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Week - 585

An Exclusive Look at The Thieves Guild
by moonandflowers
Description: They lurk in the shadows, just out of sight, and you don't realize they've been around until they're gone... and your pockets are lighter.

Week - 590

The Tale of Herald the Poet
by moonandflowers
Description: Herald chewed on the end of her pencil, staring at the blank page in front of her. It stared back, as though it were taunting her.

Week - 591

Illustria of The Thieves Guild
by moonandflowers
Description: Illustria pulled her cloak closer around her with one hand, keeping the hood around her face. In the other, she held a small cloth bag, which was full of something apparently heavy.

Week - 595

All About Socky
by moonandflowers
Description: It's the mysterious sock monster that keeps the Thieves Guild company in their caves, but not much seems to be known about it.

Week - 597

Why You Should Participate in the Altador Cup
by moonandflowers
Description: I've compiled a list of reasons you should join in on the fun.

Week - 614

Regulations for the Spooky Food Eating Contest
by moonandflowers
Description: This is the first year they're putting on the Spooky Food Eating Contest, which has quickly become a huge hit. But it seems they're particularly strict about their regulations.

Week - 831

A Letter to the Freaky Factory Thief
by moonandflowers
Description: Dear Purple Grundo Sir,

Hello. I am a worker at what me and my coworkers have come to call the “Freaky Factory”, one of Krelufun’s toy factories. I have seen you there, on my shift, stealing toys from the line after I have just made them. I won’t ask you why you do such things, I only ask that you stop.

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