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Week - 453

Achievement Award Books: To Read or Not To Read?
by bittersweet52
Description: With the addition of the new Altador Cup Achievement Awards this year for the fifth annual Altador Cup Tournament, many people may suddenly be wondering what to do with four new books on their hands.

Week - 456

To Read or Not To Read? (A Supplement)
by bittersweet52
Description: Make a better informed decision regarding your remaining Altador Cup books.

Week - 464

An Honorary-Plushie Tycoon
by bittersweet52
Description: Guess what?

Week - 466

Kat's Halloween Reads
by bittersweet52
Description: This Halloween, after you go trick-or-treating, why not settle down for a few scary stories while you munch on the night's collected sugary booty?

Week - 467

The Paint Won't Fade 'til Spring, Anyway…
by bittersweet52
Description: Guest appearance by Mystrela!

Week - 469

Edna Makes a Friend
by bittersweet52
Description: Crokabeks circled overhead as Edna stood in her garden patch gazing upward with one paw shading her eyes from the hazy sun. Where did they all come from? she wondered.

Week - 472

Ready for a New Winter Look?
by bittersweet52
Description: To tide you over until the holidays arrive, why not try a new paint job? In keeping with the upcoming holiday atmosphere, there are two great paint brush colors to consider.

Week - 473

Getting a Head Start On Your Holiday Shopping
by bittersweet52
Description: Last year, I admit, I left the holiday shopping for the last minute, and it was just too stressful. This year, I have a new plan of attack.

Week - 474

It All Started With a Love of Moss
by bittersweet52
Description: Bagirmis loved terrariums because she loved moss. Her windowsill was lined with glass jars of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Week - 478

The Top 5 New Year's Resolutions of Y13
by bittersweet52
Description: So now that we've all rung in the New Year with our fireworks, streamers, and noisemakers, it's time to get down to business with those New Year's Resolutions.

Week - 500

The Waters of Home
by bittersweet52
Description: Herrington had been so busy being congratulated by his family and laughing with his friends that it really hadn't sunk in that graduation meant leaving.

Week - 502

Amlin and Stick
by bittersweet52
Description: "Honey, I agree that ShoopShoop does look a bit green. But Amlin, you know that a Baby Shoyru is supposed to be green, right?"

Also by np_faeries

Week - 517

Amlin and Stick, Part 2
by bittersweet52
Description: "I can keep him, right?" Amlin asked.

Also by np_faeries

Week - 583

The Problem With a Baby Friend
by bittersweet52
Description: Wow, Kathy!

Also by hottie_2004_67_888

Week - 585

Reading Up on Magic
by bittersweet52
Description: When dealing with something as powerful and dangerous as magic, it's always best to start with the basics.

Week - 592

Never Judge a Baby by her Wagon
by bittersweet52
Description: What a sweet kid.

Also by hottie_2004_67_888

Week - 593

by bittersweet52
Description: You've seen them around - adorable miniature (or not so miniature!) versions of all the Neopets we know and love: adoptables!

Week - 602

Pea Chia Woes - "It's Called Fiction!"
by krazybabeh
Description: *pops in*

Also by bittersweet52

Week - 629

Inflation Vexation
by bittersweet52
Description: Sea Shells

Also by unplan

Week - 643

Faerie Bubbles
by bittersweet52
Description: "It's such a nice day. I thought I'd head over to Faerieland and check out some shops."

Also by 0123kl

Week - 649

Pea Chia Woes - "Sling Me A Slushie"
by krazybabeh
Description: The Altador Cup is here, Ookie!

Also by bittersweet52

Week - 651

Third Try's the Charm
by bittersweet52
Description: Why do you ask?

Also by 0123kl

Week - 653

Pea Chia Woes - "It's Magic??"
by krazybabeh
Description: Something has happened!

Also by bittersweet52

Week - 665

Taming Melvin the Monster: Snow Roller Origins
by bittersweet52
Description: Look out below!

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 668

Taming Melvin the Monster: Lab Ray Troubles
by bittersweet52
Description: *ding dong*

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 670

Taming Melvin the Monster: Hasee Bounce Dilemma
by bittersweet52
Description: *bounce*

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 676

Taming Melvin the Monster: Trouble at the Bank
by bittersweet52
Description: NP!

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 682

Taming Melvin the Monster: Steal-A-Sloth
by bittersweet52
Description: Come play!

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 683

Taming Melvin the Monster: Wrath of the Snowager
by bittersweet52
Description: ZZZzzz

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 690

The Dark Faerie - Toy Obsessed?
by conveyance
Description: What does she do with all those toys?

Idea by conveyance.

Artwork by bittersweet52.

Also by hermionie278.

Week - 694

Restocking Problems - Got Haggle Edition
by bittersweet52
Description: Ah, nevermind!

Also by xmooink

Week - 695

Aurora's Assessment: Part One
by bittersweet52
Description: Once upon a time, in a small vale between two lesser mountains in the Terror Mountain range, there was a tiny kingdom whose population was made up solely of Bori. This kingdom was called Sevenin, and was ruled by a king and queen.

Week - 696

Aurora's Assessment: Part Two
by bittersweet52
Description: As the tunnel started veering off to the right, I kept my right paw on the wall. The light faded quickly and soon it seemed like I was barely inching along. I had my left paw out in front of my face so that I wouldn't accidentally brain myself on a stalactite. I probably already had a concussion from the fall earlier, no need to make it worse

Week - 697

Aurora's Assessment: Part Three
by bittersweet52
Description: It was a typical day in the laboratory. I had started out my morning cleaning glassware, and had plans to meet Ysila for lunch. After about a week working at the lab, and living in the dormitories set aside for the experimental subjects, I had bumped into her the first day I had gotten up enough courage to venture outside again. She remembered me easily, due to my very distinct, mutated physical features.

Week - 709

Taming Melvin the Monster: Special Delivery
by bittersweet52
Description: Still nothing?

Also by darkpinkrose.

Week - 720

Step 2: Blockade the Trade Routes
by bittersweet52
Description: Distracted by the cuteness.

Also by 0123kl

Week - 729

I'll Throw a Party If This Works
by bittersweet52

Also by balynx

Week - 736

The Distraction Strategy
by bittersweet52
Description: Now that's a foolproof plan.

Also by hottie_2004_67_888.

Week - 737

Slushie Slinger Conundrums
by bittersweet52
Description: It's starting to make sense

Week - 750

Taming Melvin the Monster: Cake is Life
by bittersweet52
Description: *MUST* *GET* *CAKE*

Also by darkpinkrose

Week - 753

Further Mysteries Surrounding the Catacombs
by bittersweet52
Description: Wait... When was this?

Also by bha288.

Week - 764

The Downside of Games: Kass Basher
by bittersweet52
Description: This game is not environmentally friendly.

Also by o_babypet4me_o

Week - 765

The Downside of Games: Neoquest I vs II
by bittersweet52
Description: Where do your loyalties lie?

Also by o_babypet4me_o

Week - 768

Love is in the Air
by bittersweet52
Description: It's true love!

Also by bha288

Week - 773

Special Lecture at the Cooking School
by bittersweet52
Description: Cooking 101!

Also by hottie_2004_67_888

Week - 776

The Wheel of Extravagance Project
by bittersweet52
Description: How I lost 11.5 million Neopoints over the the last year.

Week - 833

The Wheel of Extravagance Project (Part 2)
by bittersweet52
Description: How I lost 19 million Neopoints over the last two years.

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