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Week - 370

Where Faeries Come From
by skutterbotched
Description: "Flutter, PLEASE? I just want to know. Where do Faeries come from?"

Week - 391

The Gallery of the Dolls
by skutterbotched
Description: I tried a third door that said "Dolls of the Condemned- Staff Only." Seeing as I had no other way out, I opened this door...

Week - 486

by skutterbotched
Description: Lucky you!

Week - 668

Brightvale's Biggest Secret
by skutterbotched
Description: I've discovered one of the darker secrets of the University and, rather than going ahead on my own, brought my dear sister, Amulatt, with me.

Week - 685

The Secret to It Is...
by skutterbotched
Description: It’s tough, being the new guy. Even if I’ve been on the team for eight years

Week - 738

The Nightmare in Altador
by skutterbotched
Description: I have never been one to fear the Night. I have long embraced it, revered it. Worshiped it. I have never been given cause to fear the Night. I have never shied away from it, or cowered in the dark, praying for Dawn to arrive.

Week - 755

Return to the Gallery of the Dolls
by skutterbotched
Description: I can’t help but stare at Amulatt like she has lost her little Eventide head. Or grown a second one. I have her repeat what she said, slowly. “Thou hast a request to return to Neovia. I doth believe thy Friend said ‘as quick as your Peophin legs can carry you or I’ll destroy you.’

Week - 772

Of Sisters and Queens
by skutterbotched
Description: Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack. I followed the sound of what seemed to be a great clatter to where mine sister was repeatedly hitting her head against the wall. She did not look pleased. “Aerlliin, what art thou doing?” I flinched as she continued the action. “Dost that not cause thee Pain?”

Week - 794

And The Sky Was Alight
by skutterbotched
Description: Written here is my report, dictated with a magical pen. Only the witness’s words are present, though you can likely infer my questions from the text.

Week - 819

Doe's Explosive Reunion
by skutterbotched
Description: I don’t particularly enjoy being alone in a silent, empty cavern, but here I am. I can hear Korbats in the very far reaches of the cavern doing… whatever Korbats do.

Week - 837

They Did Not Speak
by skutterbotched
Description: Art thou casting thine Spell properly?

Week - 857

What Lies Beneath
by skutterbotched
Description: “If I have to fill out one more requisition request, I’m going to scream.”

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