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How to Earn Major Np from Game Challenges

by nyyankeesfan72


You beat ---- at Bumper Cars, 861 to 855! You win 2,500 Neopoints!

Ah, the sweet smell of victory, and also the sweet smell of pure cash. Well, this new gaming bonanza has taken Neopian gamers by storm; what could be better than simply posting scores of games you love to play, and earning NP from it! Nothing! Add a little friendly competition, and it’s the best thing since Hubert opened his Hot Dog Shop. As you can see, a few more of these big wins, and you can be set for some big Stock Market buys, a new battle set, or even a nice vacation! I’m here to tell you, in a few easy steps how you can transform these leisurely challenges into pure, fast, and easy revenue-makers. (And how to accomplish that smartly)

1. Find a Game You Enjoy (Or Excel At)

Alright, these challenges aren’t about posting 500 challenges and accepting the next 500 in order to give yourself 1000 chances of winning some money. No, that’s the first wrong of the game. Remember, we’re here to make money.

First, go through all the games, or go based on the ones you’ve already played and make a note in which ones you can post a formidable score. Next, tone that down to maybe 5 games at most. (Thus you won’t be taking/sending too many challenges and get caught up in it all). Those 2,000 NP and up challenges aren’t posted often, and you want to be there when they are. My games I excel at are Bumper Cars, Volcano Run, Meerca Chase II, and Whack-a-Staff Member. Those are the only ones I make/accept challenges for.

2. Practice.

Yup, don’t just dive head-first in, blazing with 50 challenges of 10,000 NP thinking you’re gonna go 50/50 and pocket a cool ½ million. No, now it’s time to hit the game room, and practice, perfecting these 2-4 games. Simple as that.

3. Find Your Score.

Now it’s about finesse and fine-tuning. Find your score that you think is excellent and you think 8 times out of 10 you can beat someone with. This now includes going and making some challenges, open or private, and finding out what the typical score is that’ll bring you home a winner. For example, I excel at Bumper Cars, and a score of 700 9 times out of 10 gets me a winning mark. This will be the score you shoot for here. Remember, this is a game of profit; shoot for regularity, not amazing. Scores of 700, 705, 697, and 684 are much better than 881, 435, 381, 721. You need to put yourself in contention EVERY time in order to profit, and consistent scores do that.

4. How to Challenge, and Take Challenges Smart.

Like I said earlier, just because you can bet 10,000 NP each time doesn’t mean you should. Look for small challenges to get a feel for things, but remember, we’re in this for profit. 25 NP bets don’t exactly get enough to buy 1,000 shares of stock anytime soon. Remember, the games take time too. (Some more than others, so include that too in your factoring of which games to bet and challenge on). Personally, I look for bets of at least 500 NP in order to play. Normally, I post maybe 1,500 bets, because remember, ANYONE can challenge you, even the experts at the game, and can give you a big whooping. However, these 500 bets and up still get you a hefty profit, all in a games-played if you know what to do. All you gotta do is challenge, or bet challenged, post or accepted. However, in fact, I don’t post open challenges a lot, I accept them and I’ll tell you why.

5. Safe Bets

I do my homework. I go through the challenges and I see a person with a 2,000 NP on Bumper Cars. I go to his look-up and see the best score he posted in his life was a 589, and I average around 700, so I can assume this is a safe bet for me to be gaining a pretty 2,000 NP when it’s all said and done. However, below it is a 5,000 NP bet made by a person with an 800 top score. That’s not saying he’ll score an 800; it only means this person is more advanced in that game, and therefore NOT as safe a bet. (I know you think it may be easy money, but remember, winning big means safety-consistency, like I said before. And when you do your bets to post open, remember, only post it if you can afford to lose it, don’t bet the last 10,000 on an all-or-nothing gamble at Volcano Run, only to be outdone by a trophy-holder for that game. It’s all about Safe Betting.

6. Imperative Tip-Contention.

I was going to put this in the “Last Tips” section, but it’s more important than that.

In fact, it’s key to winning here. Like I said before, we aren’t going for record-breaking scores. An 800 on Bumper Cars will beat a 700 the same as a 1042 will do. However, following that up with a 600 won’t. Even though on average it’s an 821, beating the 800, you are 1 for 2, where the 800 beats the 700 24-hours-a-day. Don’t go for the amazing move, or risky play when all you need is to put yourself in a conservative spot to win. Be Mr. or Mrs. Consistent and you’ll be surprised how many games you win. And like I said, they WILL beat you eventually, but with my Consistent 700 on Bumper Cars, 90% I win, and that offsets the money I lose on the 10%.

7. Last Tips

-Be gracious as a winner, and courteous as a loser. Remember, even though we strive for profit, it is a game, and just for enjoyment after all. Do your challenges, try hard, and let the best gamer win. Once it’s done, it’s done.

-Don’t cheat. Don’t play a game and score 900 only to see your opponent has scored 905, and say that you had to feed the cat, or answer the phone, and were about to get 10 more points. If you lose, even by just plain bad luck, accept it.

-Enjoy! Remember, although it is competitive, it’s for fun!

Well, I’ve given you more tips on how to succeed than you ever wanted! Time for you to hit the games, earn the NP and overall, have fun! PS-Anyone up for a Game of Bumper Cars???

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