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Week - 790

Snow Roller Avatar Guide
by berzerkturtlez
Description: This guide is to help you get to the score of 6,500 needed for Snow Roller!

Week - 795

Guide to the Battledome: Training, Weapons, and more
by berzerkturtlez
Description: Well, this series will aim to cover all the fundamental aspects of training and battling. I’ll also go over the best weapons on a budget.

Week - 796

Guide to the Battledome: Training (Part 2)
by berzerkturtlez
Description: Welcome back to the second installment of this series. Here, we’ll go through the rest of training your pet up to become a monster, as well as Faerie Abilities.

Week - 797

Guide to the Battledome: Weapons (Part 3)
by berzerkturtlez
Description: Welcome back to the third installment of the series! We talked about training your pet, now let’s talk about weapons.

Week - 798

Guide to the Battledome: Avatar Opponents (Part 4)
by berzerkturtlez
Description: Here, I’ll go over recommended pet stats, weapons, and strategies to defeat the Ghost Lupe, Kasuki Lu, Meuka, Black Pteri, and Space Faerie, all of whom reward an avatar.

Week - 821

Typing Terror Avatar Guide
by berzerkturtlez
Description: This is a guide to getting the score of 3600+ necessary for the Typing Terror avatar. This game requires typing skill, but mostly luck. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting the avatar, however!

Week - 842

Goparokko Avatar Guide
by berzerkturtlez
Description: Hello, welcome to my guide! Hopefully, this guide can help you get closer to that elusive Goparokko avatar.

Week - 846

Twenty Winter Avatars
by berzerkturtlez
Description: Winter is coming! Do you know what avatar you’ll rock on the Neoboards when it comes? Here are some of the best avatars for celebrating the holidays and the cold.

Week - 851

85 Things to do this Winter Season
by berzerkturtlez
Description: The snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and there’s a spirit of celebration in the year. That’s right, it’s wintertime! A time for relaxing, giving, and celebrating with friends and family.

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