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Week - 814

The Whispering Wail Sword
by purplehopper
Description: Most Neopians are not fully aware of what lies beneath Meridell Castle. Lost in the pages of dusty books in rotting libraries lies the truth most know only as an old faerie’s tale.

Week - 815

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Two
by purplehopper
Description: Someone had cornered Talzadon with a weapon. “Hey! I know you!”

Week - 816

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Three
by purplehopper
Description: A monstrous Slorg had cornered Mina. She stood back against the wall, spear aimed at the beast. It reminded Talzadon of the Monoceraptor both in size and ferocity.

Week - 817

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Four
by purplehopper
Description: Deep in the old castles of Meridell, Mina and Talzadon stood by the armor-filled well, despondent. Mina had stopped breathing fire while they contemplated their options in the darkness. “I’ve got an idea,” she said almost solemnly, “but it’s up to you to make it work.”


Week - 818

The Whispering Wail Sword: Part Five
by purplehopper
Description: They had found the whispering wail sword, she was convinced it was always just a myth, but here it was, glowing with power.

Week - 819

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Six
by purplehopper
Description: Talzadon couldn’t get the voice out of his head. According to legend, it was the voice of the light fearie, guiding the hero towards righteousness. But could he be the hero?

Week - 820

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Seven
by purplehopper
Description: Sir Weston opened his eyes. His muscles felt weak and the breath was gone from his chest. There was nothing to be seen anywhere, the darkness was overwhelming.

Week - 821

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Eight
by purplehopper
Description: I never thought it was real!

Week - 841

A Statistical Look at the Neocola Machine
by purplehopper
Description: The Neocola Machine is well known for handing out many Dr. Sloth-themed booby prizes and occasionally releasing an ultra-valuable Transmogrification Potion, but just how likely are you to get each prize?

Week - 845

Who Rules the Haunted Woods?
by purplehopper
Description: The Haunted Woods encompass an absolutely massive swath of land in southern Neopia. From the Werelupe Woods to the halls of Castle Nox, most of the Haunted Woods is ruled by local Lords, Ladies, and other kinds of nobility who govern their own patches of land. While the Haunted Woods has no formally declared ruler, is there someone who stands out above the rest as a de facto leader? I’ll be evaluating the arguments for and against the leadership of a number of powerful Neopians who call the Haunted Woods their home.

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