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Week - 759

Neggsweeper: A Pro's Guide
by butterflybandage
Description: By the end of this guide, you should not only be able to understand the basics of Neggsweeper, but be on your way to being a Neggsweeper master!

Week - 764

How To Celebrate Sloth Day
by butterflybandage
Description: As we all know, the 14th day of Sleeping is dedicated to the greatest, most evilest (and handsomest!) villain in all of Neopia – the great Dr. Sloth! With thousands of forced Grundo minions and crazed fans, what can YOU do to set yourself apart and celebrate this devilishly good-looking evil scientist?

Week - 768

Celebrating Lennies: The Underrated
by butterflybandage
Description: As celebration commences, I believe we should all take a moment to look back through Neopia’s history and honor some of the most underrated (and often forgotten) Lennies of our time!

Week - 769

Chias: A Lupe’s Perspective
by butterflybandage
Description: I thought long and hard about one peculiar thing: what makes these Chias so doggone popular with Lupes?

Week - 770

Guilds 101
by butterflybandage
Description: But what exactly is a guild—and why is everyone trying to convince you to join one?

Week - 773

How It Felt Getting My Dream Pet
by butterflybandage
Description: If you’ve been around Neopets very long, you’ll notice there are lots of different pet species (fifty-five to be exact) and many color options (over seventy!). And, if you’re like most Neopians, one of those magic combinations will be your absolute, utter favorite, one that you’re set on obtaining. That, friend, is what we call a dreamie.

Week - 771

The Curious Cases of Scamandre the Mage
by butterflybandage
Description: Scamandre’s job, as the plaque above his desk boasted, was to act as “pest control” and do something about those pesky Petpets. Yet, in this moment, he was mentally cursing the day he ever left home to study magic.

Week - 774

Typing Terror: Tips & Tricks
by butterflybandage
Description: Below, I’ll go over the point system, level breakdown, and tips that will guarantee you those necessary 3,600 points for the avatar!

Week - 775

When the Kads Get Picky
by butterflybandage
Description: I got ya something!

Week - 778

Kougras: The Colors Edition
by butterflybandage
Description: As we get ready to prepare for Kougra Day, the wondrous day that celebrates Kougras of all shapes and sizes, it might be a fun idea to change up your Kougra!

Week - 779

The Real Reason Wizards Have Beards
by butterflybandage
Description: I knew there was a reason...

Week - 780

Achieving Through Account Improvement
by butterflybandage
Description: So get a nice cup of borovan, grab a notepad and a pen, and let’s get started on seeing how you can go from drab to glam by improving YOUR account!

Week - 781

The Gender Zap
by butterflybandage
Description: Just like that!

Week - 782

Kelp: Worth the Price?
by butterflybandage
Description: Is the hype surrounding Maraqua warranted? Is this restaurant actually the best restaurant in Maraqua … and is it worth the cost?

Week - 785

AC XII: The Haunted Woods Interview
by butterflybandage
Description: As this year’s Altador Cup beings with a bang, I decided to follow my journalistic urges to pursue an interview with the best team yet, Haunted Woods (of course, that’s completely subjective, but still—HAUNTED WOODS FOR LIFE!).

Week - 786

Nimmo Day: The Bad & The Worse
by butterflybandage
Description: It’s a new day—and what better way to spend your morning reading The Neopian Times than celebrating those insanely zen Nimmos?

Week - 788

Accepting Rejection
by butterflybandage
Description: Rejection is an inevitable possibility when putting yourself out to the public. It’s not that people don’t care about your pet, your poetry, or your art; it’s just that sometimes, people will chose other options over you. That doesn’t make them bad, and it doesn’t make you bad, either.

Week - 789

Sakhmet Solitaire: A Pro's Guide
by butterflybandage
Description: Here I’ll go through the rules, gameplay, and give you some helpful tips on how to become an expert so you can start earning some Neopoints!

Week - 790

Bledynn and Vera
by butterflybandage
Description: Sand stung his eyes as he pushed forward, shielding his face in the crook of his elbow, left hand placed carefully on the hilt of his sword. In between breaths, he could faintly make out the bone-chilling moans of the undead drifting through the wind.

Also by relocating

Week - 791

Identity Crisis
by butterflybandage
Description: I don't see your point....

Week - 792

Help ... ?
by butterflybandage
Description: I feel like I should do something...

Week - 795

The In-Depth Negg Guide
by butterflybandage
Description: Chances are you’ve seen these fancy items around Neopia; in shops, the trading post, and even after winning a tough battle against an even tougher opponent in the Battledome. But what are Neggs? Why are they so popular and what exactly do they do?

Week - 797

The Top Ten Pre-Customization Draiks
by butterflybandage
Description: Draiks are incredibly beautiful—and handsome!—especially the old, Pre-Customization ones. So settle in with a nice cup of borovan and let’s count down The Top Ten Pre-Customization Draiks!

Week - 798

Faerie Origins: The Dung Faerie
by butterflybandage
Description: The faerie she was speaking to was gazing out in the opposite direction, facing the many acres that stretched out before her bewildered eyes.

Week - 799

The Best Water For Your Salty Friend
by butterflybandage
Description: We all have a salty friend; the one who always seasons their food a little too much...

Also by relocating and stoneyboloney

Week - 800

Wally and the 800th
by butterflybandage
Description: The small Weewoo, affectionately named Wally, chirped excitedly and flew around the small Neohome, imaging himself delivering the highly anticipated Neopian Times edition, wearing that coveted blue postal cap.

Week - 802

An Obligation
by butterflybandage
Description: We don't even look alike...

Week - 803

Ultimate Breakdown of the Best Evil Fuzzles
by butterflybandage
Description: I think we take a moment to appreciate something that really encompasses the spirit of Halloween … Evil Fuzzles!

Week - 804

Trick or Treat ... Later?
by butterflybandage
Description: Wasn't Halloween last week?

Week - 805

Fifth Pet Slot Inspo!
by butterflybandage
Description: Great... just we need...competition...

Week - 806

Albert the Kacheek's Birthday
by butterflybandage
Description: Sometimes you’re dealt a bad hand, but that doesn’t mean you give up. You find the positive.

Week - 808

Nimmo's Pond Walkthrough
by butterflybandage
Description: Nimmo’s Pond. We all know it—that random, frustrating game that results in you spinning wildly out of control, screaming nonsense to the sky as you’re smashing your keyboard, wondering where your life went wrong.

Week - 809

Are All People Deserving of Success?
by butterflybandage
Description: The six, intimidating words hung in the air, heavy and overcast. Krell looked around the room, a sea of nameless faces appearing to be just as unsure as he felt.

Week - 810

A Celebration of Ogrins
by butterflybandage
Description: December is coming to an end, and although most of us are ready for the Month of Celebrating to go out with a bang, there’s still some celebrating left before Year 19 bids us farewell—and that’s Ogrin Day, my friends!

Week - 813

Artistic Liberties
by butterflybandage
Description: Wait a minute...

Week - 814

by butterflybandage
Description: What do you think you're doing???

Week - 817

Same, Right?
by butterflybandage
Description: right, same?

Week - 818

Sharing Happiness
by butterflybandage
Description: Sharing is caring!

Week - 819

Bramble & Patches
by butterflybandage
Description: Though it’s not common knowledge, there was a NeoPox outbreak that occurred a couple days before Lord Kass declared war on Meridell.

Week - 824

Totally Normal Topsi
by butterflybandage
Description: He He He

Week - 824

by butterflybandage
Description: When you don't get the joke until later...

Week - 832

Dab-ling in the AC
by butterflybandage
Description: They don't stand a chance...really though

Idea by d_a_r_e and stoneyboloney

Week - 834

Virtually Impartial
by butterflybandage
Description: Precisely.

Idea by d_a_r_e and relocating.

Week - 837

Regar and the Potion
by butterflybandage
Description: The light from the fire was just bright enough to illuminate Regar’s desk. The parchments were rolled up onto each other, the wet ink smearing at the corners. The fire also shone an orange light onto the other fixtures of Regar’s home: the tall bookshelf filled with every magic book under the sun, potions that had been passed down from masters to apprentices for thousands of years, specimens that seemed to move when just out of eyeshot, a rusty kettle atop an old wooden end table, a thick shaggy coat that hung on the wall beside an intricate walking stick, and, finally, a musty cot, taken from an abandoned cabin and covered with moss to add comfort.

Week - 838

by butterflybandage
Description: Interuppting Faerie who?

Week - 853

Logical Conclusion
by butterflybandage
Description: check it out

Week - 856

A Cheesy Valentine's Day Gift Guide
by butterflybandage
Description: Oh, Valentine’s Day; full of love, happiness, and … cheese?! Why yes, of course! Cheese is by far the absolute best gift to give for your loved one—it’s nutritious, delicious, and screams, “I love you!”

Week - 867

Wintry Twists On Summer Meals
by butterflybandage
Description: As the Month of Hunting comes to a close, it means only one thing: the approaching fun of summertime!

Collab with d_a_r_e

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