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Week - 558

Dissonance: Part One
by lithoxide
Description: "No, I'm afraid that your time is up; your taxes are due," I interrupted, strolling past him into his house uninvited. It was a rundown sort of place...

Week - 559

Dissonance: Part Two
by lithoxide
Description: "You've ruined so many lives, and I don't think that you care."

Week - 560

Dissonance: Part Three
by lithoxide
Description: They didn't know that I used to be one of them.

Week - 609

Oh Glory: Part One
by lithoxide
Description: As the tears streaked down his face, falling into the basin below, he slammed his fists against the bathroom mirror in angst. Darric had no idea who he was, what he was about, what he was doing.

Week - 610

Oh Glory: Part Two
by lithoxide
Description: Immediately he was met with overwhelming heat and an air thick with smoke. He coughed, covering his nose with his shirt...

Week - 611

Oh Glory: Part Three
by lithoxide
Description: The next few moments happened so quickly that they were a blur, like in a dream...

Week - 740

Data-a-Roo: Examining Dice-a-Roo Outcomes
by lithoxide
Description: On Roo Island, there is a regal Blumaroo beckoning you to play a little dice game. This game is called Dice-a-Roo, and it has a simple premise. These dice are high-risk, high-reward. While you often risk a game over by continuing, you have a chance at obtaining a jackpot, which also comes with an additional avatar reward!

Week - 761

Nerkmid Type and the Alien Vending Machine
by lithoxide
Description: In this realm of conflicting information, I was curious to see the true statistical basis of these opinions. Thus, I ran my own data collection on the Nerkmid prizes.

Week - 781

We Are the Waiting
by lithoxide
Description: This is a story about growing up and facing the hard decision of moving on in your life.

Week - 783

Subject to Change
by lithoxide
Description: About that...

Also by jerricaleonard

Week - 805

by lithoxide
Description: The shadows swirled around her like water escaping down a drain. They screeched at her, taunting her very existence.

Week - 870

Double or Nothing: Is the Coin Flip Legit?
by lithoxide
Description: “Fancy a game of chance?” he drawls, beckoning you closer. You glance over, intrigued. You came to Meridell Castle to flub some jokes for King Skarl.

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