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Week - 371

Unis Don't Dig Holes
by blackghoulmon
Description: The assumption about Unis is that they hate getting dirty. I, on the other hand, love making a mess.

Week - 400

Actions and Words
by blackghoulmon
Description: This part of my story began in the Pound, just like many other Neopets.

Week - 403

Escape from the Pirate Caves
by blackghoulmon
Description: I still remember what they said when they first captured me.

Week - 409

Ummagine Tea
by blackghoulmon
Description: The best way to get Ummagines is to go find them ourselves. As we probably all know, Ummagines grow deep underground.

Week - 415

A Uni Bedtime Story
by blackghoulmon
Description: A very long time ago, there was a young royal girl Uni...

Week - 422

Into the Storm
by blackghoulmon
Description: There were black clouds stretched from one horizon to the other, right in our flight path. We were flying right towards a thunderstorm!

Week - 429

The Uni and the Lupe
by blackghoulmon
Description: The familiar howling of a baby Lupe cut through the silence of the Lost Desert.

Week - 445

My Battle With Balthazar
by blackghoulmon
Description: But what happens if you stumble across him as he's catching faeries? Would you try to stop him? And if you did, what would he do to you?

Week - 455

Broken Wing, Humble Heart
by blackghoulmon
Description: Each night, when he was done for the day, I would pepper him with questions as to what he was up to. "Just wait and see," was his constant response.

Week - 459

A Gathering of Friends
by blackghoulmon
Description: It was what some Neopians called a "grey day," where you feel like you've been painted grey in your sleep.

Week - 462

Lost Desert Treasure Hunt
by blackghoulmon
Description: I looked at the ancient parchment I was holding between my front hooves, then raised my head and looked out the forward windscreen of my owner's two-man Virtupets space fighter as it flew high above the Lost Desert.

Week - 465

Girl vs Boy: Unis in the Battledome
by blackghoulmon
Description: My armor-clad hooves nailed my opponent square in the chest. That blow took the last of his hit points...

Week - 466

Rescue at the Museum
by blackghoulmon
Description: It had been almost three days since my younger sister, Ludroth the Darigan Peophin, had gone missing while visiting the Royal Museum in Sakhmet.

Week - 473

A Sister's Care
by blackghoulmon
Description: When I woke up, I thought it was still dark out, because everything was out of focus...

Week - 493

The Might of Light
by blackghoulmon
Description: "Legends say that my curse can be broken with the aid of another Uni," he said.

Week - 504

Shooting Star Race
by blackghoulmon
Description: "I dreamed I was racing a shooting star across Meridell."

Week - 543

Uni Rivalry
by blackghoulmon
Description: As I sat in the waiting room of the Sakhmet Hospital with my owner, I was worried. A friend of mine was badly hurt, and to make matters worse...

Week - 575

A Day of Giving Sandstorm
by blackghoulmon
Description: "I've celebrated so many Days of Giving in my life...." he sighed. "They all seem the same to me now."

Week - 580

VIP Infiltration
by blackghoulmon
Description: "We believe the club is frequented by a couple of crime lords," he had said in the mission briefing. "We want you to get in there, plant a listening device, and get out..."

Week - 587

Hunting for Answers
by blackghoulmon
Description: I planted my hooves and stared across the backyard of my owner's Neohome. The old archery target had a fresh coat of paint, just begging to be filled with arrows. I was going to oblige.

Week - 588

Shadows of the Past
by blackghoulmon
Description: "Do you think we can make up for mistakes in our past?"

Week - 613

My Rematch with Balthazar
by blackghoulmon
Description: Some years ago, I challenged Balthazar the bounty hunter over the fate of a Light Faerie he had caught. The battle was a draw, as my owner had to help me drive the evil Lupe away. Ever since, I had known he'd be back to settle the score, and had been training hard.

Week - 616

Challenge of the Losa Tribe
by blackghoulmon
Description: There's something new to discover about the Lost Desert every day. New ruins to be explored, new oases to be mapped, and sometimes...

...New tribes to encounter.

Week - 619

The Faeries' Trial
by blackghoulmon
Description: No asking for help from anybody you may encounter, no fleeing for home, no nothing. But if it becomes too much, that Neopian can admit defeat. But he or she will never be able to attempt the Trial again.

Week - 624

Ludroth and the Cursed Bridle
by blackghoulmon
Description: The passage ahead of us stretched out of sight into the darkness.

Week - 646

Dark Tower Down
by blackghoulmon
Description: No one in Neopia will forget the day that Faerieland fell from the sky. But what most of us didn't know was that some parts of it stayed airborne.

Week - 655

The Taming of Giant's Pit
by blackghoulmon
Description: I landed in the front yard of my owner's Neohome feeling kind of grumpy. I had spent the whole day hunting, as I often did, and found no prey whatsoever.

Week - 679

To Be A Warrior
by blackghoulmon
Description: With my old hunting grounds of Giant's Pit no longer a threat, and my resignation as champion from the Sakhmet arena circuit, I have a lot of extra free time on my hooves.

Week - 681

The Cursed Carousel
by blackghoulmon
Description: "They're going to renovate the Haunted Fairgrounds?"

Week - 686

My Reign Is Over
by blackghoulmon
Description: The Pastel Zafara leaped at me, clearly going for a kick to my face. But like all the other attacks she had used so far in this arena fight, I could see it coming from a mile away.

Week - 717

The Runaway Princess Uni
by blackghoulmon
Description: My older brother Titance and I have done mercenary work in Brightvale for years. The kingdom owes us many favors, so when I have my armor on, everyone is nice and respectful. Sometimes, I even get asked to help some Neopets out. So one day I was in Brightvale, wearing my armor of course, when someone called from behind me. “You there! Uni!” came a voice

Week - 721

A Day of Play
by blackghoulmon
Description: When I woke up one morning, I took a moment to look around the bedroom of my owner’s Neohome. Everything seemed so peaceful and calm. To me, everything was right with the world.

Week - 723

The Road to Brightvale
by blackghoulmon
Description: I held my right front hoof over the piece of paper on the table in front of me, then brought it down hard. When I pulled my hoof away, there was a glowing golden hoofprint there. “OK,” I began, looking at the Shoyru across the table from me, “My hoofprint on the contract means that all terms are fulfilled and payment has been handed over. The contract is now closed and cannot be reopened. No further changes can be made, no details can be added or removed, no debates or arguments will hold merit. Are we clear?”

Week - 749

The Prettiest Peophin
by blackghoulmon
Description: I slowly woke up from my nap, feeling quite content and comfortable. But as I looked around, still half-asleep, I realized something. “Wait, this isn’t my bed!” I thought.

Week - 864

Proof of Courage
by blackghoulmon
Description: I landed on the edge of the drop-off that led down to Giant’s Pit. Normally I come to this terrifying place on my own.

This is a collab with the User shoyru_lover713. She owns Ven.

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