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Week - 695

Just Let Him Be
by supertualet
Description: He can't, but he wishes he could.

Week - 700

The Funniest Comic Ever
by supertualet
Description: Take a look before it's too late. They're coming!! HURRY!!!

Week - 709

The Pros of Owning a Skeith or Grarrl
by supertualet
Description: You'll never have to worry about all that extra junk again.

Week - 730

by supertualet
Description: Problem solved.

Week - 731

by supertualet
Description: You should learn to listen.

Week - 733

Warf Rescue Team!
by supertualet
Description: Hey kaddo, are you lost?

Week - 734

Warf Reacue Team! ~ Another Day
by supertualet
Description: Patience...

Week - 740

Hide and Seek
by supertualet
Description: Let's try another game...

Week - 741

Birthday Cake
by supertualet
Description: he intention is what counts, right?

Week - 779

Hanging out with pets. The cruel reality.
by supertualet

Week - 783

A Talented Mime
by supertualet
Description: Comparisons are odious.

Week - 787

Two new avatars, yay!
by supertualet
Description: I'm the kacheek.

Week - 817

Fyora's Wings
by supertualet
Description: .. Are you serious?

Week - 867

Healing Springs not working?
by supertualet
Description: At least he has all his hit points.

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