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Week - 633

Usul Math
by mandypandy667
Description: A little Usul gives a math lesson with Usukis.

Also by princessdiva7737

Week - 770

Too Many Items *Part 1 of 3*
by jmo7692
Description: Wouldn't it be nice...

Also by princessdiva7737

Week - 771

Too Many Items *Part 2 of 3*
by jmo7692
Description: So what are you going to do then, Koga?

Also by princessdiva7737

Week - 849

Being Devoted to One Species: It's a Good Thing!
by princessdiva7737
Description: So, is it a good thing to just be devoted to one species? I personally say yes and I will list the ways that it is a good thing.

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