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The Pirate Letter: Part Four

by czenko28


I understand that Firaga didn't know who I am. I am a completely different looking Shoyru. I am still the same. The look is all that had changed. That doesn't matter, though. Firaga was right in front of me for a second. That was my chance to save her, but I just had to stand here like an idiot. I still have to save her. There was no time to lose.

     I was about to open the door Firaga left from. I had to find her quick and haul her out of the castle and on her way home. I was about to put my hand on the door knob, but a chubby hand held me back.

     "Hey!" I yelled, pulling my hand away. I looked back to see the wise King Hagan. He looked sad and pathetic. It looked like all of the knowledge was just drained out of him. Tears brewed up in his eyes. The king looked almost as pathetic as the prince I met before.

     "Are-are you from the Defenders of Neopia?" the king asked. I didn't even have a chance to answer. He just continued talking, "I am so glad you're here. Such a horrible thing has happened. A crew of pirates stormed in here. They are planning on taking my stash of Neopoints. I don't want to be a poor king. Without the Neopoints, what would keep Brightvale alive? Please hurry and help Brightvale, before it is destroyed."

     That was just great. Not only do I have to save Firaga, I have to save all of Brightvale as well. How could this get any worse? I am not strong enough to take down Captain Woodbeak's crew. This is just too hard. I was pushed right ahead to do this so that is what I better do. Now I have to save Firaga and Brightvale. Now there is no turning back.

     "Okay then," I said to the sad king. "I won't let you down. I will do my best to stop this evil from getting your money. Wish me luck." I smiled at the king to assure him that everything was going to be okay. The stars on my skin twinkled in hope and courage. I turned the door knob and slowly opened the door that led deeper into the castle. I looked down the hallway, took a big breath, and dashed deeper into the castle.

     'Oh what have I gotten myself into? Why does all of this has to happen to me?' I thought. I walked down the hallway. Many doors passed me, all of them were exactly identical. None of the doors were labeled, not one. I came to the end of the hallway. I turned back and looked at all of the identical doors. This castle is so huge, so how was I going to be able to get through this? I stared through the hallway for a few moments. I then dashed through the hall and opened every door in the hall. One door after another swung open. All of the rooms were visible for me to pick my direction.

     Even though all of the doors were open, I didn't know what direction I should go. King Hagan had a very poor style. All of the rooms seem to look exactly alike to me. All the rooms are a nice red fabric. All of the windows had red curtains. Even the carpets were red. Everything that wasn't fabric was a royal blue color. This is how it's like in every room. So how was I supposed to decide what room to enter? Which way did the pirates go?

     The sounds of a laughing pirate echoed throughout the hall. I jumped up. My sharp ears told me to go to the fourth door to the left. I swiftly slipped into the room. All the pirates were there. All of them were staring off into space. They all seemed to be confused. They didn't look like the smartest group of Neopets that I've ever seen.

     Firaga and Captain Woodbeak really seemed to stand out. They were the only pets who didn't look confused and stupid. They were the only serious Neopets. A map was up to Firaga's face. She stared at it and said, "I don't get it. This 'ere map says, that the treasure is in this room."

     Captain Woodbeak came up to Firaga and patted her on the back. "There must be somethin' that we didn't get. Firaga, you go and examine the map some more as we search this 'ere room," Captain Woodbeak said.

     So that must be the reason why he was so interested in Firaga, because she could read and write. How did he know that in the first place? Well that didn't matter. I had to save Brightvale, and the only way to do that is to stop the pirates from getting to the treasure.

     None of the pirates saw me standing right there. The first thing I could think of doing was stealing the map. I quietly flew up to the ceiling of the room. I looked around the room and finally realized that it was King Hagan's bedroom. I still thought it looked boring. There was nothing interesting I saw here. All I really saw was a big bed with a dresser, a desk, and that was just about it. How could King Hagan possibly be hiding his fortune in here?

     I quietly flew across the ceiling of the bedroom. I barely made a sound as I came closer to Firaga. Her eyes were locked on the map, so I could easily swoop down and just grab the it. So that was exactly what I did. My Winged Shoyru Spear was still in one of my hands. So I just swooped down like a rocket, and stabbed the map with my spear. The spear tore right through it. Everybody heard the ripping of the map, and everybody looked at me right afterward.

     "That Shoyru," Firaga said. "I saw her when I first entered the castle. I knew she was up to no good."

     I couldn't believe this. Firaga, my best friend in Neopia, was against me! Her eyes were on fire. She looked down at me. At this moment it was hard to even think that I was her best friend. I twirled my spear around as if I was going to fight. I really didn't want to fight. I was just trying to scare her off or something. This didn't work, though.

     Firaga didn't do anything; she just looked at Captain Woodbeak as he said, "Get rid of this girl at once. We must not let anybody see her. Pirates, take care of her quickly. We have treasure to find."

     Firaga then took out her fire sword. It roared with power and rage. Firaga didn't seem to be a friend at all. She was a monster now. I knew she really wasn't, but now she was my enemy. There was no convincing her now. I had to defend myself, for I was surrounded. My wings spread and I was about to fly above the pirates, but Firaga was faster than lightning. She slashed my backpack with her sword, causing all of my berries, fruits, and weapons to scatter. I grabbed my shield, and hid behind it in fear.

     Firaga tried to strike me with her fire sword again, but my shield deflected her attack. All of the pirates came running at me with all of their weapons. It was scary to see so many pirates all draw their weapons for them to attack only one target, me. There was no where to run, and the only place I could hide was behind my shield. I know I am not anywhere near as strong. I have not been training for about a year now. I am way out of practice.

     I thought about King Hagan. I was the only person who he was counting on. All of Brightvale would be destroyed if all of the king's savings were taken away. I was also counting on myself to bring Firaga home, but so far I had failed horribly. Finding myself with nowhere to go is not helpful at all.

     I had to think of something, just something. I was not alone. Something could save me from all of this right now. I normally think of something. The only thing that I could think of was try to convince Firaga who I was in front of tons of yelling pirates. All of the pirates were so loud, though. How was I going to get her attention?

     I didn't even have to think to come to my conclusion. I screamed. I screamed as loud as any Shoyru possibly could. Everybody heard it. My scream overcame all of the pirates' shouts. My scream eventually came to an end, and all of the pirates were frozen. Now it was my time to speak.

     I barely had any breath to say anything, but I managed to say, "Fir-firaga, it's me, Kera."

To be continued...

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