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Week - 732

How to Get Better Answers on the BD Chat
by dfgh5067
Description: The revamped Battledome continues to bring new battlers to the BD Chat in search of help. Since battling has always been my favorite site feature, I try to answer questions whenever I can, but I’ve noticed there are a few recurring questions that are too open-ended to give a one-size-fits-all answer. So if your question falls into one of the categories below, be sure to include the right information and you’ll be much more likely to receive the help you’re looking for.

Week - 743

3 Recent Weapons that Jumpstarted my Faith in TNT
by dfgh5067
Description: It had been a while since the BD Chat had something to buzz about. The excitement of the New BD had long worn off. The Smuggler’s Cove had remained empty for years. Fyora hadn’t added anything to her tower in a while. After 15 years of barely venturing outside the BD Chat, it was time to for me to see what else this site had to offer. Then along came a volleyball.

Week - 800

What if the White Weewoo Were a BD Challenger?
by dfgh5067
Description: We all know the pen is mightier than the sword, but what if that sword comes from the Hidden Tower?

Week - 805

BD Nuances: Freezing, Full-blocking, and Disables
by dfgh5067
Description: Whether you’re going for Battledome avatars or just farming your daily loot, you’ve undoubtedly used one of these three mechanics.

Week - 817

The Case for HP Increase
by dfgh5067
Description: Hp increase...

Week - 830

A Study in 10HP Movesets
by dfgh5067
Description: I know this one's not about HP Increase, but don't think I've forgotten about it. I still pine for my lost mechanic.

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