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Week - 651

The Sway - Alambra's Tale
by azienskieth
Description: Alambra stole a glance at the clock. It was nearing three o'clock, and her cryptography class would be ending soon...

Week - 668

Sunset in Brightvale
by azienskieth
Description: The sun was high, the Weewoos were singing; it was a beautiful day at Brightvale University.

Week - 669

A Farewell to the Random Contest
by azienskieth
Description: On the 29th day of Collecting, in Y6, a new contest was revealed - the Random Contest! This was completely new and revolutionary for Neopians...

Week - 670

Public Reaction: Birthday Week
by azienskieth
Description: November Y16 marks the fifteenth birthday of Neopets as a whole. To celebrate the occasion, there was an entire week of news dedicated to improving the daily life of the everyday Neopian.

Week - 676

From Dawn to Dusk
by azienskieth
Description: The air was hazy as Theodore descended onto the landscape of his favourite planet, Neopia. Where, or perhaps when, he was landing was...

Week - 691

The Definitive Snowglobe Guide
by azienskieth
Description: Ever wonder what it takes to become an expert snow globe collector? No? Well, okay. But if you ever DO, read this book!

Week - 695

You Break It, You Buy It
by roxanna203
Description: He seems so nice, until...

Also by azienskieth

Week - 698

Culinary Confusion
by roxanna203
Description: It's obvi-wait a sec...

Also by azienskieth

Week - 700

One Hundred Games - Part One
by azienskieth
Description: his article (actually, it'll be split into two parts) will go into detail about the first hundred games ever to have been created. A very small number of these games are still playable today, so unless you've been around here for a very long time, this will probably be new.

Week - 701

One Hundred Games - Part Two
by azienskieth
Description: These articles feature information on the first hundred games in the history of Neopets, including some that have been forgotten by most of the public. It's informative and, depending on how much you like history, entertaining, so sit down and get ready. Let's dive right in...

Week - 704

All That Jazz
by azienskieth
Description: Brian was disappointed. His neighborhood's Weewoo had not yet delivered the day's Neopian Times issue, twenty minutes after he usually came. Brian had wanted to get a jump on the day, but he couldn't if he was waiting on the post carrier.

Week - 713

by azienskieth
Description: A Weewoo flew through the window of a rather plain Neohome, toting the latest Neopian Times. Rimos took the newspaper, thanked the small Petpet, and went to flip to the comic section for a laugh that early morning. Instead he received a shock.

Week - 714

by azienskieth
Description: "Are we ready to lock it up, Chief?" Melek asked the soldier in charge of the scene. Chief Lokenus looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "My soldiers will have everything packed within an hour. Why are you so anxious to close it?" "Lokenus, I've been waiting twelve years for this to happen. I'd like to savour it a little, but unfortunately I've got things to do. We need to replace the king, soon."

Week - 788

by azienskieth
Description: I am on the move. I left Neopia Central this morning around daybreak, heading south. I don't have a particular destination. I just want to get away for a while, to get some time to myself.

Week - 791

Christmas in July
by roxanna203
Description: There's something off about this present....

Also by azienskieth

Week - 872

Extreme Herder Guide: Tips and Tricks for all Skills
by nayana852
Description: Have you always wanted to herd Petpets around a farm? Or do you want to feel like a hero by rescuing them from a gruesome fate? Maybe you just want a new avatar to show off on the Neoboards. Whatever the reason, Extreme Herder may be just the game for you!

Also by azienskieth

Week - 939

by azienskieth
Description: A Lupe has a rude awakening when they return to their hometown after several years...

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