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Week - 844

Magic and Mahem- Dice-a-Roo
by skittleskit09
Description: Say that again and look me in the face.

Week - 846

Magic and Mahem- Avatars
by skittleskit09
Description: Based on a true story.

Week - 847

Zur’s Zombie Roommate
by skittleskit09
Description: Rain was pouring and wind was blowing. Cracks of thunder blasted across the house every other second. The Lost Desert had not seen this kind of storm, in a while.

Week - 848

Zur’s Zombie Roomate:Part Two
by skittleskit09
Description: “He doesn’t fit!”

“Push harder!”


Week - 849

Zur’s Zombie Roomate:Part Three
by skittleskit09
Description: Noon eventually turned to evening, and the time for Ex’s dinner party had arrived.

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