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The Adventures of Star

by dancingqween888


If your pets are anything like mine, you’ve got one crazy household there. Yep, my pets are the most insane creatures in the history of Neopia, most of all my dear glowing Lupe, Star.

I regret naming her Star. Stars are supposed to be barely noticeable unless they are scattered across the sky at midnight. Star, however, is more like an asteroid headed for planet Neopia.

Always with a trick up her sleeve and a witty comeback on the tip of her tongue, you can tell when she’s coming up your neck of the woods. If you’re lucky, she’ll tell you ahead of time and you’ll be able to put your antique crystal Jubjub from Grandma away before she gets there and breaks it. I take that back. She won’t break it; she’ll shatter it into a million pieces.

But I’m getting off topic.

These are some of the Neomails from shop owners and friends regarding my dear Lupe Star.

Please, don’t get the wrong impression. Star is an awesome Lupe, and I love her. She was my first pet, after all. She’s kind and sweet, she’s just a little…eccentric. Okay, a LOT eccentric. But like I said, Star is approachable. Don’t run in the other direction when you see her or she’ll kill me for writing this story.

1. To: dancingqween888

From: Jeran the Lupe

Please, please, PLEASE, for the safety of everyone and everything in this whole entire castle, come collect your Lupe. She seems to have gotten stuck in a Werelupe trap of some sort and has everyone who tried to help her out of it in it with her.

2. To: dancingqween888

From: Kauvara

It seems as if your Lupe has gotten into the Aisha transmogrification potions. Please come pick up your mutant Aisha as soon as possible before she breaks every single bottle in this shop and you owe me a couple million Neopoints.

3. To: dancingqween888

From: Fyora the Faerie Queen

Lucky you! Your Lupe has discovered the Hidden Tower, and you now have access to it! However, I do need you to come bring her to the Neopian Hospital. She found the Hidden Tower by slamming into it head on and will probably need a few stitches.

4. To: dancingqween888

From: Chomby and the Fungus Balls

Do us a favor and never let your Lupe go to any of our concerts again unless she is supervised. Enough said.

(No, I didn’t let Star go to this concert. She went through a little pickpocket stage in life. I think you get my drift, do you not?)

5. To: dancingqween888

From: Caylis

Get your annoying brat of a Lupe out of Maraqua! She’s got her head stuck in a huge crack and is howling so loudly it’s waking up everyone from here to Kreludor!

6. To: dancingqween888

From: The Library Faerie

Please collect your Lupe from the library. She’s being a bit disruptive. Well, more than a bit disruptive. Let’s just say that you might be paying for several hospital bills, as Star tipped the biggest, heaviest, oldest shelf in the library over on at least 20 people, all looking through the enormous, 50-pound each volumes on this particular shelf.

(And yes, I did pay 20 HUGE hospital bills that very day. Needless to say, Star was grounded for months.)

7. To: dancingqween888

From: crossseaweed (my friend)

Novalee, Star has gotten into a spot of trouble with the Spiky Bush in the backyard. Would you mind coming over here for a minute? Oh, and it wasn’t all her fault. Dipp (her Lupe, by the way) is in big trouble as well…

8. To: dancingqween888

From: Adam

Please, please, please, for the sake of all things good and shiny, PLEASE get your Lupe out of my office! She’s gotten into my hoard of asparagus and nearly all of it is now in her enormous stomach! Who knew such a small Lupe could eat that much asparagus…I love her, she’s my idol!!! No, don’t bother with picking her up, she can stay as long as she wants.

9. To: dancingqween888

From: Miss Snowflake

I know you want your article in the Neopian Times, but your Lupe is going a bit…overboard. Would you mind bringing her home, she’s being a bit of a nuisance. I don’t think that any of the other authors will appreciate it when I tell them that their many pages of stories and articles have been ripped to shreds and fed to her Meturf…

10. To: dancingqween888

From: Captain Scarblade

I be realizin’ that Star’s brother Mild be wantin’ a Pirate paint brush. And I be realizin’ that she doesn’t have a birthday gift for him. But I not be havin’ a spare paint brush under me pillow! Get her out of me ship. NOW!!!

11. To: dancingqween888

From: The Techo Master

I would appreciate it if you would remove your Lupe from the Training Academy as soon as possible. She has gotten into my codestone hoard and is attempting to steal the codestones. Ahhh! No! Come back here with those codestones, you little rascal!!!

12. To: dancingqween888

From: The Wannabe Sorcerer (from the flash game Hubrid’s Hero Heist)

Uh…I don’t know how to tell you this, but I mistook your Lupe for a Lupe in the game, and um…could you pick up your vegetable? Sorry…

(If you’ve never played the game – you use your wand to make your enemies tiny, then squish them. When they are squished, they turn into a Neopian vegetable. You then collect the vegetable for a certain amount of points.)

13. To: dancingqween888

From: The Pharmacy Shopkeeper

I’m afraid that your Lupe is a bit overdosed with unneeded medications…you may want to keep her in bed for a few days.

14. To: dancingqween888

From: Hubrid Nox

Does your Lupe have a death wish? She’s been begging me to let her switch places with MAGAX in our game MAGAX: Destroyer. If I were you, I’d keep her away from that game for a while.

15. To: dancingqween888

From: Edna the Witch

I officially hate your Lupe. She has managed to either crack or shatter every single potion bottle in this room. Do you have any idea how many quests I gave out to make those potions?!?! Get your blasted Lupe outta here!!!

16. To: dancingqween888

From: Jhudora

Your Lupe is very ill. And I don’t like her AT ALL. She found my store of Poisonous Lollypops. Do you need any more information? You’re lucky I didn’t take her as a slave! Get her off my cloud or I’ll get her off myself!

(I wasn’t there in time and Jhudora got Star off her cloud in her own special way. Let’s just say that my poor Lupe was in the hospital for several weeks.)

These are just some of the many Neomails from various people I have gotten. Needless to say, I have been embarrassed many, many times. I was in several sticky situations, such as the one with Jhudora and Edna. But she was my first pet ever, and how can you not love a pet like her?

The End

Author's Note: Hope you liked this! It was fun to write and it amused my friend very much. A HUGE thank you to a friend who shall remain anonymous to keep her from being bombarded with Neomail. You know who you are ;) And I welcome Neomail with constructive criticism! I like knowing that my story was actually read.

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