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Week - 775

Daily Dare 2017: The (Unfortunate) Return of Chadley
by glittery4u
Description: TNT's announcing the new event, but they forgot to let Abbie know about the new surprise

Also by jinxthebadluckgirl

Week - 798

So Much for Taking a Break...
by neoflare951
Description: TNT, you know just how to stop me from leaving.

Also by glittery4u

Week - 799

Acara Adventures
by glittery4u
Description: Trouble at Faerie Fest 2017...

Also by Zephagalatica

Week - 834

Neopian Wishes: (U)UC...?
by glittery4u
Description: You mean like... un-unconverted? How would that work?

Written by 1337_masta

Week - 858

Moehogs create Mayhem
by glittery4u
Description: What? Are you jealous they're so rockin'?

[Idea via spooklordkin]

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