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Week - 266

Adventures in Brightvale: Book I - Part One
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Meadowbuck walked quickly down the gravel path to the Brightvale University. It was his first day of school there, and he was already late. He had two bags over his shoulder: one held his notebooks, pencils, and other school supplies, and the other his Liobits...

Week - 267

Adventures in Brightvale: Book I - Part Two
by newenglandquizzer
Description: The Grarrl looked at his partner and fluttered his eyes. "'To the authorities if necessary.' Well, if our little telltale don't take the cake. He's a fancy talker, ain't he?"

Week - 453

Voyage of the Golden Pearl
by newenglandquizzer
Description: "Cap'n, there's a storm brewin' t'the north!"

Week - 455

Voyage of the Starlite
by newenglandquizzer
Description: For years, Virtupets had been sending ships and probes in to chart the area. None had ever returned.

Week - 458

Voyage of the River Skippers
by newenglandquizzer
Description: "This is awesome!" Xilau yelled. The ghost Gelert had his front paws up on the railing; his ears streamed behind him in the breeze.

Week - 475

Room in the Inn: Prepare Your Fosters for Christmas
by newenglandquizzer
Description: A guide on how to get your foster home ready for the holiday season without breaking the bank.

Week - 476

College Days: A Pirate Adventure - Part One
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Meadowbuck felt annoyed. That was not the first emotion he'd expected after being thrown to a watery grave. But honestly, he was annoyed.

Week - 477

College Days: A Pirate Adventure - Part Two
by newenglandquizzer
Description: The botany teacher, a yellow Ogrin, glanced up casually as Meadowbuck and Horax tip-pawed into the forest clearing that made up his unique classroom. He winked at them and continued his lecture without pause.

Week - 478

College Days: A Pirate Adventure - Part Three
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Meadowbuck slid down to the floor, shivering. "They were here," he said. "And they've got Christopher."

Week - 479

College Days: A Pirate Adventure - Part Four
by newenglandquizzer
Description: "Wait! There's someone else in here!" Meadowbuck whispered. Horax and Syainia froze. Meadowbuck tip-pawed up to one of the crates in the cargo hold and peeked around it.

Week - 480

College Days: A Pirate Adventure - Part Five
by newenglandquizzer
Description: "Sy and Horax are still on that ship!" he exclaimed. "We have to help them!"

Week - 481

Five Reasons to Adopt a Grundo this Valentine's Day
by newenglandquizzer
Description: No other species comes close to having so many abandoned members.

Week - 725

Voyage of the Haunted Canoe
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Water swished gently against the hull of their little canoe. In daylight, the canoe glinted a deep red, but in the dark it seemed more like dried blood. Greebles peeped and Flightning Bugs buzzed out of sight on the riverbanks. The scene seemed peaceful enough, but not all the occupants of the canoe were so sure.

Week - 726

No Wraith Petpets? No Problem!
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Your pet has just emerged from the Rainbow Pool, covered in purplish-black wisps and swirls. You finally bought that Wraith Paint Brush and you stand back to admire your new Wraith Neopet. But then you realize something. There are no Wraith petpets. Not even one!

Week - 730

10 Years in Neopia: Reflecting on a Decade
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Ten years ago today, during a sleepover, a friend shared with my siblings and I a cool site he knew about where you could own virtual pets and play games. He typed into the browser of the old family desktop PC. I made a username and created my very first Neopet. Today, well into adulthood, I am still a proud Neopian.

Week - 772

The Newen House: Royalty
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Even royals have responsibilities.

Week - 806

To Adopt A Mutant
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Even mutants need love...

Week - 808

To Bond With A Mutant
by newenglandquizzer
Description: "You know, when I got adopted, I kinda thought I would have my own room."

Week - 810

Have a Mara Christmas
by newenglandquizzer
Description: The palace of New Maraqua shone with twinkling lights, powered by cheery holiday magic. Maraquan citizens swam to and fro in the marketplace just outside, gathering their last-minute purchases.

Week - 814

How to Nickname Your Badly-Named Neopet
by newenglandquizzer
Description: You’ve impulse-adopted from the Pound. A color and species you just couldn’t resist. You’ve always wanted that Candy Kougra, that Woodland Grundo, that Ice Xweetok, that Plushie Gelert. But you didn’t stop to consider just how terrible their name is.

Week - 814

Sugar Squad: Delicious!
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Just scrape off the black bits, it's completely edible.

Week - 815

Sugar Squad: Thievery
by newenglandquizzer
Description: It's just not the same....

Week - 818

Sugar Squad: Leftovers
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Don't mind the flies. Or the smell.

Week - 819

Reunions and Petpets: Another Pirate Adventure
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Meadowbuck groaned and opened his eyes. Dirty light filtered into the confined space, revealing dust moats and the figures of the Yellow Gelert’s friends--a Spotted Blumaroo and a Royal Bori.

Week - 820

Reunions and Petpets: Another Pirate Adventure:Part Two
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Lady Oakridge withdrew her torn claw from the lock and huffed a sigh. The mechanism had defeated the Royal Bori’s picking attempts.

Week - 821

Reunions and Petpets: Another Pirate Adventure:Part Three
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Lady Oakridge and Meadowbuck made a mad dash across the deck to the longboat on the starboard side of the pirate ship. They could hear yelling and shouting somewhere behind them as the pirates scrambled to put out a crackling fire.

Week - 822

Reunions and Petpets: Another Pirate Adventure:Part Four
by newenglandquizzer
Description: “This is awesome!” Sproingal cheered, swooping through the air with his cape flapping out behind him.

Week - 861

10 Apples You Can Still Eat
by newenglandquizzer
Description: Apples. Crispy, sweet, juicy. The perfect fruit. I love them. You love them. And you know what? No matter what stage of freshness apples are in, they’re still delicious.

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