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Week - 804

The Quest
by trishabeakens
Description: Maybe I should have stayed home today..

Week - 808

The Gift
by trishabeakens
Description: How scary can she be?

Week - 810

The Holidays
by trishabeakens
Description: Shopping shouldn't be this hard.

Week - 813

The Thief
by trishabeakens
Description: Some things just shouldn't be said.

Week - 815

7 Facts About the Queen of Altador
by trishabeakens
Description: Ever wanted to know about the queen of Altador? Well this article is for you!

Week - 814

The Lever
by trishabeakens
Description: Even royals make mistakes.

Week - 817

The Leaf Bag
by trishabeakens
Description: Having a trash bag designed after you is bad enough. Being reminded it exists is even worse.

Week - 818

The Shopping Trip
by trishabeakens
Description: Shopping can't be all that bad!

Week - 820

The Plushie
by trishabeakens
Description: Plushies are always needed!

Week - 822

The Kiko Lake Team
by trishabeakens
Description: Something really needs to be done..

Week - 825

Rasputin's Revenge
by trishabeakens
Description: A magical cloud swallowed the famous land of Altador in a thick blanket of darkness. The land of sunny skies and bright futures was now drained of all signs of life. Nera felt helpless, her people were in danger and nothing she could do would help. She failed them, they counted on her in the beginning and trusted her.

Week - 826

Rasputin's Revenge:Part Two
by trishabeakens
Description: "Citizens of Altador, please remain calm!" Nera waved her hands around, trying to get the attention of her loyal subjects. They were chattering among themselves, terrified and worrying over the sudden darkness that lingered over their past home.

Week - 827

Rasputin's Revenge:Part Three
by trishabeakens
Description: The darkness that had threatened the shining kingdom of Altador had only gotten closer as the hours passed. Rasputin now seemed to have set his sights on taking over the grand city.

Week - 828

Rasputin's Revenge:Part Four
by trishabeakens
Description: "Please.. for the sake of Fyora, stop playing that harmonica."

Week - 825

The Prize
by trishabeakens
Description: Sometimes you have to improvise

Week - 826

The Fanfiction
by trishabeakens
Description: It's for fun, okay?

Week - 829

The Dump
by trishabeakens
Description: Some events are just that important.

Week - 830

Neovia's Corruption
by trishabeakens
Description: “My dear, the Kiko Lake Team poses absolutely no risk to the kingdom,” King Altador spoke, stirring his hot cup of tea with a small silver spoon.

Week - 831

Neovia's Corruption:Part Two
by trishabeakens
Description: “I never really knew how eerie the Haunted Woods was until now.” Queen Nera commented as she followed King Altador through the dark forest. She didn't want to fall too far behind him. Who knows what was in these woods? It could be wraiths, dark faeries, or even worse...the Kiko Lake Team.

Week - 832

Neovia's Corruption:Part Three
by trishabeakens
Description: The rulers of Altador finally reached the famous town of Neovia. Thick fog slowly rolled through the deserted town, sending haunting vibes all around. It made both Altador and Nera uncomfortable. Only the sound of their footsteps filled the air. The silence had grown unbearable for the both of them.

Week - 834

King Altador's Substitute
by trishabeakens
Description: Queen Nera glanced up often from her painstaking work to watch King Altador and their teenage son, Alarick, play a competitive game of yooyuball. The sport was a popular pastime in the great land of Altador. The game of passing a yooyu around and trying to make it in the other team’s goal excited any Altadorian. Even the king himself grew fond of the game.

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