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Week - 727

Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries –Origins Article #1
by steve_km
Description: Today we are going to discuss the some things that The Neopets Team doesn’t want you to know. This article is *keys dramatic music* NEOPET’S UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES!

Week - 729

The Source of All Things Wonderful
by toffeedatepudding
Description: Ever wonder where all the Thyoras Tears came from?

Also by steve_km

Week - 763

The Origin of Neopia and Neopets
by steve_km
Description: Many of you are here today wondering why you should read this article. You say you already know how Neopia came to be; the most popular answer being that it was created by Donna Williams and Adam Powell in 1999. Today, I am here to tell you that Neopia is actually two thousand years old!

Week - 838

A Guide to Hubrid’s Hero Heist
by steve_km
Description: Hello fellow readers! The following article is both a short history lesson and a game guide, so listen carefully!

Also by myncithemonkey

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