and we'll be seeing a lot of the Lost Desert's night life soon. One thing you have to watch out for, though, is...

Aghhhhh!!! Stay calm, kids, it'll be over soon!...

Is everyone ok? We just walked into a Scarabug swarm, that's all. They're the most common Lost Desert petpet, but they only come out in large groups when the sun begins to set. Gee, that swarm sure was loud! Look, there's a few that are caught in the sand. Go ahead, pick them up! They're harmless, and will make great petpets! Hear that yipping noise? Yip! Yip! Yip! That's an Anubis pack. They follow the Scarabug swarms and pick up the ones that fall behind... an "Anubis is a friendly little fellow, who will try not to judge you in any way," but that doesn't mean they don't like to play!

It's getting pretty dark now, and I think we should be heading back... What are you all looking at? A looming figure in the darkness... an eye that is illuminated by the power of moonlight... a magical petpet never before seen in the wild! Egads, it's a Sunutek! "Sunutek were created one day under a full moon when a particularly nasty curse was being cast. These strange fellows popped up and have been roaming the Lost Desert ever since." What a great way to end our little adventure in the Lost Desert, eh?

Now, let's get out of here before the desert cools down. It might be hot enough to fry a Gracklebug during the day, but at night, that gracklebug might as well be a frozen treat!

I hope you had fun kids! Come back again for another adventure with me, Psycho, your guide to the world of Neopia.

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