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Week - 865

Infinite Lupe
by __adelaide__
Description: watch out for those time lupes in neopia!

Week - 868

by __adelaide__
Description: Altador Cup team captains be like...

Week - 869

Babaa's Nightmare
by __adelaide__
Description: wait wut?

Week - 871

Yooyu's Revenge
by awkuarius
Description: It's on...

Storyline by awkuarius, Art by __adelaide__

Week - 870

Last Picks
by __adelaide__
Description: Even the Altador Cup team captains have to make tough decisions... Collaboration with awkuarius

Week - 873

Short People Problems
by awkuarius
Description: Really?

Storyline by __adelaide__, Art by awkuarius

Week - 872

Origin of the Emo Shopkeeper
by __adelaide__
Description: Wow...

Collab with awkuarius

Week - 874

Silence of the Babaas
by __adelaide__
Description: it's a parody! collaboration with _vegetable_

Week - 875

Chomby Crossing
by __adelaide__
Description: This might be better suited for a caption contest...

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