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Week - 777

Treats from Lutari Island: 5 recipes for Lutari Day
by kingfisherblue33
Description: As the ongoing storms around Lutari Island have made the island inaccessible for many years now, your Lutari might be feeling a little homesick. With Lutari Day right around the corner, what better time to remind them of the comforts of home than with some of these tried and tested recipes, passed down from residents of Lutari Island itself!

Week - 789

Dive into the Month of Swimming!
by kingfisherblue33
Description: Why not explore beyond what is seen by the average Neopet? Try snorkeling or diving in Neopia’s top five sites – this article tells you where to go and what to look for!

Week - 822

Top 10 Food Avatars for the Hungry Neopian
by kingfisherblue33
Description: As we welcome in the Month of Eating, what better way to celebrate than by changing your avatar so that your neofriends and people on the neoboards will know your love for all things edible? Here we rank ten of the best avatars that will put you in the mood to eat any and all of the best food in sight!

Week - 838

It’s Always Time for Tea!
by kingfisherblue33
Description: The Coffee Cave on Roo Island is the perfect place to catch up with an old friend over a hot drink. Contrary to what the shop’s name may suggest, as well as serving coffee, they have a wide selection of top-quality teas for you to sample, from calming drinks with healing properties that will soothe your soul, to the uplifting drinks that will fire you up and make you ready to face everything that life throws at you! Here I will list ten of the very best teas, sourced from all over Neopia, that you must try.

Week - 847

On Foot: A Guide to the Hiking Trails of Neopia
by kingfisherblue33
Description: Neopia is a diverse world, with a range of different environments to explore and experience. In this article, I will reveal two of my favourite hikes in Neopia!

Week - 857

Partner Your Pet Perfectly: An A-Z Guide
by kingfisherblue33
Description: If your pet is lucky enough to have a petpet, they will almost certainly have made a great friend for life. Petpets come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own quirks and personalities. Here I will run through a small selection of petpets your pet might meet, and hopefully they will find the perfect sidekick!

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