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Week - 736

How Not to Journalism
by rooftopchicken
Description: Tobias is gonna cut his losses and ignore that.

Also by minnesotan

Week - 739

Trudy's Expectation
by lennekegirl123
Description: In this world, it's surprise or be surprised.

Also by cloudypoogle and rooftopchicken

Week - 814

Armed to the Teeth
by rooftopchicken
Description: I know I've been MIA, but it still feels like a kick in the teeth.

Also by minnesotan

Week - 815

Keep Your Brain in Shape (Bear in Mind)
by rooftopchicken
Description: ... wrong definition.

Also by minnesotan

Week - 817

Face the Facts
by rooftopchicken
Description: They do say fact is stranger than fiction.

Also by cloudypoogle and squishable

Week - 830

A Dying Language
by rooftopchicken
Description: By any other name .... it's still disgusting.

also by cloudypoogle

Week - 833

Poke Poke
by rooftopchicken
Description: Let's call this a Yooyubowl.

also by minnesotan and squishable

Week - 832

A Total Flop
by rooftopchicken
Description: My cup runneth over in all the wrong ways.

(also by minnesotan)

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