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The Legend of the Sword of Apocalypse: Part Three

by precious_katuch14


A yellow Eyrie turned over in his comfy bed, dreaming. The Faerie Queen had knighted him and given him such a huge honor, and Reidar was now standing before a huge crowd of Faerieland citizens and residents, all clapping for him and hailing him…oh, the thrill and the joy of being on top of the world…

     In fact, so intent was he on his dreams that the weapon-maker did not hear a flutter of wings and a sound of something appearing before him. It was only when Reidar felt something on his shoulder that he opened his eyes.

     Staring at the Eyrie was a beautiful light faerie, pushing her silver-blonde hair away from her sparkling golden eyes. Upon her head was a small glittering tiara that matched her hair, and her dress seemed to dazzle with a shine that rivaled that of the sun, or the hilt of his Sword of Apocalypse…

     "What - who - who are you?" he mumbled, scratching his head.

     "I am Iris, one of Queen Fyora's most trusted comrades. There is trouble afoot and your assistance is required as soon as possible. Please, Master Reidar. This is no time to wander around Dreamland when the palace is plagued by the dark faerie rebels."

     All this made the yellow Eyrie sit up abruptly. "What kind of trouble does she want help in? Aiding the army?"

     "Well, maybe, but her main concern is the loss of the Sword of Apocalypse."

     "W - WHAT?!" Reidar's eyes grew even wider. "How?"

     "We don't know. We were hoping you'd help find it."

     "Okay, okay. Lead the way. By the way, what is your name?"

     "Iris. No time to lose! Come on!" She tapped her foot impatiently on the floor as Reidar quickly gathered his best sword and shield, and even donned a long navy cloak, tucking a small dagger in his belt.

     The two quickly barged out of the door of the Eyrie's home, and immediately took flight back towards Faerie Palace. At first, the night sky seemed almost no different, until a huge swarm of something strange swirling around the castle came into view. Fyora's army had already jumped into action, and one particular dark faerie was hovering above all the rest and all the chaos, probably the general.

     "Should I attack her?" asked the purveyor of weaponry, pointing to her.

     "Not until I tell - AAAAGGGGHHHH!"

     A large purple blast shot out of nowhere and struck Iris in the chest. She staggered and crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Reidar stared up at where the magic had come from, and saw the same tall dark faerie staring at him with a twisted grin.

     "What's this? More of Fyora's pathetic little minions come to stop me? Well, she's always amused me. Go on and try!"

     General Julia raised a twisted staff and let loose another jet of light towards the yellow Eyrie, who raised his shield in time, deflecting the attack. The faerie snarled, and tried to do it again, only to have Reidar swing his sword at her and knock the magical weapon to the ground, where a blast of golden light shattered it into pieces. The two stared at a light faerie, whose blonde hair was slightly messed up, but she was staring back at them with a determined aura.

     "You thought I'd let my queen down, did you?" said Iris, winking. "Give it up, Julia! You'll never win against Fyora and her warriors of truth and justice!"

     "Truth? Justice? HAH! You make me laugh, puny little sprite. You may have demolished my staff, but I sure have a nice little secret weapon up my sleeve." The dark faerie smiled menacingly, and drew a long, dazzling sword from her side. As it shone, the Eyrie and the light faerie gasped in horror, especially after seeing the hilt, golden as the rays of the sun and studded with precious gems…

     Reidar pointed his own blade at the general. "The Sword of Apocalypse! You had it! But how?"

     General Julia tried to slash at him, but he easily blocked the blow with his shield again. "Oh, I had one of my best agents sneak into Fyora's chambers and deliver this lovely prize over to me. Pity, you didn't see through her disguise." She swung once again and the yellow Eyrie ducked in time, sustaining a strike on his left wing.

     "You know," said Reidar bravely, "it's kind of funny - that was supposed to hurt. It didn't."

     "Taunt me, will you?" the villainous leader raged. She began hacking at him with the Sword of Apocalypse, but even as they hit their target, the weapon-maker felt almost no pain and barely flinched with every strike. He raised his own blade and fought back, still going strong.

     "You will never beat us," said the Eyrie. "Even if you DO have that powerful weapon in your possession."

     Julia cackled loudly, and saw one of the Kougra guards who had fallen amidst the war. Briefly abandoning her opponent, she raised the stolen sword over him, and delivered a particularly fatal blow that made Reidar shudder in fright. But after dodging another dark faerie's strike and kicking her aside, he saw something stranger about the effect of the SOA.

     Fyora's sentry opened his eyes. "I - I thought you were going to kill me. What gives?"

     "The Sword of Apocalypse has been designed to defeat evil, and to only be used for good, General," came a loud voice from nowhere. Everyone saw the queen hover amidst the raging war, in her battle arsenal. "Now, give it to me."

     The dark faerie glared at Fyora. "NEVER!"

     "It is of no use to you, Julia," continued the Faerieland monarch, still extremely calm as she blasted a rebel with her staff.

     "You'll not - HEY!" A yellow Eyrie swooped down out of nowhere and snatched the Sword of Apocalypse from the hands of the evil general. The dark leader attempted to snatch at it, but Reidar soared higher and let the blade fall into the hands of his queen. Meanwhile, Iris fired another bolt of lightning that struck Julia, making her stagger onto the cloud ground.

     "You should have thought better than to rebel against me and my forces, General Julia," snarled Fyora, raising the point of her beloved sword over the fearful, stunned dark faerie. "Nobody, and I mean nobody messes with us."


     The light faerie watched contentedly as one of her queen's sentries carried off the last of the renegade army. Blinking her golden eyes, Iris shifted her gaze to Fyora, who was standing before her throne, clutching the Sword of Apocalypse in one hand and holding it over a kneeling Eyrie. Several faeries surveyed the scene proudly, whispering excitedly about the knighting of a great hero.

     "For your bravery and help in vanquishing General Julia and her rebels," the queen was saying, "I hereby dub thee, Sir Reidar of Faerieland."

     Applause rang in everyone's ears, and the weapon-maker smiled as he looked up into the great faerie leader's eyes. The blunt end came in contact with his shoulder, but just after it did, a thick pink smoke began to form within the chamber, blinding all who were inside. Faeries gasped and screamed, and Reidar stood up abruptly, trying to see through the fog. As quickly as it had begun, the colorful clouds dissipated and they were standing once more inside the throne room.

     One of the faerie Kougras pointed at Fyora nervously. "Where…where is your sword, Your Majesty?"

     "But we got rid of General Julia! How could it have happened?" asked Iris.

     The queen grinned weakly, staring briefly at the ceiling. "I can tell that this is no evil magic," she began, patting Reidar to reassure him. "The Sword has been taken to a hidden place within Faerie Palace, and will only return when we most need it, in order to keep the wondrous weapon away from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Let us not worry."

     "Don't you know where exactly it has been taken?" said the light faerie, stroking her chin.

     "No," said Fyora. "One thing's for sure, it knows where it has gone, and shall make its appearance once more in the worst situations Faerieland would ever face. Rise up, Sir Reidar. Be proud of your great workmanship that has saved us from the army of renegades."

     "I never knew it would be that great," said the Eyrie humbly. "I only wanted to follow what you wanted. I am but a lowly purveyor of weaponry who serves you."

     "I wouldn't say 'lowly' anymore, Reidar," said Iris, winking. "You've just been named as one of Fyora's greatest knights. Isn't that an honor?"

     "Sort of…like the honor of giving my own little sword a place in Faerie Palace." He chuckled.

     The light faerie smiled. "That's no 'little' sword!" she laughed.

The End

Thus ends the legend of the Sword of Apocalypse. There have been many theories created to explain the disappearance of the original. Some say Fyora HAS kept it in a certain area of the Hidden Tower, only to reappear in dire times of need. Still, one thing is for sure, nobody knows where the very first SOA went…

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