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Week - 820

Just mutant things
by jacquelineramrez
Description: What a better pet to scare opponents away than a mutant, eh?

Week - 823

Just mutant things vol. 2
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Fashion is hard when your body doesn't fit the standard.

Week - 825

Just mutant things vol. 3
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Sometimes you can't help being what you eat.

Week - 827

Just mutant things vol. 4
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Self esteem is an integral part of any neopet...

Week - 828

Just mutant things vol. 5
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Job hunting can be hard for mutants, don't desist! eventually they'll find the right place.

Week - 837

Just mutant things vol. 6
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Beware of witches who use Sloth's recipes.

Week - 845

Brain Tree’s origin.
by jacquelineramrez
Description: The questions of this enigmatic tree have been answered by many neopians but…how did it turn into a brain tree? Here’s the story:

Week - 846

Just mutant things vol. 7
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Who do mutants support on Altador Cup? Some not the team you would imagine...

Week - 847

Just mutant things vol. 8
by jacquelineramrez
Description: Who would have thought mutants have a hard time doing trick or treat?

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